Shumpert Could Lose His Starting Job? Hear Shump Rap About Woodson, Melo and Kendrick Lamar

by knicksdefense on August 14, 2013

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Knicks head coach Mike Woodson was recently interviewed as saying the only three definite starters for the Knicks in November are Raymond Felton, Tyson Chandler and Carmelo Anthony.

That means, depending on training camp production and chemistry, Shumpert could loose his starting job to either J.R. Smith or rookie Tim Hardaway, Jr. in October.

In the rap song by Iman Shumpert linked below:

a) Shumpert refers to Melo as 007.

b) Shumpert hopes the Knicks spend on him so he can keep the same jersey he came into the league on.

c) metions Kevin Johnson’s game

d) all of the above

Sounds to me like he is asking for respect. Asking GrunDolan for respect?? They don’t ‘spect. Stephen A. Smith wants to say it so badly but he is being as polite as he can about it: Grundolan don’t respect.

Shump looked like he was earning it for a while during his rookie year and sporadically during the playoffs this past year during his shortened sophomore campaign.

The Knicks need Iman Shumpert to step up his game this season. They’ve got J.R. Smith coming off of a degenerative lateral miniscus surgery, and the Rookie Tim Hardaway Jr. is also hungry to make a name for himself in the league.

Let’s face it, Shumpert is a two on this team, particularly now that Metta World Peace is here. Unless Metta is defending the center, you know Melo will be in there at the four, so Metta at the three, leaving shumpert on the perimeter to defend.

It definitely feels like some sneaky shit might be happening right now with Shumpert though. I should say Mr. Dolan. Perhaps the media is trying to create this story, but now in Shumpert’s rap you can hear his admiration for Woodson and Melo, how he wants to stay with the team.

Yet there was mild drama with the summer league stuff. David Lee and Nate Robinson never had problems playing summer league going into their third year. Shumpert, don’t know if he was forced, but he played like he didn’t care in that one summer league. That wasn’t the shumpert we saw in game 6 of the pacers series:

Last Game of the Season

And by the way, did Mike Woodson not play Chris Copeland enough during the Pacers series? Seriously, I want to know what you think.

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Ah, nevermind, he was probably damaged goods anyway:

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