The Knicks are hitting their stride with 11 games remaining in the regular season

It is Saturday morning, I’m having a cup of builder’s tea, and the Knicks are tied for second in the East and have won seven in a row. The Knicks are 45-26 and have a realistic opportunity to reach 50 wins for the first time since before Isiah Thomas got involved with the franchise.

So what is the celing for this Knicks team? How much damage can they do in the playoffs? What of the injured, of Wallace and Amar’e? Will they return? Are we better off without them?

J.R. Smith is outscoring Melo the past few games. Melo is second in the league in scoring. Smith’s production is attributed to his determination to take it to the basket rather than take another Smithesque shot from the perimeter. You know–the fadeaway turnaround from just inside the three point line. You think it is bad shot until he makes it. He’s like a taller Nate Robinson in essence. Both are athletic freaks, and both are best utilized off the bench.

Speaking of bench, if the Knicks keep winning, how could the NBA not give J.R. Smith the 6th man award?

Speaking of awards, who will win MVP? Is Melo still a legit candidate? I would think LeBum is primed for that award considering their record.

Speaking of LeBastard, what of all the Ainge/Riley talk? Where does a Knicks fan side? I honestly hate them both. Can’t stand either Riley or Ainge. Wish both of their franchises ill-will.

Prigioni looks like he is starting these days. I think in the playoffs, some Knicks fans will realize Pablo’s value. He’s a ball hawk with one flaw–he doesn’t want to shoot. That could be critical down the stretch, but down the stretch hopefully Kidd is playing vintage Kidd basketball.

It feels good to be a Knicks fan right now.

Next week the wife and I are headed to San Francisco. I’ll report back from there, see if we encounter any Knicks fans out west.

Happy Easter! The Knicks will play the Celtics tonight, and there are two great matchups in college today. Florida vs Michigan, and Duke vs Louisville. Great day for hoops!




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