All is not lost: San Antonio Spurs (5-1) @ New York Knicks (2-3)

Prigioni was inserted in the starting lineup, and the turnovers came down; Tyson sat and Bargnani delivered with 25 points 8 rebounds and 5 blocks! The rebounding and defense of Tyson Chandler was missing,and Carmelo Anthony continued his good all-around play with 28 points 8 rebounds 6 assists 1 steal and 1 block.

Two of the Knicks’ losses on this early season came with last-second luck shots by the opposing team. A few free throws made and it could have been San Antonio Spurs (5-1) against the New York Knicks (4-1).

New York usually plays well against the Spurs.

Will Woodson continue with the simplistic “only play Stoudemire every other game, play K-Mart whenever I want to” schedule, or will each finally get some serious PT and as a result get their rhythm?

Also, will J.R. Smith make his season debut tomorrow?

Am I the only one that thinks the Knicks can win tomorrow?

Am I drinking the Bargnani cool aid?

I say, just for tomorrow, sit Shump (sorry PaulNoize–hey, good to see you on here!) in favor of Artest and let’s see what this team can do tomorrow against the Spurs.

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As loyal knicks fans for many years, we created this website because the NY Sports Media has become anything but fair and balanced about the New York Knicks.

34 thoughts on “All is not lost: San Antonio Spurs (5-1) @ New York Knicks (2-3)”

  1. Shumpert has been playing gamble happy non smart D….Ray has been playing lazy D…these are not the only issues evident from the early season slow start but they matter. Hopefully the team focuses and plays hard and smart at the same time.

    I was really annoyed that fans were chanting “fire Woodson” at Sundays game. I mean really the season isn’t even 10 games old. Who do they think is coming to the rescue? Haughty, phony Phil? , Jeff can’t coach offense Van Gundy ? Typical fan fantasy impetuousness. The best guy for the job is the guy who is not playing. I haven’t attended a game this year but have been attending games off and on since the 1992 season. IMHO the Garden has seen an increase of college type behavior at games. Silly chants, yelling out of rude,insensitive comments and generally immature behavior even from adults. It actually saddens me that MSG has been invaded by this type of behavior. Many say people pay lots of money so they can act they way they wish as long as they don’t violate any laws.

    I beg to differ. Would some of these same people yell obscenities and act out in such a way if their kids or parents were playing? Such behavior belies more than just not being happy with how the team or a player is playing. I am amazed with how many fans act as if this a fantasy team, with they way they suggest such rapid and constant changes. Very unrealistic.

    I for one am looking for renewed fire on Wednesday against the Hawks. LGK.

    KD enjoy the game

  2. they do tend to play better on the road. particularly bargs.
    could be related to boobirds.
    they’ve been there chanting ever since i’ve been there.
    the chants used to be more intelligent though.
    the most recent knicks rumor was shumpert for faried.
    time will tell.
    dolan supposedly doesn’t care for shump since the summer league when he bailed.

  3. Much better wire to wire effort last night. Oh yes they had their rough moments but they regrouped and got a win. Shumpert played lots smarter and with purpose. He definitely impacted the game for the Knicks in a good way although he didn’t shoot well.

    Bargs has been playing better on the road, last night was another example. But definitely good effort from him and he used his length. He actually isn’t a bad defender one on one, it’s on help D he has issues.

    So tonight they are back at it against Htown….hope they are up for it. We all know it’s still early but they need to start playing better and harder at home.

    I don’t know if any of you all heard or read it, but a couple of years ago, I remember a player saying it was known league-wide that a key to possible win at MSG, was to jump on the Knicks early and then boo-birds would come out, and then the Knicks would tense up and play even worse. So if the players know this why don’t the fans?..

    Besides some tough minded players….Reggie, Jordan, Garnett, Peirce, Bird, Stockton to name a few ….the booing against does bother them but rather emboldens them and fuels their competitive fire. Yet many fans boo those types too as if it’s gonna negatively impact that player somehow. Can’t always treat every situation the same.

    But for the weaker minded players, especially some of your own at home I doesn’t help to hear your home crowd boo.

    Well the Knicks are so guard heavy, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone from the backcourt got moved during the season. Faired reminds me of Dennis Rodman, max effort guy but little offensive talent…besides he doesn’t have the length of Rodman…

    Getting greedy want another win tonight. Knicks need to gang rebound and get back on D

  4. the refs didn’t help, but this game was lost in a c webber ncaa style when Melo made the decision to hack a shaq under 2:00. there were many bad calls, not surprised, goes well with the 2:00hr Knick haterade of Marv and Kerr. glad I was at the game in that respect. the knicks are struggling to find their identity, might as well make a trade now so that they don’t have to go through this process again.

    melo’s hustle was amazing.

    felton looks like shit most of the game.

    lin’s jumper did improve, the rumors are true.

    I was right, chandler parsons always dominates when he plays in the garden.

  5. Agreed. I choose not to watch game because of the TNT crew. So that said I didn’t see the game except for a few highlights. Hopefully the team finds away to turn the corner. Good thing that at least some of the rival teams are not blazing through their schedule either.

    You are right Felton doesn’t look right. I am thinking that his hamstring is bothering him a lot more than he has let on. His lateral movement seems hampered. If that’s true maybe he needs to sit out a bit and let Pablo, Beno, and Toure run things while he gets better.

    Andrea seems to now embracing the fact that he needs to be more selfish and aggressive. JR is certainly finding an odd way to pay back the Knicks loyalty to him and his brother. I mean I realize that JR may have gotten more elsewhere but these people put faith in you, Melo was right you gotta want to do it.

