The Depth Chart Could Look Like this Come Opening Night

by knicksdefense on October 16, 2014



Straight, No Chaser

by knicksdefense on October 14, 2014

This motion picture produced by Clint Eastwood is basically a compilation of priceless video footage found of Thelonious Monk the performer and composer.

I don’t have a New York Jazz blog yet, but I’m working on it. For now, all of my interests will be showcased here, sorry for the confusion.

As far as the Knicks go, last night was boring. Trying not to read into the fact that softie Andrea Bargnani sat out his second straight game.

They play again tonight in Syracuse against the Sixers. Expect much talk about Melo as he won a NCAA championship there as a freshman.

I’m liking Calderon’s play and I’m liking the improved team play on offense, the ball moves more freely now and is less ISO based.

The defense, however, needs much more work. We may not have the horses to play good d. Dalembert can only do so much to erase mistakes. Shumpert could start to offset the weak defense overall.

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Maybe it is not this guy, but here is one of the most prominent mindfulness experts in a talk at google for a sense of flavor as to what Carmelo, JR and the rest of the Knicks will be undergoing this season from a zen approach to consciousness.


Triangle now the biggest star at MSG?

by knicksdefense on October 7, 2014

If you take a look at the preview articles I linked to in the last blog post, almost all of theme mention Melo is now 30 years old, “the wrong side of 30,” as ball don’t lie mentions.

Have they even seen Melo play? His style of play will be fine, he’s mastered all of the moves Jordan developed late in his career to compensate for waning athleticism.

I must admit I’m excited for tomorrow’s preseason game against the Celtics in Hartford, Connecticut. I want to see the triangle offense. I want to see what this roster can do in the triangle, particularly Melo.

Phil Jackson is running things in New York. 13 or so titles to his credit (of course we know his rosters were stacked in his favor). If things don’t work out with Melo over the next couple of years, he is definitely tradeable, say to a team that could lose their star talent to free agency.

Many of the preview articles accuse Samuel Dalembert of being a flake, we’ll have to wait and see. The team just finished it’s training camp at West Point, I’m not sure how MGMT could be more clear, the point is to be accountable, be a professional, work within the system.

Looking forward to seeing Mr. Jose Calderon run the point tomorrow. Larkin is too small, almost Nate Robinson small, but just as was the case with Darrell Armstrong, and perhaps to a smaller extent Nate Robinson, sometimes you just need a spark off the bench to change the game when it is time to sit a few starters.

I don’t believe in J.R. Smith, but we’ll see what coach Fisher can get out of him. My money is on Tim Hardaway being the starting two guard when the season starts. I think Shumpert is a bench player and JR is best suited coming off the bench as well.

Amar’e too.

That leaves a starting five of what now?

PG Jose Calderon
SG Tim Hardaway Jr.
C Dalembert (I don’t miss Tyson Chandler)
SF Melo
PF was going to say Jason Smith, or Amar’e, but hoping Cleanthony Early can bulk up quickly and maybe get some starts after the all-star break

Am I the only one that thinks there is more than a puncher’s chance that Fisher and Jackson can revive Andrea Bargnani’s career? It was, after all, Jose Calderon that was feeding Bargnani the ball during his most productive years in the NBA. I enjoy it when a fan can follow the logic of Knicks off season acquisitions.

It is all about the triangle this year. If you can’t triangle, then sit on the bench!

Let’s go Knicks!


Knicks Preview Articles Part 1

by knicksdefense on October 5, 2014

ball don’t lie

Hoops Habit

Sir Charles in Charge

number fire

Sports Chat Place

new york times


Invited to training camp are the following now signed players:

Orlando Sanchez

Langston Galloway

Travis Wear


The Eastern Conference in 2014-2015

by knicksdefense on September 8, 2014

Indiana – A major injury to Paul George makes me think they’ll slip in the rankings.

New York – resigned Melo, brought in Jose Calderon, Samuel Dalembert, Shane Larkin, and Cleanthony Early. Goodbye to Tyson Chandler and Raymond Felton. Phil jackson is the MVP and he is on the sideline in a suit, not ready to coach yet… Derek Fisher will teach the triangle. If they make any more changes before the season begins, look for Prigioni, J.R. Smith or Amar’e Stoudemire to be shopped. No one will take Bargnani so I hope Phil can mold him into a player who competes.

Brooklyn – I never pay attention to the Nets, you tell me.

Miami – still a factor, will probably still win 50 games, but no one expects them to contend without LeBron.

Cleveland – LeBron and Kevin Love? They’re an instant playoff team, if not contender. Reminds me of when players like Karl Malone and Gary Payton went to the Lakers: so much talent on one team, how long will it take to gel? David Blatt is isntantly on the hot seat. Very curious as to why LeBron chose just a two year deal, is he thinking NYK next destination to play with either Melo or Durant? Just bloggin’.

Chicago – same question marks as Indiana, with major injuries can Derrick Rose play 82 games and be healthy for the playoffs? If so, they must be the favorites with great defense, rebounding and depth.

I’ve been watching the USA team blow teams out in the FIBA World Cup. So far I like Kenneth Faried the most on that team, so much hustle on the offensive glass. They never seem to box him out, how could he not be on the scouting report? Who would you rather have, Kenneth Faried or Joakim Noah?


JR Smith wants to be a leader this year

by knicksdefense on August 27, 2014

JR Smith is an x-factor for the Knicks this year along with Amar’e Stoudemire.

Recently Smith was interviewed by ESPN, click here to read more on what was said.

How much Smith and Stoudemire can provide on the court and in the locker room can greatly help the Knicks in their efforts to become a team to be taken seriously.

Stoudemire said the Knicks didn’t “buy in” early on in the 2013-2014 season.

The fact that Phil is in town and in control means there are no more excuses for the Knicks. Time is running out and the expiring contracts of Bargnani and Stoudemire mean those two will be playing for their paychecks.


Cavs are attempting to deal for center Timofey Mozgov

by knicksdefense on August 26, 2014

Mozgov, a once-promising young Knick who was dealt to Denver in the Carmelo Anthony trade, finished the season strong check out his numbers in April:

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 1.22.26 PM

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The Knicks have hired assistant coach Jim Cleamons to work with head coach Derek Fischer under the soon-to-begin Phil Jackson era of New York basketball.

Screenshot from 2014-08-18 13:05:53

Cleamons, leftmost in the picture above, will join assistant coach Kurt Rambis with head coach Fisher on the bench this season.

Longtime Knicks stalwart Herb Williams was let go upon Jackson’s arrival as president of basketball operations.

In other news, Jackson has recently laid down $4.85 million for this house, located on 57th street in Manhattan.

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