Still Want to Build Old, Grunwald?

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I’m not sure Woodson is the best coach for this team.  He should have played Amar’e more against this team.  Tyson was saying after games that the Knicks never made adjustments.  Look no further than the coach.

I’m pretty sure we need to make major upgrades to the roster.  There aren’t that many keepers either.

The best team always wins a seven game series.  When you depend so heavily on J.R. Smith, a known loose cannon, you should have a good plan B ready to go.  The knicks lived and died by the three, and you could see it in this game 6.

Tyson was owned by Hibbert.  Still the coach didn’t want to put Amar’e in to help with the bigs.

Melo had two critical turnovers in crunch time.  The game was tied and he drove the ball, turned it over and the knicks gave up a three point play.  Almost on the next possession, he turned it over again.

Without Melo, we wouldn’t be a playoff team, but I think the search continues to find complimentary players for Melo.  You can go as far back as Iverson in how long this search has been going on.

Felton, Prigioni, Kidd, all owned by the Pacers in game six.

Anyway, the offseason should be interesting.  Chris Paul once made a toast to coming to New York to play.  That time is now, Grunwald better figure out a way to get it done.  I doubt he will, but if he does, all will be forgiven.

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8 thoughts on “Still Want to Build Old, Grunwald?”

  1. keys to this lost:
    -Two phantom calls on Kmart & Shump each time we was down only 4
    -Woodson still playing JR which lead to 3 lay-ups In the 4th
    -Woodson taking out Cope and Shump even though they was playing with heart
    -Melo 2 turnovers in the 4th
    -Woodson being a FU.CKIN IDIOT
    -Tyson caring more about Melo and JR passing then Boxing out,Rebounding and blocking shots! !!!

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    3 Minutes Ago

    prigioni got abused by stephenson, no adjustments made
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    2 Minutes Ago

    you forgot to add Raymond feltons no show
    1 Minute Ago

    felton sat most of the 4th and the end of the third
    1 Minute Ago

    That too

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