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Brooklyn Nets @ New York Knicks

These BK / NYK games are always fun…

Shump’s garden debut of the 2012-2013 season should be a good one. Glad to see more penetration into the paint now that Shump is back. We need Raymond Felton back ASAP. The Knicks have been hard to watch lately.

Let’s go Knicks!

5 comments to Brooklyn Nets @ New York Knicks

  • kd

    I can see the headlines now.

    the knicks are 4-5 since Amar’e came back.

    Not fair, since most of our ails are due to lack of penetration from felton.

    i’m sure someone will write that it is because melo can’t work with amare.

    melo was passing to amare a lot tonight but we still didn’t win.

    kidd has 5 or 6 steals but only 1 assist for the game.

  • Kd

    Rondo flopped and pulled melo on top of him. The nba should fine rondo for that bullshit

  • saipanknickster

    good eyes KD i saw that too! and that Steve Kerr and Marv raved about Rondo’s D

  • saipanknickster

    Amare is looking better and more fluid by the game!!!

  • saipanknickster

    The d is still lacking esp. with the other teams players getting into the lane so easy and without impunity….but i’m glad they gutted out a win yesterday against ATL.

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