Knickstape: The recently injured: Amar’e Stoudemire, Iman Shumpert and J.R. Smith

Shout out to the original Knicks fan, SaipanKnickster.

In my conversations with knicks fans in New York City, I would have to notice a deep lack of trust in Amar’e Stoudemire and a over-estimate point of view in Iman Shumpert.

One has proved quite a bit in this league, while the other is still proving himself despite being an exciting player during his rookie year, and a few times, this past season during which time he recovered from knee surgery.

Amar’e stoudemire is often criticized for his large, untradeable, uninsured contract, but if he can be a factor this season all will be forgiven.

The player that often dazzled last season who is now recovering from a knee procedure once called “degenerative” by Knicks officials during this off-season.

Smith, Stoudemire and Shumpert, all their games are predicated on having athletic advantages over their opponents. Can they regain their form this season, or will they need to modify their game to make up for any lost athleticism? Amar’e has already worked with Hakeem, Amar’e needs to work on staying healthy all season and regaining the trust of his team and his coach. Shumpert is young enough to regain his rookie form and Smith could once again be the x-factor the this Knicks basketball team. If he plays well at the right time, JR could help the Knicks advance past Indiana or Miami.

All summer long, it seems, the pundits have penciled in Chicago near the top of the power rankings with Derrick Rose nearing his return from knee injury. Doesn’t anyone want to wait to see what kind of Derrick Rose emerges first before handing Chicago the eastern conference title? I for one think they should be ranked 5th, not the Knicks as is usually the case.

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As loyal knicks fans for many years, we created this website because the NY Sports Media has become anything but fair and balanced about the New York Knicks.

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  1. KD. Good eve…thanks for the acknowledgement…a pleasure to be here!!!!

    Yes I too find it funny that the pundits and the media is picking the Nets to be so great and the Bulls as well. Of course those teams have talent on paper, but the games must be played. Correctly you state that DRose is an unknown quantity after coming back from surgery. Most athletic type ballets that suffer the type of injury he has, take awhile to regain their form and to trust their repaired knee. We don’t even know if he will have the same explosion and quickness. I mean look at how long it took Shump to really trust his body. However the media is giving Chicago kudos already…As for the Nets their is no doubt that the added players have talent and experience….yet they looked tired and worn out in last years playoffs…very very tired. Pierce probably should be playing starters minutes any more and his legs looked awfully heavy at the end of the season. KG has lots of miles on his bones and although he is a gamer, there are times that the spirit is willing but the body is weak. After another long 82 game season how much will he have left?… AK 47 is long in the tooth as well. However when the NYK put together a heavily veteran squad last year, many made jokes of their age….hmmmmm. Double standard here?

    Amare is a fighter and has constantly overcome adversity on the court and off. He’s not done yet and I say the pundits are wrong to count him out. He will rise.

    JR is young and will heal well. He has something to prove and will be more mature and show more growth building upon last year. I’m looking for good things from him too! Having other scorers on the floor with him, will help him also. He will probably have time to work on his shot before he is cleared to do other on court work. While he is out he will also have an opportunity to analyze, critique and adjust his game.

    As I expressed yesterday, Shump is ready for a breakout…and he won’t disappoint.

    I realize many will say my view is too rosy and Pollyannish, but this team is mature and has many players that have had individual success and are ready to fight for something special. We must recall how last years team overcame a lot to still do well, despite adversity. I think this years squad will suprise and exceed the average man’s expectations as well. That’s what I see.

    Happy Friday

  2. Wow… Awesome … hadn’t seen em before…,Thanks for sharing… Great compilation… Didn’t know Melo was putting it down on players faces like that when he was in Denver….I remember being at that NYK vs Bulls game during which he hit those threes….it was just cold how he did it….He is a straight up assassin when on.

    Also during that game, I remember Shump putting a lot of heat on DRose defensively. Forced him into a lot of uncomfortable shots. Besides you could see he was relishing the challenge and was pumping himself up.

