To Trade, or Not to Trade?

What do you think, should the Knicks make a move before Thursday’s 3PM soft deadline? I say soft because I can remember years (Isiah years) where the deadline would be 3PM then they’d announce a trade at 10PM at night.

I think the most obvious concerns are two issues any team would feel they need to improve upon:

we don’t rebound the ball well enough
we don’t play as good defensively as we did the first month of the season

Shumpert, Camby and Rasheed. How much will any of those guys give up down the stretch?

Would you trade J.R. Smith? Especially lately with his streak shooting that would make a NBA finals John Starks blush?

If you ask Melo, he says no trades.

Well, who is to say someone else won’t get hurt between now and the end of April?

We need to have depth charts at each position in case anyone else goes down.

What’s up with Amar’e, he was balling there for a minute, but is now reverting.

Amar’e is untradeable considering his contract.

I say no trades. What say you SaipanKnickster?

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4 thoughts on “To Trade, or Not to Trade?”

  1. I am a little late to this but the way the team has been playing of late is a bit disturbing…it’s not so much losing but the way they have been losing and the seemingly lack of effort or fire.
    I am optimistic that the Kenyon signing will help, we need a nasty big who rebounds with authority, it will also help to pair him with Amare on the court for defensive and rebounding purposes,….he also would probably play well with the starters(not necessarily as a starter)

    I also think we need a quick point guard to get into the paint

    Maybe ray can speed it up….
    But major moves i wasnt feeling nor wanting that

    Hope you are well KD
    I hope tomm. nite yeilds a different result and a more lively performance

  2. damn, no trades at all saipan.

    was at max’s chicken last week, thought of you.

    yeah, my friend thinks the knicks are dead.

    no one is talking about the toughness that seems to have departed with rasheed’s injury.

    kmart should help.

    kidd is getting too many minutes.

    i saw his confidence disappear last night as he hesitated on a three he normally would have taken.

    we need to find another jeremy lin right now.

    i wonder if shumpert can regain his form from last year, right now he appears to be out of rhythm and out of shape (understandably so).

  3. I haven’t given up yet..hopefully they can bounce back to their earlier form…
    Intensity is lacking

    JKidd does look like he’s lost confidence in his J

    Saw it some last nite looked better except still they dont defend the pick and roll well at all
    Max’s yummm hope you enjoyed every bite

    you are right alot of the toughness disappeared when sheed went down
    Kmart can step into those shoes
    I honestly think Sheed could play if it was the playoffs…the team and the Drs’ probably feel he has but so many relatively pain free games left and they are saving him
    I am also thinking the same for Camby…but i am not as convinced

    Shumpert looked a little better yesterday….the guards need to fight over pick harder

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