Norris is not a Bimbo, but he does play for the Heat

Was watching Miami play the other night. I saw a small guard on the court named Coles. I thought, “Bimbo? Nah… Couldn’t be Bimbo, that was years ago.”

Even in this day and age (I bet Bimbo at some point played against current Knicks veterans Kidd and Camby) I was mistaken, there is another Cole on the Heat.

Anyway, not much going on in Knick land. The same franchise that once threw out a red carpet for Stoudemire now seems to throw his name around with the D League affiliate team and saw he won’t get burn and the coach even says he may never be 100% ever again. I’m not 100% please with the franchise we still have an asshole owner and Grunwald is too much of an Isiah puppet for my taste.

I just don’t know what this team will look like when everyone is healthy, or if that is even possible considering the age and the grind of an 82-game NBA season. The window is a year.

People say Amar’e must come off the bench to avoid disrupting the winning, well, how does Shumpert automatically gel with the team but Amar’e kills the momentum?

Camby fell onto Melo’s leg, now he’s hurt. That sucks. No one is talking about it.

How about the kid out in Houston who chose to enter the NBA draft despite having a fear of flying? He has refused to to play for the rocket’s d-league team. That’s an ugly, cancerous situation I’m glad Grunwald doesn’t have to deal with all that.

Copeland has been looking good, perhaps start Prigioni who is known to have great chemistry with Copeland on the screen and roll?

Novak seems an afterthought the way Copeland is hitting from outside. Did Grunwald overpay for Novak? If Novak can’t get an open look at a three he becomes irrelevant on the court with no other way to contribute to the game.

‘just bloggin’

someone should write a screenplay about Alan Hahn’s career to this point. Wow. Lucky mother f’er.

Prigioni must step up tonight, Felton is hurt

Felton sprained his pinkie against the lakers and it showed.

The silver lining is that Camby got burn and showed he can help down the stretch. The communication between Camby and Melo wasn’t there, but I believe it can develop with more minutes for Camby. Camby’s presence definitely prevented easy points in the paint down the stretch.

With Felton questionable for tonight’s matchup against the Suns, I expect Prigioni and Kidd to step up their games. Smith is not a playmaker, he is a bad-shot-maker, so we need Kidd and Prigioni to setup their teammates and prevent this from becoming a 2-game losing streak.

Minnesota @ New York

Check the above video to see what Melo thinks about playing with and without Amar’e. Melo also states his expectations for this team as far as winning the division and making it to the Eastern Conference Finals. I hope he’s right.

Speaking of Amar’e, however, he won’t play today, nor will Rasheed Wallace, who is out with a chronic stress reaction in his foot. Everyone else should play. We’ll need everyone else, this Timberwolves team just beat the OKC Thunder. They’ve got Kevin Love back and Ricky Rubio is coming off the bench, so I HOPE we can get a win and stop losing at home as has been the case the last two out of three at the garden.

The Knicks are old, and ocassionally slow. Also, Marcus Camby, who has not been a factor in Woodson’s system to this day, has plantar fasciitis.

The Knicks need big games from Felton (who was pure crap last outing) JR and Melo to have a chance tonight. Tyson Chandler must try to keep Kevin Love off the boards. Having Melo match up with Love would be a big size disadvantage, and with no Camby or Wallace, and the lack of defense from Novak and Copeland, it may be very hard to stop Kevin Love from getting a 20 and 20 game.

Well, time will tell…

Let’s go New York Knicks!

See you at the Garden.

First place Knicks salsa their way into Miami tonight to face LeBron and the second place Heat

I hope there are no excuses tonight and may the best team win.

We beat them in the Garden and Wade said it was because they felt sorry for New Yorkers due to the storm.

I think all three, Wade Bosh and LeBron and sissies.

Lets go New York! Show all those wanna-be New Yorkers down in Miami who #1 is…