    As far as expectations, Shump impresses as a student of the game. He was around a lot of veterans last year that helped him grow….Kurty, Camby, Kidd, Sheed, Pablo….as well as D Walker the coach…. Those are crafty players who enhanced their physical talents wit guile and on court smarts. One could see those lessons learned manifesting itself on the hardwood. I merely see Shump growing in that and also applying his own critique of his shortcomings last year. Lastly he is gonna be more confident in himself because he trusts his body more now, and he worked on wrinkles and strengths this summer. Those factors plus his tough mindset, is what I see as a formula for success.

    Seeing the Melo NBA top 10 was eye-opening,really liked that whipped pass to Nene as well.

  3. I wish the media would stop asking the Knicks and Nets players to comment on the rivalry and yada ya…. The media I understand is looking for sound bites and quotes to put in articles but it’s a little school yardish if you ask me. Besides most of the Nets have played in NY for one, two seasons or less, so what they know about this city and a rivalry….down right ridiculous and definitely not worth a read or listen.

    How about some real news, rather than he said, he said nonsense… Can I get an amen?

    Ray Felton had said guys would start filing in to get some run going and carmraderie started up the Westchester training facility….Sounds like a nice plan… Hope it is effective

    Have a good start to your week

  4. Probably the reason why Toure Murry will get a look in camp, because when JR is physically ready he will still have to sit out those five games. Murry’s O is not as polished as JR’s but he is very good on D and plays passing lanes extremely well.

    I wonder how the staff and front office will handle Tyler being out for approx. two months? Will they want to release him or will he get a real opportunity when he comes back? What do you all think?… Lastly do you think they will sign another 5 man and who will it be?

  5. How many teams with championship aspirations have players get busted for drugs prior to the season starting? Is JR serious? Is he ever serious?


  6. Hopefully he will learn and grow from this…..his history might say no…but I am hoping…but Really JR happiness and contentment don’t come in a bottle or rolled up….you are somebody so act like it

  7. More NY media style Debby Downerism this time espoused by the Times.
    As if they really know how good the Knicks will be….they underestimated the knicks in my opinion and overestimated the Pacers…and the Nets are quite talented on paper, but they are old and need to play a few games before we know what they have…

    Many talk about what others lacked in the Playoffs , like the Celtics and Rondo, or the Pacers and Granger. The Knicks had a hobbled JR, Tyson, Melo and a not yet acclimated Amare. Not to mention Kidd’s struggles or missing Sheed. Many in the media write their articles or espouse their opinions as if the Knicks were whole at the end of the season.

  8. saipanknickster, do you think amar’e will make significant contributions this year? many in nyc have written him off, don’t even want to talk about him as far as I can tell.

    I was a huge fan, still root for him of course, but remember when we had allan houston, but we knew we didn’t really HAVE allan houston, close to the beginning of the isiah regime?

    when is training camp, i’m ready for some nba action already….

  9. I think Amare will be surprisingly good in limited minutes. The Knicks should probably make him the go-to guy when he is on the floor. Why? One might ask…. Firstly he’s no scrub, and he is a fighter. I am confident that he is aware the his athleticism may have diminished some, but when he was not injured, he was very sharp on O and tried hard on D. I think even his pursuit of rebounds was better than in the past. It was patently clear to me that he learned a lot about footwork and positioning from Hakeem.

    Many nights Amare showed this newly acquired skill and deftness with his array of spin moves and his new baby hook. He showed an enhanced ability to draw fouls. Amare has always been a good or better free throw shooter. He may lack some of the explosion he once had but frankly I think he is more versatile on O. He has always been a hard worker and in great shape. He as shown drive and the continuing ability to overcome obstacles and injuries, throughout his career. It is evident that it bothers him that he has more recently become an afterthought. I see him as trying and succeeding in proving the prognosticators and doubters wrong. Very wrong!!

    Even on D his effort seemed to be approved, not always in the right position but the effort was there. It seems he also aware that D is also where critics knock him. He most likely will try harder. He wants to prove himself, and is prideful. He loves and thrives on the big stage, and often increased his productivity in the playoffs. Another year with 3 point guards (well first with Beno) will help as far as familiarity. I also think Beno’s tight handle and midrange game will create space and opportunities for Amare. Remember how reluctant JKidd was to shoot, when his stroke went south?… That lasted a looooooooonnnnng while, and affected spacing.

