New Team, Did Phil and Steve Do Well?

I put Mills in the title because by all accounts, it seems as he is doing the heavy lifting and may in fact serve as the mediator between the success of Phil and the petulance of the owner.

We have ourselves a new roster.

Yes we struck out on the big names. People are saying they failed in that respect.

I think the Knicks might be fun to watch this year.

Much depends on Melo, the coach and how well the new players blend in chemistry-wise.

We weren’t going anywhere with Tyson Chandler (neither did Dallas) so I welcome Robin Lopez and his workman game.

We weren’t going anywhere with J.R. and Shump so I welcome the younger, more mid-range game of Afflalo.

We weren’t going to get Okafor or Towns, so I welcome the upside of Porzingis, who looked like a factor in Vegas Summer league.

Jerian Grant might finally give us a penetrating point guard that even a healthy Calderon will not provide.

No, we’re not a lock to make the playoffs, but we’re a lock to be close.

It all depends on Melo. It all depends on the coach. The other guys, Derrick Williams, Kyle, O’Quinn, Langston Galloway, Amundson, Lance Thomas, those guys are all role players to compliment Melo. To allow Melo to be Melo within the context of the triangle, the way Jordan and Kobe were as well.

The coach must command the respect of the players and he must know how to bring out the best in them.

If not, this team could see moves before the February trade deadline.

Yet, I fault the media for trying to paint Melo as a malcontent for not attending the summer league, not tweeting flowering things towards the new aquisitions. So what if he wanted Justice Winslow, that guy has Shumpert written all over him, and how well did Shumpert work out in this system?

It was strange to see Fisher trying to gain extra experience in the summer league, but perhaps beneficial, because more than a few of that roster will make the roster in late October, when we know all 15 guys who will fight this uphill battle as Knicks.

For now, we know the identity of 13 or so of those guys.

We also know who won’t be back: Shved, Acy and Bargs. Oh well. Weren’t going anywhere with those guys either.

Time to look at those summer league tapes again!

Does Thanasis Factor into the Draft?

As either a roster player next season or as a trade chip for perhaps a second-rounder?

Note that Langston Galloway is in many of these highlights. Funny how salary cap could have prevented Thanasis from seeing any real NBA time last year but Langston got plenty of time to shine. Maybe Phil didn’t want to show the rest of the league how bad Thanasis is on offense, or how good Thanasis is on defense.

At this point in the game of NBA Draft 2015, I know they’ve had Mudiay in and they plan to bring in many other new rookies for questioning. The Knicks are a mess, they only have 31 year old Melo and a few spare parts and there are legit concerns that other NBA players are too coward to come to where the “lights shine the brightest” as some idiot owner once said.

I’ve been reading Phil Jackson’s book (poor Phil, is he trying to pull a next town Larry Brown now that he knows how tough it is to work with these people?) and the triangle is all predicated on penetration. For that reason I think we need to get Mudiay. If people are right (you can’t trust people) and he has John Wall quickness, then you have to take that in today’s game, there is more an emphasis on athleticism.

I saw the quote from some one who used to play with Fisher, saying the players won’t listen to him because he is too young and not ready to coach. The good thing is, the players who wouldn’t listen were removed, or are going to be removed.

The jury is still out on Melo, but hey, Melo could be moved if he doesn’t figure out the triangle.

And Jerry West seems to want to tell players through the media that you can’t be yourself when playing in the triangle system. Hate much, Jerry?

And why does anyone in the world care who Laimbeer would prefer, Jordan or LeBron? Seriously, who in the world cares what Bill Laimbeer thinks about anything?

As far as the finals, game 3 was much more boring than game 2, which wasn’t as good as game 1. I have no dog in the fight, but the Cavs winning should light an already lit fire under both Melo and Jackson’s asses. Seeing those guys, Shump and JR, do well, even Mozzy who had to be thrown in so that Melo could have a couple more dollars, all of those guys are going to win a title and the media just wants to take another chance to shit on the Knicks for not getting enough back in exchange for those players.

As far as the draft goes, we might get Greg Monroe in free agency, so maybe you have to take either a guard who can penetrate, pass and shoot, or a big who can defend, because Monroe is known for his scoring.

Seems like it will either be Justice Winslow, Mudiay, or Will Cauley-Stein, but there are plenty of Knicks fans who want Frank Kaminksy. There are also a few euro players that seem to be climbing the charts, ask Fran Vazquez why he didn’t come to Orlando once they wasted a draft pick on him.

I watched every Duke game I could this year, Justice seems like a better, more competitive version of Wilson Chandler. Cauley-Stein could be like Tyson Chandler. I see Melo is buddying up with Justice Winslow now, is he trying to flex on management to pick who he wants?

Phil Jackson’s book is all about giving up ego, points, stats, for the team win. Has Melo read it?

I miss Danilo Gallinari. Didn’t he have a 40+ game before the season ended? I ate at his restaurant once in the west village. It was decent.

When was the last time the Knicks got it right?

In 2003, the Knicks picked Mike Sweetney at number 9.

In 2005, the Knicks picked Channing Frye at number 8. Ellis was taken at 40, Gortat was taken at 57. Someone like Fran Vazquez, never even made it to the NBA and was taken at 11. The draft is tricky even without involving trading up or down.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 10.23.02 AM

Maybe the Knicks’ luck is set to change starting with the lottery tomorrow…

Ricky Ledo, the newest New York Knick

6’7″ 201lb, d-leaguer, age 22.

(note former Knick Renaldo Balkman is in the highlights above)

I like our backcourt right now of Langston Galloway and Alexy Shved. We can’t get any worse so the Knicks should play loose and play hard and let the chips fall where they may.

Interesting to note that Phil Jackson’s girl Buss is in charge of the other team, LA Lakers, looking to win the Carl Towns / Jhalil Okafor sweepstakes.

Iowa State has gone fishing. Enjoy the tournament, somewhere there is a future Knick out there to be scouted.

We all knew it was coming: Amar’e Stoudemire has been bought out

He has a list of possible teams he could go to next, but I am more concerned with what this means for the Knicks going forward.

We have gotten little value back for three guys’ departure thus far: Iman Shumpert, JR Smith (notice how well he’s playing now) and now Stoudemire is out and we couldn’t get anything back for him either.

I remember when expiring large contracts used to be more desireable for other teams looking to get out from over the cap but how many teams these days are actually over the cap?

So maybe Thanasis will be called up from Westchester now. I heard he was in the d-league dunk contest as his brother was in the NBA dunk contest (thensis even threw up an alley to his brother, but it scored low because the greek freak does not have mass appeal in the same way as Blake Griffin does).

The Knicks have won 10 games at the all-star break. Lose more for Okafor is what Berman says. I don’t know, what do you look forward to as a Knicks fan?

The conversation needs to begin.

How long before Phil Jackson gets ordered by Dolan to coach the Knicks? Clyde may be nonchalant, but Jackson seems to be halfhearted thus far as Knicks president. Maybe this offseason he can convince some prime time players to come, but if not, I’d say both Jackson and Carmelo are on the hot seat.

I think Carmelo’s days in New York are numbered. He sucked in the all-star game though I know he was playing hurt. There are rumblings that he’s done for the season now. We shall see…

I think it is intersting to note that some reporters are claiming that Amar’e was run into the ground by Mike D’Antoni during his first year in New York.

Oh, and Steve Kerr: you were right about Amar’e.

I still hate you, Steve, smug-ass, lucky-ass Kerr. Mark Jackson, you got screwed.