Damn, where did the season go?

Work has been difficult, a change may be coming soon.

I’d like more time to write about the Knicks.

Right now it just feels good to be in better weather; just returned from the park; was shooting there for around 300 shots.

My shooting philosophy is mostly derived from Kenny “the Jet” smith:

seems, daylight follow through

is his mantra.

I do a slight modification:

seems, daylight extend and snap

as in full extention on the shot (the two-inch theory is under-utilized in basketball) and snap the wrist for optimal projection

Now I see where Trans Am gets their sound from.

I caught some heat for cheering for Brooklyn on Facebook. A fellow knicks fan objected. I say, if the Knicks aren’t in it, root for Brooklyn, especially when they are playing against LeBron James and the Miami Heat. Brooklyn doesn’t have much more than a puncher’s chance, so the underdog will have to do until November arrives with Phil Jackson and Steve Kerr trying to right the ship that hasn’t been sailing this 2014 NBA Playoffs.

Shame what happened to Mark Jaskson too.

Funny too see a veteran Tony Parker school a young talent like Lillard. I’m enjoying that series and the playoffs in general.

Just don’t want it to get too hot around here too quickly. Sick of the rain too.

Well Knicks people, who would you remove first from this roster? Whom would you try to work with that’s name isn’t Tim Hardaway? What are the top objectives of this offseason?

Should Knicks Defense renew their season tickets at the garden? Missing the playoffs and not having a lottery pick really stings to start the summer.

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