When was the last time the Knicks got it right?

In 2003, the Knicks picked Mike Sweetney at number 9.

In 2005, the Knicks picked Channing Frye at number 8. Ellis was taken at 40, Gortat was taken at 57. Someone like Fran Vazquez, never even made it to the NBA and was taken at 11. The draft is tricky even without involving trading up or down.

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Maybe the Knicks’ luck is set to change starting with the lottery tomorrow…

Ricky Ledo, the newest New York Knick

6’7″ 201lb, d-leaguer, age 22.

(note former Knick Renaldo Balkman is in the highlights above)

I like our backcourt right now of Langston Galloway and Alexy Shved. We can’t get any worse so the Knicks should play loose and play hard and let the chips fall where they may.

Interesting to note that Phil Jackson’s girl Buss is in charge of the other team, LA Lakers, looking to win the Carl Towns / Jhalil Okafor sweepstakes.

Iowa State has gone fishing. Enjoy the tournament, somewhere there is a future Knick out there to be scouted.

We all knew it was coming: Amar’e Stoudemire has been bought out

He has a list of possible teams he could go to next, but I am more concerned with what this means for the Knicks going forward.

We have gotten little value back for three guys’ departure thus far: Iman Shumpert, JR Smith (notice how well he’s playing now) and now Stoudemire is out and we couldn’t get anything back for him either.

I remember when expiring large contracts used to be more desireable for other teams looking to get out from over the cap but how many teams these days are actually over the cap?

So maybe Thanasis will be called up from Westchester now. I heard he was in the d-league dunk contest as his brother was in the NBA dunk contest (thensis even threw up an alley to his brother, but it scored low because the greek freak does not have mass appeal in the same way as Blake Griffin does).

The Knicks have won 10 games at the all-star break. Lose more for Okafor is what Berman says. I don’t know, what do you look forward to as a Knicks fan?

The conversation needs to begin.

How long before Phil Jackson gets ordered by Dolan to coach the Knicks? Clyde may be nonchalant, but Jackson seems to be halfhearted thus far as Knicks president. Maybe this offseason he can convince some prime time players to come, but if not, I’d say both Jackson and Carmelo are on the hot seat.

I think Carmelo’s days in New York are numbered. He sucked in the all-star game though I know he was playing hurt. There are rumblings that he’s done for the season now. We shall see…

I think it is intersting to note that some reporters are claiming that Amar’e was run into the ground by Mike D’Antoni during his first year in New York.

Oh, and Steve Kerr: you were right about Amar’e.

I still hate you, Steve, smug-ass, lucky-ass Kerr. Mark Jackson, you got screwed.

Knicks Game Cancelled Due to Blizzard

In other news, the Knicks are talking to Galloway about a longer than 10-day contract.

Hopefully, they can come to a happy agreement because Langston Galloway has been one of the bright spots for the Knicks this season. He’s had at least three spectacular dunks in just a few games, he rebounds well for a guard, can steal the ball and shows a competitive spirit on the court.

I hope Phil Jackson doesn’t spurn him the way James Dolan spurned Jeremy Lin. Lin, by the way, isn’t playing much in LA these days, even with Kobe Bryant out for the season.

So yeah, tonight we’re off, the Nets are off. Hopefully there is some good college ball on TV. I enjoyed watching the St. John’s game on Sunday. Seeing Coach K get to 1,000 is definitely historic. I think Melo’s college coach, Jim Boeheim will also get to 1,000, he’s at 930 or some number close to it and is a few years older than coach K.

Two wins in a row brings us to… well, nevermind the record…

Carmelo Anthony was quoted after what I’ll call win two as standing against the tanking mentality. This as the weekend approaches with Duke coming into the building to play Saint John’s in the Garden in what could be coach K’s (I might never try to spell it) 1,000 career victory. Oh yeah, and this guy will be here:

He’s available to any team that secures the top pick in the draft, assuming he doesn’t go play in China or anything crazy happens.

But to talk of next year’s Knick rookie candidates completely undermines this year’s current crop of new Knicks. If you had asked me in August which rookie I’d be all about, I would have said Cleanthony Early, but this season I only seem to recall him in street clothes on the bench, rather, it has been the newest Knick, Langston Galloway, who has been marinating in the D league since most Knick die hards first noticed him during the summer league.

Galloway looks solid, man. He’s got a competitive nature, and some athleticism. I’ve seen him dunk two offensive rebounds in his short time in the NBA. He’s got some decent ball handling skills and his arms are long enough to rip opposing guards such as Michael Carter Williams.

Speaking of Michael Carter Williams and new Knicks, LOVED the testy attitude between our Jason Smith and Carter Williams last night, culminating in a nice block under the basket from the big man. He’s another competitor like Galloway that should be kept after the purge of 2015 is all said and done. Travis Wear too, but perhaps not Acy.

What happened to Acy? I’m thinking Jax and Fish are strategically sitting certain players as the trade deadline approaches. Also out of the rotation is big Cole Aldrich, who seemed to be getting prime minutes when SToudemire went down… Is that it? Are we trying to boost STAT’s numbers the same way Nate Robinson’s numbers were boosted prior to his trade? Stoudemire is in the last year of a big contract that is expiring, so many pundits have him staying on until the end of the year. But if there are any teams out there that are competitive and have a longer term deal on their CAP they are looking to move, perhaps Stoudemire could be traded for some value, maybe even some draft picks since we have none in upcoming years due to the Bargnani trade.

Bargnani is the Knick I like the least since the days of Jerome or even Eddy. Can’t stand a shitty work ethic. You call yourself a professional, you pussy Bargnani? You give Euros a bad name. You only further the stereotype that they are Huggies soft.

Going from hating on one current Knick to pining for a former Knick, kudos to Tim Mosgov, who is averaging close to a double double playing for the Cavs. Like I said, easier to play when you have guys like LeBron who make everyone around them better, but back when Mozgov was a Knick, I saw great potential in him, definitely a double double with a couple of blocks, and now he’s in a system where he is going to continue to improve. He should be on our team right now but Melo wanted to bankrupt the Knicks of assets rather than just wait two months and walk on as a top free agent with Wilson Chandler and Mozgov still wearing orange and blue. Not to mention Danilo Gallinari who was excellent during his time in New York. I know he might be damaged goods now. Maybe Melo meant well, maybe he wanted Denver to get some value back for his departure.

Orlando is in town on Friday at the Garden. Could it be, three in a row? I can see it happening. Orlando has the third worst record in the East. Melo is trying to justify making the all-star team. It makes sense, win a few before the break. I’ve been saying any win now is a loss in terms of getting the max ping pong balls in the draft lottery, but nothing is guaranteed except this: new comissioner Adam Silver, whose record is squeakly clean thus far, perhaps too clean at the moment, grew up a life long Knicks fan, and the NBA needs the Knicks to be truly successful. I have grown tired of watching small town teams like the Spurs and OKC get all the glory. The Knicks have not won a championship since 1973 as Isiah said. Maybe the Ewing Curse Lives?

Other than that, what’s on the average Knick fan’s mind? Thenasis perhaps?

I predict seeing him in a NBA Knicks jersey after the all-star break.

New New York Knick: Langston Galloway

Obviously the Knicks are the laughing stock of the NBA.

I would be the first to tell you that J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert were not perfect as Knicks.

Yet they have value as they both can contribute as starters on most teams.

You don’t give up something for nothing. I don’t know about Phil Jackson as a GM. He seems like an asshole, just like I thought he was an asshole when he coached the Bulls and the Lakers.

So here we go calling up d-league players, here is Langston Galloway: