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Today is a great day

It started with D’Antoni getting the Lakers job, which I have been wishing for since Nash went there. That’s a reality now.

But, get this, the Knicks are now #1 ranked!

No 1
We hit ya and we give you some
No gun
And still Never on the run
You wanna be a S-one
Griff will tell you when
and then you come again
you what time it is
impeach the president
pulling out my ray gun
zap the next one
i could be a showgun

4 comments to Today is a great day

  • saipanknickster

    Play hard n smart and don’t lose the focus…Hopefully they can get on Orlando quickly and get some rest for the starters. One game at a time

  • kd

    grind it out type win.
    three headed 20+ point monster: melo, J.R. (#1 in the league in 3%), and FELTON.
    Chandler also was a factor. Missed at least 3 dunks though.
    Rasheed 0-5 in 3’s.
    Ball movement was shitty.
    Rebounding was shitty.
    Brewer was not a factor.
    I saw woodson giving melo an ear.
    basically the whole team looked like they partied in the warmth of Downtown Orlando last night.
    Not a great game…
    But we won.
    Woodson after the game “we’re trying to stay atop our division. We’re taking it one game at a time… Major test coming up with San Antonio”

  • saipanknickster

    Hard to judge what caused the less than stellar effort for the early part of the game….but they did play tired or at 3/4 speed until the 4th…ugly win but ill take it

  • saipanknickster

    I ve seen them lose many a game this….so to close it out hard is a plus….but they hopefully are aware that San Antonio is a much more disciplined team with talent…..Gotta bring more fire and grit

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