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Time to hit the panic button? Ask Melo what the goal is.

If you’ve watch the last two games the signs are all there this team is clearly regressing to individual stat stuffing status.

Play like this the rest of the year and they’ll be in the lottery.

Carmelo and J.R. are the culprits.  They will argue they are putting this team on their back with the scoring load, but that is precisely the mentality that would make this team implode:

“I must do it all myself”

Carmelo is happy he’s now third in scoring in the NBA.  But instead of being the clear leader in the east, the rest are clearly gaining ground–including Miami.

Carmelo must stop complaining to the refs about not getting that Nike sponsored superstar call.  Be quiet like Mo Cheeks and let your game do the talking.

The roster is old, and after 10 games, it may begin to look old.

You must be quick to play defense.   Can’t be quick and old, those two are mutually exclusive.  You can be smart and old.  Savvy and old.  Experienced and old.  Only the young are quick.

Can you believe how heavily a team is relying on Rasheed Wallace, who has been out of the league for two years and now has a hurt foot?  No Rasheed?  No defense.  No communication.  No camaraderie.

Brewer’s contributions must step up.  Lately his shot looks busted.

Novak looks as one-dimensional as ever.

Tyson Chandler must stop getting man-handled by nobodies on the glass and in the paint, that game against Houston was embarrasing.

This team must have more balanced shot attempts from Felton, Smith and Melo if there is going to be a victory today.

Kelly Tripuka got let go (and replaced by Alan Hahn’s LI buddy Wally World) for believing Melo is a malcontent team cancer selfish bastard, well, he has been right the past two games.

The slide must stop today against Detroit.  They’re 3-10 right now.

Play as a team on both ends of the court or make it three losses in a row.

Knicks haven’t lost yet at the Garden but if Melo goes for his today another precedence will be set.

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