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The Good News, and the Bad News…

First, the bad news:

Rasheed Wallace, a key factor to the Knicks’ early success in November and December, will have surgery and is out for the remainder of the regular season and possibly the first week of the playoffs.

This is the problem with investing in old players, something Glen Grunwald apparently failed to […]

To Trade, or Not to Trade?

What do you think, should the Knicks make a move before Thursday’s 3PM soft deadline? I say soft because I can remember years (Isiah years) where the deadline would be 3PM then they’d announce a trade at 10PM at night.

I think the most obvious concerns are two issues any team would feel they need […]

Melo On Jimmy Fallon Just Before All-Star Weekend

Clippers defeat Knicks at home


Why Kidd still isn’t coming off the bench

Shumpert is back, or back in the starting lineup at least. He hasn’t regained his old form from last season having fought back from the ACL tear. He’s starting at the three right now. The back court remains Jason Kidd and Raymond Felton.

Why is this?

The Knicks are almost completely healthy. What would your […]


It has been some time since a post of great length has been written here.

How are the Knicks doing?  Still atop the Atlantic Divison, I see.


Brooklyn is right there, and Boston has won three in a row now that Rondo is out for the season.

Since Miami lost last night and […]