This is not the season to be a Knicks fan (4-20)

This is not the season to be a Knicks fan. We are 4 and 20.

But what choice do we have?

Check out. Explore other things. It is not getting any better.

No Knicks fan deserves this abuse.

Time to scout pipe dream Jhalil Okafor. Emeka’s little brother has post moves beyond Emeka’s while just a freshman at Duke University.

Shout out to all the defenders, Knicks Fixers, Isola-haters, and so on.

Locker Room Problems Beginning in December

Phil had a press conference to say, “everyone still wants to be here,” and that the team has a “loser’s mentality.”

Looks like Robin and I dodged a bullet by not subscribing this season.

In the latest installment of Knicks drama, Tim Hardaway, Jr. has stepped up as the leader of this team and called out Carmelo Anthony. Neither guy can play d. Nor can Amar’e. That’s quite a few for offense but not for d.

The season may not be savable.

The season should not be saved?

Jackson said he will not look to move players just for movement’s sake.

What about Bargnani? When is he going to f-ing play?

Is this going to turn into develop Cole Aldrich season?

Last night, on national TV…

Barkley talked smack on the Knicks, then Lebron got off the bench in the fourth and spanked the Knicks in the Garden.

I was sad to let go of season tickets over the summer, but when I look at our record, I’m glad I don’t have to sell games to a team that is now 4-17 and primed to tank the rest of the season to get a high draft pick in the 2015 lottery.

It seems like four games in a row now where the Knicks were close (Kenny Smith alluded during inside the NBA that the Knicks have been in about 11 games this season that could have been victories down the stretch but have not been) and give the ball to Melo for the Elbow three that isn’t even close.

Perhaps it is time for a new play Fisher?

Maybe get the ball to Amar’e who has been consistent on offense?

Speaking of STAT, that layup off the glass over STAT was a dagger by Irving.

(must see nail in the coffin @ 1:20 in the above video)

I feel like Irving is a young talent not unlike D Wade, LeBron was wise to come home to the Cavs and give it another shot.

As far as Melo resigning, yes, good, but don’t spend all of this season talking about “I should have gone to Chicago. Was almost going to go there.”

Who would you keep on this roster for future seasons?

I would keep very little.

Calderon is agining, I’d say get rid of everyone, including Melo. I know he has a no-trade clause, but if he goes to a contender in the West then this can all finally go away.

How many years will it take to rebuild the Knicks? There aren’t too many players under contract after this season. Barring mid season trades this year, the Knicks will just have the following players after next season:

Carmelo (with two years to go)
Calderon (in the final year of his contract)
Tim Hardaway (with a year to go)
Cleanthony Early (in the final year of his contract)

You know, after looking at this, I wonder if the results of the new collective bargaining agreement were to make contract lengths shorter?


Miami @ New York

Melo is playing tonight after missing two games due to back spasms.

It seemed like so many more games that he was out.

People online are claiming the Knicks are in tank mode.

Most teams in the NBA haven’t reached double digits in total wins, to talk about any team not based in Philly seems premature.

I am watching Melo and Calderon play on the same court for only the second time this season, Bargnani hasn’t event laced them up yet and he played well with Calderon back in Toronto.

It is too early to give up on the season but I understand using the word “TANK” when you get blown out by a OKC team sans Durant.

Stoudemire should start. He might be THE most consistent Knick this season.

Charles, the Bobby ‘the brain’ Henan of the NBA

There is no greater a Knicks hater than Charles Barkley.

Only recently am I beginning to forgive him for this and just enjoy the banter and bullying he brings Inside the NBA.

Spent some time in the city today, had to get my sax fixed at Roberto’s.

Picked up three new pieces of vinyl at Urban Outfitters. The MF DDSC_9864oom instrumental Hip Hop album is not to be missed.

Don’t know the extent of the injury to Carmelo’s back. Tried to read this recent article on Carmelo and it struck me as self-absorbed meaninglessness. This article about Melo’s tech investments is so much better.

As for the rest of the team, meh. Iman Shumpert’s stock is rising. JR Smith’s stock is dropping. Dalembert isn’t too bad, don’t really think the defensive problems start there. Amar’e needs help with defense, that is a problem. I hear Calderon isn’t that good either but that is the thing, we have players like Shump who are better defenders, but not that many well-rounded players that can score and defend. Prigioni is another one, he’d rather cut off his hand that look to score. He can score when he needs to, but he doesn’t go on the offensive.

Overall though this doesn’t look good. We need Bargnani to play to see what we really have, people are talking about the OKC Thunder maybe not making the playoffs this year after a slow start at 3-12, well the Knicks aren’t too far behind at 4-11, and there is talk of possibly tanking this season in hopes of a high draft pick to change the direction of the franchise.

Gallo got dunked on. I feel bad for him, he’s not fully recovered from injury.

I hear he’s got a Restaurant in the city called Pagani…

Brooklyn this weekend

The Knicks are off tonight, they have a game at home tomorrow against Philly.

Tonight I’m going to see Jack Name and Thee Oh Sees at Warsaw in Greenpoint.

Tomorrow I might catch Duke play at the Barclay’s Center, I assume they’ll advance in the first round of the Coaches vs Cancer tournament tonight.

Knicks (2-7) face the Jazz (3-7) in Madison Square Garden

This team we face tonight is young. Maybe that will help the vets execute the triangle however I hope the Knicks have their legs because I think this team likes to push the ball up the court.

The Knicks are a work in progress, Derek Fisher is showing how patient he is as a coach. The Knicks need to find five guys who get it and let them develop. I wonder if Fisher thinks Calderon and Bargnani could be two of those guys. If so, who are the remaining two, because this team starts and end with Carmelo.

Dalembert had a good game last outing, but could Bargnani steal his spot when he returns?

Shumpert could be the fifth guy, if he learns the triangle and steadies his jumper. Shump is not a two, but he seems like he belongs more than J.R. Smith right now.

What’s going on with Acy? Can’t tell, some times he looks like Kenneth Faried, some times he looks like a d-leaguer.

Would you rather start Prigioni at this point or stick with Larkin?

Stoudemire has been okay off the bench. His defense and vision are still suspect, but he has nice moves to score the ball on the low block. He tries…

Here are a few videos of the opponents tonight. Lets go Knicks. Shout out to SaipanKnickster, Syd Harewood, Bilz and the original clan from the Alan Hahn / Frank Isola days. The internet sure has changed with all the social media. So many ways to enjoy being a Knicks fan now.

The team needs a win tonight I hope they’re up for it…


Gordon Hayward attacks the rim with quickness and strength:

Trey Burke, a pass-first point guard:

D. Favors, active big man at 6’10” 260:

Alec Burks, a 6’6″ athletic swingman scorer: