Shumpert Could Lose His Starting Job? Hear Shump Rap About Woodson, Melo and Kendrick Lamar

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Knicks head coach Mike Woodson was recently interviewed as saying the only three definite starters for the Knicks in November are Raymond Felton, Tyson Chandler and Carmelo Anthony.

That means, depending on training camp production and chemistry, Shumpert could loose his starting job to either J.R. Smith or rookie Tim Hardaway, Jr. in October.

In the rap song by Iman Shumpert linked below:

a) Shumpert refers to Melo as 007.

b) Shumpert hopes the Knicks spend on him so he can keep the same jersey he came into the league on.

c) metions Kevin Johnson’s game

d) all of the above

Sounds to me like he is asking for respect. Asking GrunDolan for respect?? They don’t ‘spect. Stephen A. Smith wants to say it so badly but he is being as polite as he can about it: Grundolan don’t respect.

Shump looked like he was earning it for a while during his rookie year and sporadically during the playoffs this past year during his shortened sophomore campaign.

The Knicks need Iman Shumpert to step up his game this season. They’ve got J.R. Smith coming off of a degenerative lateral miniscus surgery, and the Rookie Tim Hardaway Jr. is also hungry to make a name for himself in the league.

Let’s face it, Shumpert is a two on this team, particularly now that Metta World Peace is here. Unless Metta is defending the center, you know Melo will be in there at the four, so Metta at the three, leaving shumpert on the perimeter to defend.

It definitely feels like some sneaky shit might be happening right now with Shumpert though. I should say Mr. Dolan. Perhaps the media is trying to create this story, but now in Shumpert’s rap you can hear his admiration for Woodson and Melo, how he wants to stay with the team.

Yet there was mild drama with the summer league stuff. David Lee and Nate Robinson never had problems playing summer league going into their third year. Shumpert, don’t know if he was forced, but he played like he didn’t care in that one summer league. That wasn’t the shumpert we saw in game 6 of the pacers series:

Last Game of the Season

And by the way, did Mike Woodson not play Chris Copeland enough during the Pacers series? Seriously, I want to know what you think.

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Ah, nevermind, he was probably damaged goods anyway:

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3 thoughts on “Shumpert Could Lose His Starting Job? Hear Shump Rap About Woodson, Melo and Kendrick Lamar”

  1. KD. …hope you and the Mrs. are well and had good summer. I like the moves made this summer. The team is versatile and I think the team got better offensively and defensively. I totally agree with an earlier comment you made about teams trying to out Heat the Heat…..I also think our only major weakness could be rebounding. However if guys who normally are not strong rebounders improve their effort and dedication to the task(bargani and stat) the team could be markedly better in that dept. We have added other guys that can create their own shots and can create for others , shooters and one tough guy. I really look for Stat to play well this year albeit in limited minutes.

    We need another big…backup center…Tyler has promise and potential but I think he’s still a bit raw. He would have benefitted from camp Hakeem. Still sorry the Knicks didn’t let Stat go there this summer. Yet when right he was amazingly effective in the block.

    Be well peace

  2. Saipan,

    Good to read you.

    I share you view on the improvment of the knicks this upcoming season, but chemistry will have to be proven. I think MWP and the bigger Gallo will help, and the rook and point guard Beno will be welcomed additions to often-injured squad that sill managed to win 54 wins on the season, secure 2nd seed in the east and survive to the second round in what seem likes more than a decade.

    I wonder who will be that 15th pickup will be.

    I hope you’re right about STAT. He was so good in year 1.

    How do you think it will work out with Woodson? Is he the right coach for the long term? I like him for time being.

    Felton and Shump, our back court, needs to have a great year. I hear Felton has lost quite a bit of weight, and I know Shump knows he still has a lot to prove this year. He needs to be consistent and a factor on both ends, not just potential but a factor.

    Won’t miss Novak or Camby much. Jason kidd is back as the enemy, the way it should be. I look forward to the Brooklyn match ups, and the Miami match up, particularly if Stoudemire can revive his career by staying healthy and providing leadership off the bench.

  3. KD thanks for the shout.

    Regarding Stat…. Even last year when healthy he was incredibly efficient and devasting in the block. He showed how he obviously learned a lot from Hakeem. His moves on the block were generally quick, decisive and varied…often keeping defenders on their heels. He even got fouled at a good rate, so he went the line, and put pressure on the opponents D. I compare his skill proficiency and drive to LJ. There somewhat different players but talented and physically gifted men who faced debilitating injuries the severely limited their previous prowess. As LJ re- invented his game, I think Amare has the same type of drive and grit to persevere. It seems he already knows he needs to find success on the floor in different ways than he used to, I think he’s very game and up to the task. Also I think him being on the floor with JR and Bargnani will help offensively with spacing on O. While he might never be a world class defender, I saw some improvement last year. Knowing that he does not have to be the man, and isn’t gonna play tons of minutes, will help in the effort on D as well.

    Woodson seems to be a good coach for this team. I know many had issues with our O especially in the playoffs, but of the players were one trick ponies on O. Tyson, Kidd, StevieNo, and Camby to name a few. This in and of itself narrowed coaches options and made us easier to guard in a slow down game. I think Beno will help tremendously here, with his dribble drives, passing skill, and midrange pull up J. MWP will help with his hustle plays, extra possessions and ability to create also. So my long answer is I like woody for this crew. This team is very versatile. He seems to get into players and I like that and they usually play hard for him. So yes he’s my guy.

    Agreed re the backcourt. Felton’s weight loss should help with his first step and explosion as well as stamina perhaps. Seems like a win win. Shump like Stat (for different reasons) sees primed for success. He’s talented and he knows it. It seems like he’s work on diversifying his game and knows he needs to attack more this year. We didn’t have enough guys who could create their own shots. Also he will undoubtedly have more confidence in his knee this year and should be a beast athletically. It seems he’s aware that more is expected of him this year. He seems to be a student of the game and relishes playing D…he out on the floor with MWP and Kmart or Tyson will make scoring for opposing O’s hard.

    Yeah Camby seems to try to blame his lack of playing time on coach, but one could see he had mobility issues last year. On top of that he may have reported to camp in the best of shape. So yes he will not be missed. Dirty Kurty had a much bigger impact.

    As I stated above Novak was a one trick pony who got exposed two years in a row in the playoffs. Dude needs to learn how to take the ball to the hole when defenders run at him.

    Have a good weekend

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