Why Kidd still isn’t coming off the bench

Shumpert is back, or back in the starting lineup at least. He hasn’t regained his old form from last season having fought back from the ACL tear. He’s starting at the three right now. The back court remains Jason Kidd and Raymond Felton.

Why is this?

The Knicks are almost completely healthy. What would your starting five be if they were all in shape and full strength/explosion?

I would have Felton at the one, Shumpert at the two, Wallace at the three, Melo at the four and Tyson at the five.

Okay Wallace at the three is stretching it, but Melo and Stat are better off not starting together, which brings me to this point:

Kidd is still starting because, although he is burning his candle at both ends with all these extra minutes we’d do better to use in the playoffs, he doesn’t turn the ball over. Melo is having an MVP year at the four, and so that leaves the three spot for Shumpert. Shumpert in my eyes is a two, but we don’t have another three because Smith and Novak are bench players, and Brewer has proven to have a busted jump shot.

I trust Woodson enough to figure out the rotations and chemistry. The Knicks are not a good rebounding team, and so if they’re to win consistently, they need to minimize turnovers. Stoudemire, despite being a huge factor these past 8 or so games, is a high turnover player.

I hope Kidd doesn’t get burned out before the playoffs arrive. We’ll need his playoff savvy when Felton needs a rest, Prigioni is not yet consistent enough still adjusting to the NBA game.

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