    Lastly I think him resting up and the decision for him not to go too hard this summer, will leave him with more in the tank come seasons end. In the past he probably went too hard in the summer, with his knee issues and age it’s time to save and pace himself. Not a bad idea !!! It’s a decision that will likely pay high dividends.

    KD I hope that explains while I feel the way I do.

  10. Charles , James dad owns the Knicks… I think he lets his son run things though. I hope Houston becomes a good or great GM or personnel guy. They are certainly grooming him for it. I have always liked Allan. Glen is doing well for now… And the most important thing it seems that the fron office has learned the true benefits in delegating authority, rather trying to make one or two wear all the hats.

  11. Metta World Peace says he is fine with a possible reserve role on the New York Knicks this season, if Mike Woodson believes that would be best for the team.

    “I mean, I came off the bench when I was in Houston, they tried it. I had to start later because I had to get us out of the first round. And then I came off the bench when I was in L.A. and they tried it and then I had to start,” World Peace said. “So I don’t have an issue with coming off the bench. I’ve been starting for 15 years, so hey, it should be somebody else’s chance to start.

    “I’ve been starting for 15 years. I could’ve went to any other team I wanted to and started. I got calls from Oklahoma (City) and the Clippers, all these teams, but I came here and it wasn’t to start, it was to win a ring.”

    World Peace started 66 of 75 games played last season.

  12. Nice team first attitude by MWP… I like that. I think his selflessness and energy will be contagious and add to the team. Defensively he is so versatile and can guard many types of players and positions. He can create his own shot too!

  13. Many of these NYC beat writers seem to not wanna get over the fact that James Dolan can make his own decisions wether they agree with those decisions or like the choices made. It is his team to run and he obviously is not seeking opinions from the public or media. So that in my mind makes it a dead issue. The obsession with re-hashing his decisions over and over in the print media is getting boring and annoying to me. Sounds personal and irrational.

    Seems like it is personal because the media acts as if they don’t wanna let it go. I could be wrong but it is almost as if it’s connected to the fact that JD doesn’t regularly address the media. Heck as we all know, he rarely addresses the media. But again it’s his team he can do what he wants. I am aware that not long after JD started calling shots(during the JVG era) he instituted a media policy. Said policy seemed to not hold the media in high regard. It’s also my understanding that players and staff were taught and advised to be guarded and limited in what one says to the media. I don’t see anything wrong with any of that. The NYC media needs to accept the fact that it’s not the NYK role to make the media’s job easier.

    We all see how the media loves and eats up those ridiculous and somewhat baseless quotes from players. I get it they are trying to drum up readership. Yet in their zealotry they too can make mistakes and be way off base. Come to think of it, as a fan I am interested in how the team is doing on the court, and who are the new or possible additions to the roster. What doesn’t intrigue me in the least is who doesn’t like who, who dissed who, and stuff like that. My interest as a fan isn’t the soap opera factor. I am into the game. We all are aware that some grown that work together don’t get along, that’s life not basketball. The people who are mature enough get beyond that and do what they gotta do(see Jordan era Bulls). Now I will seek to point to specific missteps by the media. Thereby showing why I for one am not always buying what they are selling.

    A few years ago, Charlie Ward and Allan Houston were vilified in the media because, in the context of Knicks bible study, one stated that the Jews killed Jesus. Firstly if one follows and believes the bible( as was clear that Ward and Houston did), that statement is true. However NYC and it’s surrounding environs having a large Jewish population that statement for some was deemed anti-Semitic and unacceptable. I personally attended NYK games during this time and both players were booed due to this statement and belief being attributed to them both. I don’t feel that the statement was an attack on Jews or their culture. Yet due to how it was portrayed in the media and also how some can be directed into a mob mentality with a limited set of facts, it’s not hard to see why the Knick duo was ostracized.

    Prior that era, when Starks was still a NYK star, he was in the midst of a horrid shooting slump. A NY Post writer contacted Starks’s grandmother to see if she had insight she wished to share as to why Starks stroke was off. Why this writer thought such an article was relevant and more so appropriate is baffling. Should have his grandmother(the writer’s) been reached out to, to see why her offspring would write such a silly and invasive article? If one recalls this incident John did not take this move to smoothly, and he actually went at the writer. However the article and it’s premise may have been novel, but it was ridiculously over the top.

