The Knicks’ starting lineup evolves against Dallas with KT benched in favor of Brewer

It must have hurt on some level for Kurt Thomas, who is from Texas, to have lost his starting job to the more lively Ronnie Brewer. Mike Woodson said after the game that Kurt Thomas is a professional who will not complain about such a demotion.

Of course, KT was only filling in for the injured Amar’e Stoudemire, who is improving after having surgery to clean out his knee two weeks ago.

It is Carmelo, however who has been the power forward in Amar’e’s absence. Brewer is playing the three or the two when he’s out there.

We were at the game Friday night against Dallas and witnessed a few things that were confirmed upon further DVR inspection.

1. There were words between Vince Carter and J.R. Smith, words between Vince Carter and Tyson Chandler, and words between Vince Carter and Carmelo Anthony. With Dirk and Marion still injured, I supposed Vince has the role of vocal leader of the team. OJ Mayo was a huge factor for the Mavs, but he was not “getting into it” with the Knicks like Vince was.

2. Did you notice how much of a force Elton Brand was in the first quarter? Why was it that we didn’t see him again until the game had already been decided in the second half? Is he nursing an injury because he only had 3 personal fouls in the box score.

J.R. Smith really showed up big time to help us secure this win. Melo had 31, yes, but no one else was producing, and we needed a lift from another player, that player was Smith. 22 points and 4 steals.

Tyson was very lively. His put back dunk plus the foul was a huge play.

The coach believes Carmelo’s three was the biggest play of the game.

We are not that good at rebounding the ball, but a win is a win and our undefeated record lives to fight another day.

The next game is on Tuesday in Orlando, then in San Antonio, then in Memphis. We’ll reconvene at the Garden on Sunday against the pacers for another nooner. From there, another 3-game road trip begins with a game against New Orleans and the other two Texas teams.

It seems the Knicks will celebrate thanksgiving on the road this year. Thus far, they have much to be thankful for. The Knicks are beating teams on average by 17 points a game.

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  1. Nice NYK trivia and thanks for sharing the tunes….While watching the game I did see that, Vincent tapping quite a bit….He is a player who quite reached his potential IHMO….

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