12 thoughts on “Stoudemire to play today at home against the Blazers”

  1. KG didnt seem like that when he was a young and guys like oakley, mason, and barkley would have rearranged his face

  2. Cant stand KG. What type of man talks about someones else’s wife? No man at all. This is the same guy that said Happy Mothers Day to Tim duncan right after his mother died. What a low class bum

  3. the knicks just recently said wallace would be back this year. we do need another defensive big, perhaps k-mart would suffice, but rasheed was such a perfect fit.

    i’ve never seen oden play, he’s always been out since he’s been in this league it seems.

  4. I didn’t fully read the article it looks as if Oden’s looking for more than a year deal, I know the Knicks arent in a position to be offering a multi year deal when they have Chandler at center.

    I think Josh Smith would put the Knicks over the top and I would pick them to win it all if it were to somehow happen, too bad they probably dont have the pieces to make that work because thats exactly what they need at power forward. I doubt he re-signs with Atlanta in the off season, its kinda clear to me that he isnt happy there.

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