Today is a great day

It started with D’Antoni getting the Lakers job, which I have been wishing for since Nash went there. That’s a reality now.

But, get this, the Knicks are now #1 ranked!

No 1
We hit ya and we give you some
No gun
And still Never on the run
You wanna be a S-one
Griff will tell you when
and then you come again
you what time it is
impeach the president
pulling out my ray gun
zap the next one
i could be a showgun

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As loyal knicks fans for many years, we created this website because the NY Sports Media has become anything but fair and balanced about the New York Knicks.

4 thoughts on “Today is a great day”

  1. Play hard n smart and don’t lose the focus…Hopefully they can get on Orlando quickly and get some rest for the starters. One game at a time

  2. grind it out type win.
    three headed 20+ point monster: melo, J.R. (#1 in the league in 3%), and FELTON.
    Chandler also was a factor. Missed at least 3 dunks though.
    Rasheed 0-5 in 3’s.
    Ball movement was shitty.
    Rebounding was shitty.
    Brewer was not a factor.
    I saw woodson giving melo an ear.
    basically the whole team looked like they partied in the warmth of Downtown Orlando last night.
    Not a great game…
    But we won.
    Woodson after the game “we’re trying to stay atop our division. We’re taking it one game at a time… Major test coming up with San Antonio”

  3. Hard to judge what caused the less than stellar effort for the early part of the game….but they did play tired or at 3/4 speed until the 4th…ugly win but ill take it

  4. I ve seen them lose many a game this….so to close it out hard is a plus….but they hopefully are aware that San Antonio is a much more disciplined team with talent…..Gotta bring more fire and grit

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