    Team needs to stay focused and take a tougher”not in our house ” attitude.
    LGK…KD hope you get to see a good game

  6. the knicks are not inspiring to write about.

    woodson should not have pulled tim hardaway for jr smith, he was the catalyst and should have been played down the stretch.

    what the hell is wrong with this team?

    Is melo upset that bargnani is playing well without ball hoggging it?

  7. Definitely appears as though team is fractured, and lacks on court leadership and someone who galvanizes them as Clyde would say. The team is not shooting well from 3 and that causes defenses to load up on Melo. There is very little post play, and that further limits the offense, and lastly they are not consistently driving to the hole and making something happen

    It’s actually sad to see. Besides in this media fishbowl, journalists are now taking advantage of the turmoil and spitting out names of potential coaches and that Melo is leaving, as if they really have a clue. One can only hope it gets better.

  8. Finally a game where the Knicks hit shots, and played hard,smart ball.
    KG is still an instigator.

  9. SaipanKnickster,

    I was at the garden last night, and was impressed by how rowdy and faithful the crowd was after just one win in BK.

    Would be great if Tyson came back and our forwards figured out how to get along on the court: Melo, Tyson and Bargs. Tim Hardaway Jr. looks so promising, I’d like for his d to evolve as his jump shot has been steady lately.

    A healthy felton can be a difference maker.

    Melo must continue to move the ball. Forget about leading the league in scoring, we need a championship, the fans are starving.

    the players should be doing anything and everything to secure the win.

    tyson’s injury could be a blessing in disguise, shouldn’t rely on Tyson so much for d and rebounds.

    its a team game.

    just bloggin’

  10. Thus far..this has been a tough many injuries…KD you are right THJr looks legit

    I hope during this time off, Felton is getting right…

    Most nights what this team appears to be missing is a healthy floor general

  11. Great quality win last night against San Antonio. Murry looks good in his backup role and it seems as though his confidence is growing. He really plays hard on D.

    It would really nice if they could get another win in H town against the Rockets.

  12. are we turning the corner?

    the past two games indicate Shumpert is back and so are the knicks.

    Time will tell, but the body langauge looks more confident now.

  13. Yes agreed Shumps body language looks much much better. His play on the court is has been better than solid too! it’s been on both ends of the court too!!

    the team has been lacking a consistent 2nd scorer all season long so far. This bump in shump’s play is very encouraging.

    Hopefully you are right and they have turned the corner. I will state the obvious and say they need to start winning at home.

  14. Last nights game was one that probably would have ended in a loss a short while ago. As the saying goes they kinda relaxed and let their foot off the gas and then sorta tightened up. but I am very glad they pulled out the win!!!

    KMart stepped up again in Chandlers absence…I hope THJr works on his handle this summer and his D…He shows lots of promise. I hope whatever is going on with Beno’s knee is not serious. The team is constantly getting visits from the injury bug this season. MWP toughness will help when he gets back in uniform. I like that he plays hard all the time.

    On to the next one

  15. KD… Regarding something you said about Chandlers injury being a blessing in disguise may apply to Felton as well…he seems to observed very closely while was out and saw what the team needed and was missing

    He is doing a great job these last two games…hope it continues
    Looking for a win tonite against Philly

  16. SaipanKnickster,

    Fetlon hopefully can continue his recent good play. had 14 assists the other night. I like Murray too, seems to be a keeper off the bench with some pizazz.

    Watching the Philly game right now. how ironic that dolan’s empire needs rival Comcast to broadcast from Philly.

    As far as the basketball being played, excited to see Amar’e get four dunks in a half, don’t give a shit what JR does, though that seems to be the story of the night.

    Seems like a different played is being featured each night. Now that JR is hot, will Shumpert

    Not really a fan of JR anymore, too erratic (makes Starks look like Moses Malone) and will probably never grow up and be a professional. no doubt he can do things athletically that put him in the top 1% in the league, but we need soldiers right now. JR is in his own world. He’s mentally a little kid.

  17. Agree with you re: JR…THJR appears to be a keeper and Shump when his head is on right plays great D without the drama.

    Yes nice to see Stat attack the rim like that. I actually thought like you that the media made too much of the JR situation from his benching to the shoelaces and his brother being let go. I mean life is not perfect but Chris will get paid for the whole season…I think 400K…

    I also will be excited to see Pablo, Tyson, MWP, and Beno back in the lineup.
    I feel as though Beno’s time as the lead point guard he played better with the knowledge that he was the man at the point. MWP’s grit and guile will be needed as we make a push to move up in the standings. Pablo seems to settle the team down on O and he gets his teammates good clean looks.

    Go tonite VS PHX…enjoy the game

  18. Health has been an issue all year long. Perhaps some guys didn’t come to camp in shape as well.

  19. Still haven’t got enough inspiration to write a new post. Dolan has cursed this team we should still have Donnie or even Glen. Very sad that he thinks he understands basketball when he has no history with the sport, no clue what he is doing.

  20. 62 yesterday…

    what’s he going to do today against a lakers team with all star players injured and head coach the mike _’Antoni?

  21. Knicks should target Glen Davis(got a buyout today). Also if Granger gets a buyout they should try and get him for the rest of the year. Hey a guy can dream can’t he?

  22. sad they couldn’t get something back for shump.

    well, id rather move jr than shump anyway.

    too bad the knicks have no gm, just a jackass owner.

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