Jackson Makes First Draft Selections as Knicks President: Three from the Second Round

Early results are the Knicks got an A for their draft night.

At pick 34: a 6’7″ small forward Cleanthony Early from Wichita State.

At pick 51: a guard named Giannis Antetokounmpo, or “greek freak’s brother.”

At pick 57: a euro big man project named Louis Labeyrie.

The only criticisms I’ve read thus far: the Knicks, after the Tyson Chandler trade, are all guards.

In a matter of days the roster seems to be more than 50 percent changed from last year.

I love how they reffered to Felton as the “worst point guard in the league,” ouch!

They also seemed to dismiss Tyson’s season as a regression. Phil said that Dalembert can bring what we lost with Tyson defensively.

I like how Phil Jackson said Dallas was happy and New York was happy, that both sides got what it wanted out of the trade.

I can’t imagine the starting five if Melo goes.

I know the 1 is Calderon, the five is Dalembert. Who could you start at shooting guard on this team? I’m thinking Tim Hardaway Jr., but everyone must first try out for the triangle system to see who flourishes.

Would be cool if Jackson could hire Pearl and Clyde as assistant coaches, obviously they already have jobs and probably don’t want to deal with spoiled brat NBA players of this generation, but obviously Jackson’s success is a glimmer of hope in the darkness of Madison Square Garden.

New York, being a fan of the Knicks, I’ve been criticized recently for rooting for Brooklyn in the playoffs that the Knicks didn’t qualify to participate in.

My wife is born and raised in Brooklyn, I know I hated the New Jersey Nets, hated Jason Kidd, but now that they’re in Brooklyn, I don’t think it is wrong to root for them if the Knicks are not involved.

Does it reflect on James Dolan that Jason Kidd left the franchise so rapidly?

the past / the present
Mike Woodson / Derek Fisher
Ray Felton / Jose Calderon
Tyson Chandler / Samuel Dalembert

So tempted to put Carmelo in the past column. Hopefully soon. I give up on him just like my season tickets.

So yeah, don’t hate the Nets as much now that they’re in Brooklyn, but I’m still a Knicks fan more than anything else. I’m most excited about the new coach, new president, new role players and hopefully new franchise players. Melo is a good scorer and nothing else in New York at this point.

Two wild memes I’ve encountered online in recent times:

Melo for Harden

Phil Jackson is thinking in the long term to go after Kevin Durant. He feels pretty confident he can get him in a Knicks uniform.

Could that be psychological warfare to get into the mind of Carmelo? To throw down the gauntlet and challenge him to stay and be better than the more liked, arguably more successful to this point, Durant?

Durant is really more exciting to me, and a better team player too. Melo is awesome at the jab step, shot fake combos, and occasional post up, but that’s about it. Durant is more of a freak about his way of dominating a basketball game.

The Knicks are in rebuild mode for the summer of 2014, and Knicks fans want to know what Phil Jackson is up to…

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10 thoughts on “Jackson Makes First Draft Selections as Knicks President: Three from the Second Round”

  1. do you think gasol wants to play with calderon, also from Spain?

    any chance the knicks can move stoudemire and/or andrea bargnani?

  2. I think Gasol is coming to Nyc weather Carmelo is there or not unless the Lakers offer him big money. I think he really likes to play for Phil and would be willing to take a big pay cut to resurrect his career

  3. Amare could get moved if teams are trying to get under the cap for next year, but thats what the knicks are trying to do so why would they move him unless the right player for Phils system is made available?

  4. Thanks Bilz for the heads up. I need to do a new post with the depth chart assuming Jackson doesn’t make any more off season moves.

    These were backup players we gave up for more backup players at the three spot.

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