The new season tickets are vertical, the bridges were installed horizontally on both sides of the court, and the new perception of the Knicks: jump shooters no more

First things first, we got our new tickets. Blurred deliberately to prevent theft, they are now printed vertically, in years past they were horizontal.










Who didn’t make the season ticket book? K Mart, Tim Hardaway Jr., Udrich, and the rest of the guys trying to fight for a roster spot: Aldrich, Jeremey Tyler, ect.

The Madison Square Garden bridge photos are from Knicks Fix, Mr. Hahn took them I believe. We will get first hand pics on the 25th when the first preseason game is at at home.




I would be surprised if they didn’t have to move the banners of retired player numbers to accomplish this extra way to make money. The Garden officials claim sight lines of the courts is unobstructed, however the sight lines of the iconic ceiling must have been obstructed. TVs have been mounted to the back of the bridge for the extremely far back seats. I wonder what the pricing is for this bridge seating. I’m not a fan right now but maybe that will change.

Lastly, the preseason has been disappointing after the first game which was lovely.

Bargnani is proving he can’t be a #1 option, with Woodson sitting all of the good players and letting Bargs and Shumpert trying to help the young cats struggling for a roster spot as the cut deadline looms. I like Diogu, Powell and Aldrich. Tyler can be stashed in the d-league hopefully.

Well, we’ll be full speed in less than two weeks. How do you feel about the New New York Knicks?

Perception is this team lost its ability to shoot from outside. Did we gain anything defensively? I think so, MWP will be contagious to Melo and hopefully Bargs. I think the Knicks should continue to start Prigioni with Felton and sit Shump, JR and Tim Hardaway for one reason only: reduce turnovers.

That was Woodson’s philosophy last year and it worked.

Hopefully tyson doesn’t let this happen this year:



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9 thoughts on “The new season tickets are vertical, the bridges were installed horizontally on both sides of the court, and the new perception of the Knicks: jump shooters no more”

  1. Yes the new MSG probably has it’s pluses and minuses. If get to see it I would be happy. Normally I get part of a package with some friends, but the renewal request just came at a bad time, so I didn’t join in this year.

    The team did look a lot rougher, during the last few games. Hopefully once Bargnani plays himself into shape, he will become more aggressive. He simply needs to be. As far as threes maybe not quite as many this year but hopefully the shot quality will go up.

    It seems they will be better on D.the manner in which they apply the pressure D at times can be very devastating and a good tool. We will probably learn more about the true nature of this squad in the last two games. Enjoy tonites run

  2. The teams depth and versatility showed tonight. Murry may stick, the benefit he brings is that he can play 1,2 and perhaps some 3…His D is good, as well as his ability to find seams on O. He would be a nice end of the bench…break glass in case of emergency guy. I could be wrong but my gut tells me that Woodson likes Powell, because of his hustle and energy on D. He is not much of a scorer and clearly does not have the inside game or jumper like Diogu.

    My latest picks to stick are Tyler, Murry and Powell. With Diogu as my alternative.

  3. Another thing that has recently ticked me off about the NyC sports media and some national ones too. Many expressed shock and pity for Dolan’s recent move re Grunwald. Yet many of the same scribes attacked and criticized his last BIG move ,Andrea …it’s actually ludicrous how so many thought he overpaid for the former Raptor, as well as Camby last year, but the expressed how he was done wrong. I mean don’t get me wrong, Glen seemed to be at least a capable GM if not more. But how is it that a executive who made such recent missteps(according to the media and which they had no problem highlighting how he had done so.) , now feel he was wronged in such a what have you done for me lately type of business.

    As Aresenio used to say things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmm. Lastly I also recall that the NY media also made a big deal about how Lebron’s crew of 2010, was underwhelmed by Donnie in his walker and wheel chair and how many of today’s pros identify more with the players from MJ, Magic and Zekes generation. Yet they are so surprised that Dolan made the Mills move. Only one NY writer put to paper how Mills was recognized and praised by Stern as a leader of men, a people person and a skilled and sharp networker.

    . I am not saying that Dolan definitely made the right move. But here it seems only one writer took the time to write the story behind the story, rather than just go for the headline grabber. just my 2 centavos

  4. Interesting post today on Poasting and Toasting about the NYKs options on stashing a player on the D league. Leslie, Aldrich maybe?. 3 more preseason outings to see what’s what. I don’t plan on going to any Nets games and you?

  5. I like the point guard Murry. Wearing Q’s #. Clyde is sold on Powell, where is he then? I like Leslie.

    Tyson’s defense looks as bad as it did during the Indiana series, maybe Tyson’s performance in that series cost Grunwald his job.

    Not too impressed with the Knicks this preseason. the honeymoon is over with Bargs. Artest is not that much of a factor yet. Where the hell is Felton?

    Hope the injection of JR Smith and Amar’e brings new life to this dead looking team.

    I’m going on friday and I expect Dolan’s bridges to fuck with our view, either of the court or of the iconic ceiling/jumbotron.

  6. Hey there KD & Saipan! Amped to get the season rolling….

    Disagree with you on Shumpert, I would start him at SG and give him 30mpg right from jump street. I think he is being mismanaged by playing out of position and off the bench.


  7. Paul Noize… Thanks for the shout…Let one slip away the other night… But I like the way they competed and came back from the deficit. Hopefully it’s a building block, for battling in tough games, and convincing to the NYK that they can play tough D…Shumpert does look primed for a standout type season…

    The Timberwolves will be tough. But hopefully the Knicks play hard, smart D and rebound the ball with urgency !!

  8. Hey guys,

    That’s two we let slip away.

    The turnovers are sloppy.

    The offense is stagnant. We need JR back.

    I like Tyson’s hustle thus far, same with Melo.

    But the ball doesn’t move, it doesn’t seem we have any good plays.

    Bigger teams will feast on the knicks.

    We have all season to figure it out but perhaps the roster isn’t finalized.

  9. both losses were punctuated with hail-mary luck shots, but by reducing turnovers and making free throws we won’t put ourselves in that type of position to lose game we should win.

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