Heat @ Knicks

Miami has won 13 in a row.

The Knicks are trying to prove they can regain their form from the beginning of the season. They have won three in a row and are back in the second spot in the Eastern Conference Standings. They are 6.5 games behind the Miami Heat for the top seed.

We are going to try to get there early to see LeBron do his thing in the layup line. Magic recently offered LeBron $1 million in cash if he competes in the dunk contest but LeBron has yet to involve himself after 10 years in the NBA.

Today will be a true litmus test for Felton and Shumpert in terms of their rehabilitation from injury.

Chris Bosh is a computer programmer in his spare time.

Let’s go New York!

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As loyal knicks fans for many years, we created this website because the NY Sports Media has become anything but fair and balanced about the New York Knicks.

3 thoughts on “Heat @ Knicks”

  1. Beat themselves, respect the game JR, and always be aware of game situations the clock etc.
    good comeback win alst nite w/o Melo…Stat and low post game looks very sharp…this summer maybe he can get some tutoring and reps re: defense

  2. time to step it up guys…I know this is a tough month…but it helps to be on a roll come playoff time.

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