Still Want to Build Old, Grunwald?

by knicksdefense on May 19, 2013

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I’m not sure Woodson is the best coach for this team.  He should have played Amar’e more against this team.  Tyson was saying after games that the Knicks never made adjustments.  Look no further than the coach.

I’m pretty sure we need to make major upgrades to the roster.  There aren’t that many keepers either.

The best team always wins a seven game series.  When you depend so heavily on J.R. Smith, a known loose cannon, you should have a good plan B ready to go.  The knicks lived and died by the three, and you could see it in this game 6.

Tyson was owned by Hibbert.  Still the coach didn’t want to put Amar’e in to help with the bigs.

Melo had two critical turnovers in crunch time.  The game was tied and he drove the ball, turned it over and the knicks gave up a three point play.  Almost on the next possession, he turned it over again.

Without Melo, we wouldn’t be a playoff team, but I think the search continues to find complimentary players for Melo.  You can go as far back as Iverson in how long this search has been going on.

Felton, Prigioni, Kidd, all owned by the Pacers in game six.

Anyway, the offseason should be interesting.  Chris Paul once made a toast to coming to New York to play.  That time is now, Grunwald better figure out a way to get it done.  I doubt he will, but if he does, all will be forgiven.

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New York over Boston in game one of the first round

by knicksdefense on April 21, 2013




The Knicks were able to clamp down in the second half after looking sluggish defensively in the first half.  Chandler was ineffective and was replaced by a more active Kenyon Martin.  Shumpert continued to look slow and lacked explosion, while Kidd and Melo stepped up and made huge plays for the Knicks whenever they needed it.  New Knick acquisitions Quentin Richardson and Earl Barron did not play, and Woodson was quoted as saying Prigioni is improving and getting closer to suiting up for the Knicks, who are more effective in a two-point guard system.

The key to the game was minimizing turnovers.

The Knicks need to post up Melo more on the lower block.

The Knicks need to improve on their rebounding in the post season.

All roads lead to Miami.

NYC basketball fans in the subways after the game glowed and spoke perhaps too optimistically about a subway series–for that to become a reality Brooklyn would need to oust Miami.

The Knicks need to focus on right now, which was the misworded message of the t-shirts (Playing for now) they gave fans in attendance at the garden yesterday, despite another recent non-playoff t-shirt looking more handsome.



which Knick free shirt would you rather have?


On legends night a few weeks ago, Dolan reached into his pocket and gave all in attendance a replica 1973 championship ring.  It should be noted Donnie Walsh started the new tradition of Knick Legends night as a way to extend an olive branch to the fans who were estranged by the erratic decisions of ownership in recent years.  It is a miracle Dolan hasn’t botched this up yet, fingers crossed this Knicks teams karma remains positive this post season, please stay out of basketball-related decisions.


it reads, “Knicks Defense”


Bucks at knicks

by knicksdefense on April 5, 2013

We took the lead. Pearl Monroe wished this ‘new’ knicks team a championship at halftime during the 1973 legends night. Phil Jackson is here. Michael j fox is here. I see rasheed on the bench in street clothes but no kmart tonight. Melo and Jr are combined for 55 points right now and we are rolling having won 11 in a row with twelve on the horizon.



No James, Wade, or Chalmers tonight in Miami? Cowards!

by knicksdefense on April 2, 2013

We better kill this team tonight!

Chandler is still out.  Not good.

The Knicks are hitting on all cylinders, they need to get healthy for the playoffs.

Coach Woodson is sometimes going with a three point guard lineup.  I expect to see that in the post season to keep the turnovers down.

Enjoy the game, defenders.

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It is Saturday morning, I’m having a cup of builder’s tea, and the Knicks are tied for second in the East and have won seven in a row. The Knicks are 45-26 and have a realistic opportunity to reach 50 wins for the first time since before Isiah Thomas got involved with the franchise.

So what is the celing for this Knicks team? How much damage can they do in the playoffs? What of the injured, of Wallace and Amar’e? Will they return? Are we better off without them?

J.R. Smith is outscoring Melo the past few games. Melo is second in the league in scoring. Smith’s production is attributed to his determination to take it to the basket rather than take another Smithesque shot from the perimeter. You know–the fadeaway turnaround from just inside the three point line. You think it is bad shot until he makes it. He’s like a taller Nate Robinson in essence. Both are athletic freaks, and both are best utilized off the bench.

Speaking of bench, if the Knicks keep winning, how could the NBA not give J.R. Smith the 6th man award?