    Micheal Kay has encouraged Knick fans to go to the Garden and boo. That’s right a grown man encouraging other adults to do, but it gets worse. This was towards the end of the Isiash tenure( yeah I know he gets very little love from many around NYC) but Kay told fans they should go to MSG and boo, to show JD how they despised Isiah and wanted him gone. Kay forgot or neglected to tell his listeners how little the MSG owners make off ticket sales compared to licensing and other deals. In other words the fact that some fans didn’t like Isiah, just really failed to effect the bottom line at MSG in a major way. However what I can’t get over is how a grown man who works in hot-one- minute cold the next business, could publicly advocate for the firing of another man who works in a business that is almost the same as far as the next big thing. I mean neither were hired to serve the public good, they are merely employees at someone’s whim. I have even heard Kay refer to himself as an expert. Hmmmmm i guess being a beat writer and a Yankees play by play guy is all it takes. Perhaps the most serious basketball he’s ever played is in some Rec. League. Much less he has no experience in running a franchise. I also heard Kay say that he didn’t like Patrick Ewing, because Ewing was not very verbal and wasn’t a good interview. This reference was from Kay’s Daily News days. Any Knick fan that followed Ewing during his heyday knew that as far as quotes Ewing often spouted lots of cliches and one liners, as for reasons why the team was or wasn’t successful on a given night. Few would probably doubt that despite his shortcomings (we all have them) Ewing as a player left it all it on the court every night, hurt or not. Realistically as a post game interview type that’s just who Ewing chose to be at that time of his life. But for Kay to not like someone merely because of those reasons, shameful. Looks like the old he didn’t make my job easy reason again. Petty, childish, and infantile….nuff said.

    Lastly he made some (negative) comments about Halle Berry in relation to David Justice, I have no doubt that what ever he gleaned was from Justice himself, or another member of the Yankee organization. However true or not does it give him the absolute right to publicly trash the reputation of someone like that. Besides this statement he made was in the last 12 months, and how long ago was that Justice and Halle dated?

    Mike Lupica often uses that tried and tried again NY sports media formula of drudging up some old long retired player, to rubber stamp his point. Charles Barkley is often his go to guy on NBA type matters. Now we all know that Barkley was a extremely talented as skilled scorer/rebounder, yet he was not known for his defense or for being in optimal shape( don’t believe me then ask Scotty Pippen) during his playing days. But Barkley of course regularly bashes today’s players for not working hard enough or for being too limited in their skill set. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

    Frank Isola of the Daily News uses this same bring out the old vet for his opinion also. Although I am sure he would argue to death that he is a purely a biased reporter and doesn’t hate on the Knicks, the evidence points to the contrary. First of all he penned an article that re-hashed the feud that he feels JD has against him. Maybe JD does, but it’s been years Frank let it go. But no he doesn’t, he regularly writes stories about Isiah’s link to JD or his outright return. He also uses a Charles for his anti-Knick articles. Yes Oakley. Frank get over with and go see a therapist. LIG man!

    This summer the NYC basketball media dazzled us with many original(not) articles on this so called Nets, Knicks feud. However if the media never challenged these players with the junior high school rivalry type questions, we would not be bored with the same juvenile us against them type answers. Yeah the media thinks it’s wise to seek answer about NYC basketball from Prince Paul Pierce. Yep that guy who was reared in LA, went to college at Kansas, and played his entire career(up til now) in Boston. How’s that for a NYC hoops know it all. Please. Same for Jason Terry ,KG and Deron. What about some real in depth intros to the new players for both local teams, and insight as to other potential targets of both squads. But no silliness and the re telling of Jerry Springeresque drama often passes for journalism.

    I too was a victim of the media agenda at least once. Several years ago I worked on a small island, and I was interviewed buy the media. The person doing the questioning clearly already had a theory for their story. Although I very clearly de-bunked that theory, guess what was on the evening news? Yup you guessed it the juicy(not very) theory!!! I know most members of the media do it for a living, but if the business entity that owns the paper or the for profit website does not make money, guess what ….you will soon be without a job. So when it all boils down we see the great motivator here. Cash. I guess the love of money IS the root of all evil. Yeah I said it. Peace

  14. A case in point as to my statement that the media doesn’t know everything. The last few days there were several articles speculating on Woodson’s tenure, and somehow concluded that his stay in NYC is more tenuous now that Grunwald is not the lead guy anymore. There were also comments about being a lame duck and all. Well, well and what do we see today articles telling us that Woody’s option for 2014-15 has been picked up.

