Amar’e would HURT this non-rebounding team?

by knicksdefense on November 17, 2012

Amar’e will HELP because Amar’e, just like Melo, can sacrifice his touches for the betterment of the team.  People don’t realize how badly Amar’e wants to win.

Amar’e can also pull down 10 rebounds on any given night.

This team only has one major weakness as far as I can tell:  REBOUNDING.

Well, age too.

Well, no post up game too, Melo and Rasheed aside.

Well, we live and die with the three ball too.

But rebounding the major concern, and players are admitting this.

To think that we have Amar’e, even if he’s not the Amar’e that used to jump over people as a Sun, waiting in the wing along with rebounding/shot blocking specialist Marcus Camby waiting for his number to be called is encouraging after a discouraging loss last night.

Felton and Kidd were great last night.

J.R. Smith reverted a little bit last night.  Granted there were droughts and we were looking for buckets and needed his to be a gunner.  He was a little out of control last night.

The ball movement hasn’t been as generous and we also hit 13 turnovers last night and as a result, the players will run, not the coaches.

We’re not a perfect team, not now, nor were we a perfect team at the beginning of the season.

Just as the players get fined for flopping, if a ref still makes a bad “flagrant foul 1” call even after reviewing the tape, they should get fined as well.  Bastards.

That call and several others were what pushed the Knicks to lose their control in the third.

Bottom line:  we fouled too much, maybe we were tired after the game in San Antonio.  We also can’t rebound the ball, so 6-1 is not bad for a team that can’t block shots or rebound the basketball.

Prigioni should have got PT in the third, maybe he could have changed the complexion of the game and settled the team down.

Where did Chandler’s leaping ability go?  He seems to be below the rim on these lobs Felton and Kidd are throwing to him the past two or three games.

I wonder if corrupt NBA refs think about how a box score will look as they “officiate” the game.


Knicks after seven

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