Metta World Peace Amnestied by Lakers, Knicks Should Pick Him Up

The toughness the knicks had during the first 12 games of last season, was lost when Rasheed Wallace fell to chronic foot injuries for the remainder of the season.

I’m not a big Ron Artest fan, but I sense he could bring this team some defensive presence, help out Tyson Chandler in a way Andrea Bargnani will not when it comes to help defense and just being an enforcer on the defensive end of the basketball court.

As I type this the Knicks defenders all over are watching Tim Hardaway play for the Knicks in his first summer league game in Vegas. Either Shumpert or some other actual Knick is supposed to be on that roster (not just a team of hopefuls looking to make the NBA).

The Knicks seem to need another point guard in case Felton or Prigioni gets hurt.

At the shooting guard position, it’s Shump and the two JR,’s: Smith and Hardaway JR.

Center seems to be locked up assuming Bargnani is actually a center which is not what his statistics imply over the past few years. I’m hoping he can be a Toni Kucock for this team. One pump fake from the perimeter, then drive the lane quickly and dunk on whoever is under the rim. Check youtube, he’s dunked on some great shot blockers in his career.

Small forward, hopefully the Knicks can acquire Artest to backup Melo, but if not, Shawne Williams is a possibility if you believe the hype.

At the four, we have a Stoudemire who the fans are giving up on now. His story would be a sad one in New York if he doesn’t write a new chapeter this November. His destiny is linked to that of Carmelo, who may not want to share any glory with Amar’e. Seems they still have not learned how to be good teammates and sacrifice for the team victory. Melo’s leading the league in scoring shows me he wants to win something, just not sure that’s the title we all yearn for as die hard Knicks fans.

KMart performed well on the Knicks this past post season, the Knicks will try to lock him up if all else fails as the backup four.

Hope all that are reading this are having a great summer.

I have a story to tell: was picking up my brother at Newark International Airport. Proir to the departure, he uploaded a picture of Patrick Ewing to facebook, apparently he was on the same plane as my brother coming in from Charlotte. I got my authentic Patrick Ewing jersey Robin got me for Christmas a few years ago and proceeded to pick him up at the airport. When I got there, we switched seats so I could go inside where Ewing was still waiting for his luggage. He was talking to another tall person, almost the same height as the big fella but a whitey. When their conversation ended, I was standing there, jersey in hand with a pen to sign it. He looked down at me, and gave a sad stare, said he was sorry. Motherfucker still doesn’t give out his autograph.

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One thought on “Metta World Peace Amnestied by Lakers, Knicks Should Pick Him Up”

  1. Just finished watching the summer league game #1 against the pelicans.

    Austin Rivers is a prime time ball hog.

    Shumpert played and spent all his energy trying to look for his teammates as a point guard. I’m not convinced.

    We had a chucker in tim hardaway jr. I didn’t like that he didn’t take the ball to the rack, he kept shooting the outside J even when there was nobody underneath the basket, it was like the thought never entered his mind to put the ball on the floor and look for the high percentage shot.

    the knicks didn’t have a second rounder this year, but they’re claiming this Jeremy Tyler is equivalent to their second rounder, and breen emphasized that the knicks are looking hard at this guy to make the roster in november

    tyler finished with 10 points and 11 rebounds and looked active, as well he should, some of these cats are playing for their careers.

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