    As we know he could still be let go before his contract expires, but here the media has cried wolf too early again. All on speculation disguised as fact. Another day in the naked city.

  15. Another sterling example of terrible and speculative journalism is displayed in the NYDN article that suggests that Steve Mills may hire someone and the ubiquitous name of Isiah is thrown out there. Shameful and typical. SMH.

  16. Well, Saipanknickster, speculative because they don’t want to share anything with the media, and a recent example of this is the amar’e “secret surgery” of july, just released a few days ago.

    First and foremost I am a fan, and not a hater. I just don’t think Dolan is at all logical in any of the decisions he forces his GM’s to take. Signing on for that job is like being his bitch. No matter what basketball acumen you have, what decisions you want to make, you are handcuffed by his poor vision and lack of basketball IQ. I do agree with the media’s perception that the knicks are a toy given from charles to james to do whatever he wants to but as a fan that type of shit is hard to swallow.

    Why Mills? What the fuck did Mills ever do?

    Just because Mills was a candidate to replace Billy Hunter, suddenly we’re getting LeBron because Mills is here? …Because of what reason?

    It seems to me Dolan has tunnel vision, or lack of vision, or lack of common sense.

    On the other hand I can maybe see frustration with Grunwald about the JR Smith resigning/injury. Perhaps the Bargnani trade although I believe the jury is still out on that one and we weren’t going to miss any of the pieces we parted with.

    …Is Grunwald being partially blamed for the Amar’e deal? Guilt by association with Walsh?

    …maybe the way Tyson got destroyed by the Pacers, some blame on Grunwald was justified?

    Anyway, can’t get into anyone’s head.

    The knicks. yeah. We’ll see. Predictions for the season win total, SaipanKnickster?

    I’m going to say 53 max, if everyone stays healthy. Obviously we’re not healthy right now with Smith an Stoudemire big question marks. 48 wins minimum if health is not a concern.

  17. Fifty one wins and perhaps as high as fifty six. Depth , balance and versatility appears to be our friend this year. As you say if injuries become a problem then 45. I just have a feeling that this team is gonna be hungry and sneaky good.

  18. As far as Dolan it’s his team to run and I can’t get caught up in what’s going in his head. It would be futile. I am just simply tired of the NYC speculation, drama driven media style, I find very juvenile and insulting. I have my own mind and I find that the beat writers that are into all this speculation are driven by some agenda. I just find it boring and decide to stay away from it

    If I were a player or an owner here I would be tight lipped too. Ahhh but the night and morning air is getting crisp and the leaves are starting to fall. Time for some Knicks bball …let’s go nyk

  19. Nice pics… KD who do you think makes the Knick roster? My guess is Aldrich, Douglas-Roberts, and Diogu…and Powell as my alternative. I think they will put Tyler on layaway. I like Murry too but the PG types as well as shooting guard will be deep. Also factor in that Woodson could play a 2 PGs together on occasion. I know as of today it appears he is gonna give a more traditional lineup a try. Meaning Tyson,Bargnani, Melo, Shump and Felton.

    Hope all is well, have a great Sunday eve and start to your week!!!

  20. I am curious to see how Bargnani comes out the gates.

    MWP will definitely play good d at the three, if you start:

    Prig, Felton, MWP, Melo, Tyson, but I suppose that’s too small a lineup?

    Don’t know enough about Aldrich, I know Douglas-Roberts only from his college years. Diogu, is he too short?

    Agreed we need another big. I can see Kenyon, Amar’e, Tyson missing games this year, hopefully a negligable amount. I don’t know if Tyson has ever played 82 in his career. There is a bad pic out there of hibbert destroying Tyson. I think I saved it somewhere…

  21. My picks were based on team needs, and options. I seriously don’t know a lot about these guys either. Aldrich is 6 10 and like 245. He would be the only true banger rebounding,defensive type behind Tyson…my thing is what if Tyson unfortunately went down for a decent stretch, he at least could try and fill those shoes in a similar way.

