Knicks Sign Jeremy Tyler to a Two Year, Partially Guaranteed Contract

Jeremy Tyler stands six foot ten, weighs 260 lbs.

Jeremy and CJ Leslie now have deals from the Knicks, bringing the roster to 13. They will have to prove themselves during training camp. Leslie needs to put on weight.

The Knicks roster now looks like this:

PG Raymond Felton
SG Iman Shumpert
C Tyson Chandler
SF Metta World Peace
PF Carmelo Anthony

PG Pablo Prigioni
SG JR Smith / Tim Hardaway, JR
C Andrea Bargnani / Jeremy Tyler
SF Kenyon Martin / CJ Leslie
PF Amar’e Stoudemire

The Knicks should now focus on landing a third string point guard.

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8 thoughts on “Knicks Sign Jeremy Tyler to a Two Year, Partially Guaranteed Contract”

  1. more names on the radar today for the Knicks as possibilities:

    Lester Hudson (played in China) a guard
    Sean May (former teammate of Felton at North Carolina where they won a title together) a large forward
    Chris Duhon (played with Knicks during start of D’Antoni era)

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