Jackson Makes His First Move: Chandler and Felton sent to Mavs for Calderon, Dalembert, Shane Larkin, Wayne Ellington, and picks 34 and 51 in the second round

by knicksdefense on June 25, 2014

We’ve got a pulse!

This is the first Knicks news I’ve been excited about in a while.

Calderon is a crafty player I’ve admired for years, Dalembert, been wanting his shot-blocking on the Knicks for years.

Who are these guys?

Shane Larkin

Wayne Ellington

Sorry for the crude mix tape hip hop. Hip hop hasn’t been good in years. Innovation has slowed.

Back to the Knicks. These moves trim salary.

Melo is on the way out. I hear that Shumpert could be moved for a pick, but now that we seemingly have two second round draft picks, maybe he stays.

The most recent outrageous rumor with no basis in reality is the one started by stephen A. about Melo for Harden. That would be fine by me if it were to become reality the way that this Tyson Chandler trade now seems to be.

The summer is here. Time to take a deep breath and slow down. Go back to basics. Go to the museum or mall so I don’t have pay for air conditioning.

LeBron is opting out just like Melo but who cares. Only if he’d play in New York, which, no one is talking about right now.

Right now we are rebuilding, and we are not necessarily rebuilding around anyone. Which means go for versatility in acquiring new players. They have to fit the triangle offense that Jackson likes to run.

Would Jackson try to use Bargnani the way that he used Kucoc in Chicago? Assuming we are stuck with Bargnani, can Jackson get any use out if him?

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