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Norris is not a Bimbo, but he does play for the Heat

Was watching Miami play the other night. I saw a small guard on the court named Coles. I thought, “Bimbo? Nah… Couldn’t be Bimbo, that was years ago.”

Even in this day and age (I bet Bimbo at some point played against current Knicks veterans Kidd and Camby) I was mistaken, there is another […]

Prigioni must step up tonight, Felton is hurt

Felton sprained his pinkie against the lakers and it showed.

The silver lining is that Camby got burn and showed he can help down the stretch. The communication between Camby and Melo wasn’t there, but I believe it can develop with more minutes for Camby. Camby’s presence definitely prevented easy points in the paint down […]

Melo scores 33 to lift Knicks past Loveless T-Wolves and stay within range of NBA scoring title

Minnesota @ New York

Check the above video to see what Melo thinks about playing with and without Amar’e. Melo also states his expectations for this team as far as winning the division and making it to the Eastern Conference Finals. I hope he’s right.

Speaking of Amar’e, however, he won’t play today, nor will Rasheed Wallace, who […]

Lakers @ Knicks

The top two scorers in the league will collide at Madison Square Garden Thursday night as Kobe Bryant and his idol Mike D’Antoni come to town to face Carmelo Anthony and the rest of Mike Woodson’s New York Knicks.

Knicks @ Nets

When you write Knicks @ Nets, you take away the “Brooklyn” from the team, the glamour and the glitz of Jay-Z and the image of New York rooting for the Nets when the reality is, all five boros only care about the Knicks.

Wait, wait… If Amar’e should come off the bench when he comes back, should not Shumpert too?

Just bloggin.

First place Knicks salsa their way into Miami tonight to face LeBron and the second place Heat

I hope there are no excuses tonight and may the best team win.

We beat them in the Garden and Wade said it was because they felt sorry for New Yorkers due to the storm.

I think all three, Wade Bosh and LeBron and sissies.

Lets go New York! Show all those wanna-be New Yorkers […]

Knicks stay undefeated at home, blow out the Wizards on the last day of November