    The Diogu choice was because the Amare uncertainty and the Martin” let’s go easy on him plan “. At least then their would be another physically, banger type in the wings. He could potentially help against some rivals like the Pacers, Bulls, and Miami if pressed into service. Or if they just decide to rest someone for few games, and the worst is if someone goes down. But MWP could play 4 against just about anybody too.

    Lastly I selected CDR because he probably can play 2 positions 2, and 3, and is a scorer and can kinda create his own shot. Again in case of a serious injury to Melo, JR ,or Shump he provides another veteran option.

    As far as the starters many of the writers as saying that Woody is leaning towards Melo, Tyson, Bargs,Felton, Shump. Woody also alluded to as much with comments on Sunday. I think he likes traditional lineups, it’s just that last year he was forced to go unconventional when Amare went down in camp. If Amare hadn’t gone down he ( I think) woulda stuck with Amare at the 4 as a starter. Bargs or Amare just makes it tougher for opposing defenses to focus on Melo. A second definite scoring option, helps too. I think it will also free things up for the others as well, because defenses may have to pay if they don’t play straight up and you know with Melo they don’t want to. That is what made Indiana look so good.

    Tyson, I am glad he manned up and admitted his contribution to last seasons exit. However him not being healthy was not mentioned nearly enough when you heard or read about the defeat. In the past Hibbert didn’t usually outplay him. Very few talked about that. If we had a healthy Tyson in that series….I am not saying we definitely win…but that series is way way different then. I also like his plan to add some offensive moves. Shows maturity and growth. I hope it helps, I think it can

  22. I could be very wrong, but I think Amare is doing better than he and he team are letting on based on a video I saw with Amare in it, he seemed to be moving well.

    This will be interesting to see play out.

  23. Looking forward to seeing the team play tonite…I am sure the top players wont get a lot of burn but, an opportunity to see guys that are on the fringe and fighting for a spot would be fun. Guys I’m wanting to see Murry, CDR, Aldrich, Diogu, Chris Smith, Shump, MWP, and Powell
    I heard Woodson speak last night, and I think Aldrich is definitely on the team barring injury.

    Be well

  24. Seems to be a battle between shump and tim hardaway for that starting two spot. both are nice in the preseason.

    I see they want to play high low with bargs on the wing and melo posting up. good entry passes by both.

    where do new yorkers go drink and watch during away games?


  25. THJR is looking good…. Nice stroke on his J and seems to have court smarts.

    Nice effort by the main guys in Fridays run vs Toronto… The end of the bench crew lost the game at the end… but that’s not surprising.

    It will be nice to see some of the other guys trying to make the team, on the court for extended run. Also some guys will get rest too. A different approach than last year. The fact that this years roster has more youth, will serve the team better in the long run. Perhaps CDR will see some run.

    My three(gonna go with 3 plus an alternate) two make the team prediction has changed, Josh Powell(plays hard and is active …can guard some 3s too and realizes how important it is to protect paint…more versatile than Diogu),Aldrich(had him included before) and Tyler or Murry. I think the backcourt is really stacked, thus all the bigs..also it gives the team more fouls up front and options if Amare or KMart go down, and Tyler is very young skilled,athletic, active big with upside.

    I have left CJ Leslie off of both of my lists because, he seems to not always leave it all on the floor. As a young player that doesn’t come into the league with a known, and recognized high level strength like scoring, passing, or lock down D, one needs to be very versatile and have an adaptable skill set, and play impactful ball. His approach to the game reminds me of Bill Walker, lots of skill but doesn’t use to the utmost most of the time and in all aspects of his game. Just have not seen that from him yet in decent sized doses. Maybe he has shown it in practice and/or camp. I guess we will see. Irregardless CJ does seem to have talent.

    Only added in Murry as an alternative because Woodson likes him (probably the hounding D) and he is versatile as well can play 1 in spots the 2 and played the 3 in college. As far as defensively he can guard 1-3. Keeping him gives the team an in house option if we experience major backcourt injuries, and like Tyler he is still young and seems coachable.

    LGK in New Hampshire, including the young ones and hopefuls.

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