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New York over Boston in game one of the first round




The Knicks were able to clamp down in the second half after looking sluggish defensively in the first half.  Chandler was ineffective and was replaced by a more active Kenyon Martin.  Shumpert continued to look slow and lacked explosion, while Kidd and Melo stepped up and made huge plays for the Knicks whenever they needed it.  New Knick acquisitions Quentin Richardson and Earl Barron did not play, and Woodson was quoted as saying Prigioni is improving and getting closer to suiting up for the Knicks, who are more effective in a two-point guard system.

The key to the game was minimizing turnovers.

The Knicks need to post up Melo more on the lower block.

The Knicks need to improve on their rebounding in the post season.

All roads lead to Miami.

NYC basketball fans in the subways after the game glowed and spoke perhaps too optimistically about a subway series–for that to become a reality Brooklyn would need to oust Miami.

The Knicks need to focus on right now, which was the misworded message of the t-shirts (Playing for now) they gave fans in attendance at the garden yesterday, despite another recent non-playoff t-shirt looking more handsome.



which Knick free shirt would you rather have?


On legends night a few weeks ago, Dolan reached into his pocket and gave all in attendance a replica 1973 championship ring.  It should be noted Donnie Walsh started the new tradition of Knick Legends night as a way to extend an olive branch to the fans who were estranged by the erratic decisions of ownership in recent years.  It is a miracle Dolan hasn’t botched this up yet, fingers crossed this Knicks teams karma remains positive this post season, please stay out of basketball-related decisions.


it reads, “Knicks Defense”

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