It has been some time since a post of great length has been written here.

How are the Knicks doing?  Still atop the Atlantic Divison, I see.



Brooklyn is right there, and Boston has won three in a row now that Rondo is out for the season.

Since Miami lost last night and the Knicks won, the Knicks are now just 1/2 games behind the Heat for first place in the Eastern Conference.

And we still don’t have our full team.  Not until Camby and Rasheed Wallace return will we have all of our weapons at full clip.

Shumpert has returned to the lineup, but perhaps not to his previous form, which will take time on the court to regain from injury.

Felton is playing and is driving and dishing, that’s great to see, because Kidd and Prigioni, as much as I like them both, they don’t have that explosive quickness to get in the paint.

Work has been depressing and discouraging for me lately, but on the bright side the Knicks are playing well without having to rebound very much.

The Rudy Gay trade was surprising, but I understand it was mostly a financial decision.  Memphis was kicking butt with that lineup.  I know Gay and Z-Bo weren’t the best of teammates in terms of locker room, but they made it work.  Now both will probably win less with their reconstructed teams.

I feel like we have not yet seen the full capabilities of the Knicks this year.  I also wonder if Grunwald/Isiah will be tempted to make a move before next month’s trade deadline, perhaps get a backup center (K-Mart) or even a 4th string point guard (youthier).

Shout out to those who still read here.  Saipian, Bilz, Edward, and anyone else…


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