Prigioni must step up tonight, Felton is hurt

Felton sprained his pinkie against the lakers and it showed.

The silver lining is that Camby got burn and showed he can help down the stretch. The communication between Camby and Melo wasn’t there, but I believe it can develop with more minutes for Camby. Camby’s presence definitely prevented easy points in the paint down the stretch.

With Felton questionable for tonight’s matchup against the Suns, I expect Prigioni and Kidd to step up their games. Smith is not a playmaker, he is a bad-shot-maker, so we need Kidd and Prigioni to setup their teammates and prevent this from becoming a 2-game losing streak.

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8 thoughts on “Prigioni must step up tonight, Felton is hurt”

  1. tough loss down in sacramento. at the buzzer too. we’ve seen both sides of that coin recently.

    felton is hurt.

    stoudemire and shump are still out.

    melo’s out.

    prigioni had 9 assists last night but did not score the ball. maybe he should start and see what it is like with kidd off the bench.

    anyway, we are still winning the atlantic. need to get healthy in time for the playoffs which are a long time from now. develop a chemistry with the full roster. i don’t know how shump and stoudemire will fit in but hopefully woodson does.

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