Speaking of awards, who will win MVP? Is Melo still a legit candidate? I would think LeBum is primed for that award considering their record.

Speaking of LeBastard, what of all the Ainge/Riley talk? Where does a Knicks fan side? I honestly hate them both. Can’t stand either Riley or Ainge. Wish both of their franchises ill-will.

Prigioni looks like he is starting these days. I think in the playoffs, some Knicks fans will realize Pablo’s value. He’s a ball hawk with one flaw–he doesn’t want to shoot. That could be critical down the stretch, but down the stretch hopefully Kidd is playing vintage Kidd basketball.

It feels good to be a Knicks fan right now.

Next week the wife and I are headed to San Francisco. I’ll report back from there, see if we encounter any Knicks fans out west.

Happy Easter! The Knicks will play the Celtics tonight, and there are two great matchups in college today. Florida vs Michigan, and Duke vs Louisville. Great day for hoops!




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Former (arguably, with hand-picked underling Grunwald still in control of the Knicks)  Knick President Isiah Thomas chose to use the Knicks’ first round draft pick on this guy Balkman, ahead of Rajon Rondo, Kyle Lowry and Paul Millsap.


Heat @ Knicks

by knicksdefense on March 3, 2013

Miami has won 13 in a row.

The Knicks are trying to prove they can regain their form from the beginning of the season. They have won three in a row and are back in the second spot in the Eastern Conference Standings. They are 6.5 games behind the Miami Heat for the top seed.

We are going to try to get there early to see LeBron do his thing in the layup line. Magic recently offered LeBron $1 million in cash if he competes in the dunk contest but LeBron has yet to involve himself after 10 years in the NBA.

Today will be a true litmus test for Felton and Shumpert in terms of their rehabilitation from injury.

Chris Bosh is a computer programmer in his spare time.

Let’s go New York!


The Good News, and the Bad News…

by knicksdefense on February 27, 2013

First, the bad news:

Rasheed Wallace, a key factor to the Knicks’ early success in November and December, will have surgery and is out for the remainder of the regular season and possibly the first week of the playoffs.

This is the problem with investing in old players, something Glen Grunwald apparently failed to consider when he signed 5-7 players age 35 or older.

This is a young man’s sport.

Woodson is no help on this matter, he believes veterans win in this league.  Yes, veterans win, if and when they are healthy.

Jason Kidd, Marcus Camby, Prigioni, Rasheed Wallace, Kurt Thomas, add to the list now the newest old Knick, Kenyon Martin.  This is sick.

Now, the good news:

The Knicks will advance past the first week of the playoffs.  The Knicks have time to fall and re-ascend the eastern conference standings.  The Knicks need only get healthy and hit their stride when the playoffs near.  We are months away from the playoffs, approximately 30 games away from the playoffs.

The Knicks need to figure this out.  The days of being a top defensive team are long gone.  The days of wide open 3-point shots are over.  Novak is not a factor, don’t play him.  Felton needs to regain his athleticism.  Shumpert too.  The Knicks need to step up and redefine how they are going to win.   The Knicks don’t rebound the basketball.  J.R. Smith isn’t the same player, nor is Stoudemire, though the latter appears to be headed in the right direction.

Melo needs to step up and be the leader of this team.  That doesn’t necessarily mean take more shots, rather get the team playing well together again.  This has never been Melo’s forte as he is a volume shooter, but if the Knicks are going to make any noise against top teams Miami, Indiana, Brooklyn, and anyone in the West, the Knicks must start and end the conversation with Melo, the MVP candidate that needs to start figuring out how to make the players around him better than what they currently are:  a .500 basketball team with pipe dreams of being a championship caliber team.


To Trade, or Not to Trade?

by knicksdefense on February 19, 2013

What do you think, should the Knicks make a move before Thursday’s 3PM soft deadline? I say soft because I can remember years (Isiah years) where the deadline would be 3PM then they’d announce a trade at 10PM at night.

I think the most obvious concerns are two issues any team would feel they need to improve upon:

we don’t rebound the ball well enough
we don’t play as good defensively as we did the first month of the season

Shumpert, Camby and Rasheed. How much will any of those guys give up down the stretch?

Would you trade J.R. Smith? Especially lately with his streak shooting that would make a NBA finals John Starks blush?

If you ask Melo, he says no trades.

Well, who is to say someone else won’t get hurt between now and the end of April?

We need to have depth charts at each position in case anyone else goes down.

What’s up with Amar’e, he was balling there for a minute, but is now reverting.

Amar’e is untradeable considering his contract.

I say no trades. What say you SaipanKnickster?


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