Early results are the Knicks got an A for their draft night.

At pick 34: a 6’7″ small forward Cleanthony Early from Wichita State.

At pick 51: a guard named Giannis Antetokounmpo, or “greek freak’s brother.”

At pick 57: a euro big man project named Louis Labeyrie.

The only criticisms I’ve read thus far: the Knicks, after the Tyson Chandler trade, are all guards.

In a matter of days the roster seems to be more than 50 percent changed from last year.

I love how they reffered to Felton as the “worst point guard in the league,” ouch!

They also seemed to dismiss Tyson’s season as a regression. Phil said that Dalembert can bring what we lost with Tyson defensively.

I like how Phil Jackson said Dallas was happy and New York was happy, that both sides got what it wanted out of the trade.

I can’t imagine the starting five if Melo goes.

I know the 1 is Calderon, the five is Dalembert. Who could you start at shooting guard on this team? I’m thinking Tim Hardaway Jr., but everyone must first try out for the triangle system to see who flourishes.

Would be cool if Jackson could hire Pearl and Clyde as assistant coaches, obviously they already have jobs and probably don’t want to deal with spoiled brat NBA players of this generation, but obviously Jackson’s success is a glimmer of hope in the darkness of Madison Square Garden.

New York, being a fan of the Knicks, I’ve been criticized recently for rooting for Brooklyn in the playoffs that the Knicks didn’t qualify to participate in.

My wife is born and raised in Brooklyn, I know I hated the New Jersey Nets, hated Jason Kidd, but now that they’re in Brooklyn, I don’t think it is wrong to root for them if the Knicks are not involved.

Does it reflect on James Dolan that Jason Kidd left the franchise so rapidly?

the past / the present
Mike Woodson / Derek Fisher
Ray Felton / Jose Calderon
Tyson Chandler / Samuel Dalembert

So tempted to put Carmelo in the past column. Hopefully soon. I give up on him just like my season tickets.

So yeah, don’t hate the Nets as much now that they’re in Brooklyn, but I’m still a Knicks fan more than anything else. I’m most excited about the new coach, new president, new role players and hopefully new franchise players. Melo is a good scorer and nothing else in New York at this point.

Two wild memes I’ve encountered online in recent times:

Melo for Harden

Phil Jackson is thinking in the long term to go after Kevin Durant. He feels pretty confident he can get him in a Knicks uniform.

Could that be psychological warfare to get into the mind of Carmelo? To throw down the gauntlet and challenge him to stay and be better than the more liked, arguably more successful to this point, Durant?

Durant is really more exciting to me, and a better team player too. Melo is awesome at the jab step, shot fake combos, and occasional post up, but that’s about it. Durant is more of a freak about his way of dominating a basketball game.

The Knicks are in rebuild mode for the summer of 2014, and Knicks fans want to know what Phil Jackson is up to…


We’ve got a pulse!

This is the first Knicks news I’ve been excited about in a while.

Calderon is a crafty player I’ve admired for years, Dalembert, been wanting his shot-blocking on the Knicks for years.

Who are these guys?

Shane Larkin

Wayne Ellington

Sorry for the crude mix tape hip hop. Hip hop hasn’t been good in years. Innovation has slowed.

Back to the Knicks. These moves trim salary.

Melo is on the way out. I hear that Shumpert could be moved for a pick, but now that we seemingly have two second round draft picks, maybe he stays.

The most recent outrageous rumor with no basis in reality is the one started by stephen A. about Melo for Harden. That would be fine by me if it were to become reality the way that this Tyson Chandler trade now seems to be.

The summer is here. Time to take a deep breath and slow down. Go back to basics. Go to the museum or mall so I don’t have pay for air conditioning.

LeBron is opting out just like Melo but who cares. Only if he’d play in New York, which, no one is talking about right now.

Right now we are rebuilding, and we are not necessarily rebuilding around anyone. Which means go for versatility in acquiring new players. They have to fit the triangle offense that Jackson likes to run.

Would Jackson try to use Bargnani the way that he used Kucoc in Chicago? Assuming we are stuck with Bargnani, can Jackson get any use out if him?

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We Quit the Garden

by knicksdefense on June 18, 2014

Didn’t renew our season tickets.

It had been five years of financial commitment to Knicks season tickets.

Where this takes us as Knicks fans is unclear.

I’ve been a die hard since 1988. This is a bad time to be a Knicks fan. It has been disappointing since we made the Carmelo trade.


Damn, where did the season go?

by knicksdefense on May 11, 2014

Work has been difficult, a change may be coming soon.

I’d like more time to write about the Knicks.

Right now it just feels good to be in better weather; just returned from the park; was shooting there for around 300 shots.

My shooting philosophy is mostly derived from Kenny “the Jet” smith:

seems, daylight follow through

is his mantra.

I do a slight modification:

seems, daylight extend and snap

as in full extention on the shot (the two-inch theory is under-utilized in basketball) and snap the wrist for optimal projection

Now I see where Trans Am gets their sound from.

I caught some heat for cheering for Brooklyn on Facebook. A fellow knicks fan objected. I say, if the Knicks aren’t in it, root for Brooklyn, especially when they are playing against LeBron James and the Miami Heat. Brooklyn doesn’t have much more than a puncher’s chance, so the underdog will have to do until November arrives with Phil Jackson and Steve Kerr trying to right the ship that hasn’t been sailing this 2014 NBA Playoffs.

Shame what happened to Mark Jaskson too.

Funny too see a veteran Tony Parker school a young talent like Lillard. I’m enjoying that series and the playoffs in general.

Just don’t want it to get too hot around here too quickly. Sick of the rain too.

Well Knicks people, who would you remove first from this roster? Whom would you try to work with that’s name isn’t Tim Hardaway? What are the top objectives of this offseason?

Should Knicks Defense renew their season tickets at the garden? Missing the playoffs and not having a lottery pick really stings to start the summer.

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Prigioni was inserted in the starting lineup, and the turnovers came down; Tyson sat and Bargnani delivered with 25 points 8 rebounds and 5 blocks! The rebounding and defense of Tyson Chandler was missing,and Carmelo Anthony continued his good all-around play with 28 points 8 rebounds 6 assists 1 steal and 1 block.

Two of the Knicks’ losses on this early season came with last-second luck shots by the opposing team. A few free throws made and it could have been San Antonio Spurs (5-1) against the New York Knicks (4-1).

New York usually plays well against the Spurs.

Will Woodson continue with the simplistic “only play Stoudemire every other game, play K-Mart whenever I want to” schedule, or will each finally get some serious PT and as a result get their rhythm?

Also, will J.R. Smith make his season debut tomorrow?

Am I the only one that thinks the Knicks can win tomorrow?

Am I drinking the Bargnani cool aid?

I say, just for tomorrow, sit Shump (sorry PaulNoize–hey, good to see you on here!) in favor of Artest and let’s see what this team can do tomorrow against the Spurs.


First things first, we got our new tickets. Blurred deliberately to prevent theft, they are now printed vertically, in years past they were horizontal.










Who didn’t make the season ticket book? K Mart, Tim Hardaway Jr., Udrich, and the rest of the guys trying to fight for a roster spot: Aldrich, Jeremey Tyler, ect.

The Madison Square Garden bridge photos are from Knicks Fix, Mr. Hahn took them I believe. We will get first hand pics on the 25th when the first preseason game is at at home.




I would be surprised if they didn’t have to move the banners of retired player numbers to accomplish this extra way to make money. The Garden officials claim sight lines of the courts is unobstructed, however the sight lines of the iconic ceiling must have been obstructed. TVs have been mounted to the back of the bridge for the extremely far back seats. I wonder what the pricing is for this bridge seating. I’m not a fan right now but maybe that will change.

Lastly, the preseason has been disappointing after the first game which was lovely.

Bargnani is proving he can’t be a #1 option, with Woodson sitting all of the good players and letting Bargs and Shumpert trying to help the young cats struggling for a roster spot as the cut deadline looms. I like Diogu, Powell and Aldrich. Tyler can be stashed in the d-league hopefully.

Well, we’ll be full speed in less than two weeks. How do you feel about the New New York Knicks?

Perception is this team lost its ability to shoot from outside. Did we gain anything defensively? I think so, MWP will be contagious to Melo and hopefully Bargs. I think the Knicks should continue to start Prigioni with Felton and sit Shump, JR and Tim Hardaway for one reason only: reduce turnovers.

That was Woodson’s philosophy last year and it worked.

Hopefully tyson doesn’t let this happen this year:




Shout out to the original Knicks fan, SaipanKnickster.

In my conversations with knicks fans in New York City, I would have to notice a deep lack of trust in Amar’e Stoudemire and a over-estimate point of view in Iman Shumpert.

One has proved quite a bit in this league, while the other is still proving himself despite being an exciting player during his rookie year, and a few times, this past season during which time he recovered from knee surgery.

Amar’e stoudemire is often criticized for his large, untradeable, uninsured contract, but if he can be a factor this season all will be forgiven.

The player that often dazzled last season who is now recovering from a knee procedure once called “degenerative” by Knicks officials during this off-season.

Smith, Stoudemire and Shumpert, all their games are predicated on having athletic advantages over their opponents. Can they regain their form this season, or will they need to modify their game to make up for any lost athleticism? Amar’e has already worked with Hakeem, Amar’e needs to work on staying healthy all season and regaining the trust of his team and his coach. Shumpert is young enough to regain his rookie form and Smith could once again be the x-factor the this Knicks basketball team. If he plays well at the right time, JR could help the Knicks advance past Indiana or Miami.

All summer long, it seems, the pundits have penciled in Chicago near the top of the power rankings with Derrick Rose nearing his return from knee injury. Doesn’t anyone want to wait to see what kind of Derrick Rose emerges first before handing Chicago the eastern conference title? I for one think they should be ranked 5th, not the Knicks as is usually the case.

‘just bloggin’


Screenshot from 2013-08-14 23:34:07

Knicks head coach Mike Woodson was recently interviewed as saying the only three definite starters for the Knicks in November are Raymond Felton, Tyson Chandler and Carmelo Anthony.

That means, depending on training camp production and chemistry, Shumpert could loose his starting job to either J.R. Smith or rookie Tim Hardaway, Jr. in October.

In the rap song by Iman Shumpert linked below:

a) Shumpert refers to Melo as 007.

b) Shumpert hopes the Knicks spend on him so he can keep the same jersey he came into the league on.

c) metions Kevin Johnson’s game

d) all of the above

Sounds to me like he is asking for respect. Asking GrunDolan for respect?? They don’t ‘spect. Stephen A. Smith wants to say it so badly but he is being as polite as he can about it: Grundolan don’t respect.

Shump looked like he was earning it for a while during his rookie year and sporadically during the playoffs this past year during his shortened sophomore campaign.

The Knicks need Iman Shumpert to step up his game this season. They’ve got J.R. Smith coming off of a degenerative lateral miniscus surgery, and the Rookie Tim Hardaway Jr. is also hungry to make a name for himself in the league.

Let’s face it, Shumpert is a two on this team, particularly now that Metta World Peace is here. Unless Metta is defending the center, you know Melo will be in there at the four, so Metta at the three, leaving shumpert on the perimeter to defend.

It definitely feels like some sneaky shit might be happening right now with Shumpert though. I should say Mr. Dolan. Perhaps the media is trying to create this story, but now in Shumpert’s rap you can hear his admiration for Woodson and Melo, how he wants to stay with the team.

Yet there was mild drama with the summer league stuff. David Lee and Nate Robinson never had problems playing summer league going into their third year. Shumpert, don’t know if he was forced, but he played like he didn’t care in that one summer league. That wasn’t the shumpert we saw in game 6 of the pacers series:

Last Game of the Season

And by the way, did Mike Woodson not play Chris Copeland enough during the Pacers series? Seriously, I want to know what you think.

Screenshot from 2013-08-14 23:37:45

Ah, nevermind, he was probably damaged goods anyway:

Screenshot from 2013-08-14 23:38:30


Jeremy Tyler stands six foot ten, weighs 260 lbs.

Jeremy and CJ Leslie now have deals from the Knicks, bringing the roster to 13. They will have to prove themselves during training camp. Leslie needs to put on weight.

The Knicks roster now looks like this:

PG Raymond Felton
SG Iman Shumpert
C Tyson Chandler
SF Metta World Peace
PF Carmelo Anthony

PG Pablo Prigioni
SG JR Smith / Tim Hardaway, JR
C Andrea Bargnani / Jeremy Tyler
SF Kenyon Martin / CJ Leslie
PF Amar’e Stoudemire

The Knicks should now focus on landing a third string point guard.


Reports of third sting point guard candidates have lasted over a month, yet the Knicks only have twelve fully guaranteed contracts as August begins and most teams are winding down their offseason acquisitions.

The names that have all come back null are as follows: Bobby Brown (’twas his prerogative to go play in Russia), Delonte West, Beno Udrich.

The newest name being thrown around the net? 33 year old journeyman point guard Jannero Pargo, who Grunwald plans to woo with the veteran minimum of $1.4 million and the chance to play with Melo, Artest and J.R. Smith.

The Knicks still need a backup center, another two and another three.


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