Time to hit the panic button? Ask Melo what the goal is.

If you’ve watch the last two games the signs are all there this team is clearly regressing to individual stat stuffing status.

Play like this the rest of the year and they’ll be in the lottery.

Carmelo and J.R. are the culprits.  They will argue they are putting this team on their back with the scoring load, but that is precisely the mentality that would make this team implode:

“I must do it all myself”

Carmelo is happy he’s now third in scoring in the NBA.  But instead of being the clear leader in the east, the rest are clearly gaining ground–including Miami.

Carmelo must stop complaining to the refs about not getting that Nike sponsored superstar call.  Be quiet like Mo Cheeks and let your game do the talking.

The roster is old, and after 10 games, it may begin to look old.

You must be quick to play defense.   Can’t be quick and old, those two are mutually exclusive.  You can be smart and old.  Savvy and old.  Experienced and old.  Only the young are quick.

Can you believe how heavily a team is relying on Rasheed Wallace, who has been out of the league for two years and now has a hurt foot?  No Rasheed?  No defense.  No communication.  No camaraderie.

Brewer’s contributions must step up.  Lately his shot looks busted.

Novak looks as one-dimensional as ever.

Tyson Chandler must stop getting man-handled by nobodies on the glass and in the paint, that game against Houston was embarrasing.

This team must have more balanced shot attempts from Felton, Smith and Melo if there is going to be a victory today.

Kelly Tripuka got let go (and replaced by Alan Hahn’s LI buddy Wally World) for believing Melo is a malcontent team cancer selfish bastard, well, he has been right the past two games.

The slide must stop today against Detroit.  They’re 3-10 right now.

Play as a team on both ends of the court or make it three losses in a row.

Knicks haven’t lost yet at the Garden but if Melo goes for his today another precedence will be set.

Amar’e would HURT this non-rebounding team?

Amar’e will HELP because Amar’e, just like Melo, can sacrifice his touches for the betterment of the team.  People don’t realize how badly Amar’e wants to win.

Amar’e can also pull down 10 rebounds on any given night.

This team only has one major weakness as far as I can tell:  REBOUNDING.

Well, age too.

Well, no post up game too, Melo and Rasheed aside.

Well, we live and die with the three ball too.

But rebounding the major concern, and players are admitting this.

To think that we have Amar’e, even if he’s not the Amar’e that used to jump over people as a Sun, waiting in the wing along with rebounding/shot blocking specialist Marcus Camby waiting for his number to be called is encouraging after a discouraging loss last night.

Felton and Kidd were great last night.

J.R. Smith reverted a little bit last night.  Granted there were droughts and we were looking for buckets and needed his to be a gunner.  He was a little out of control last night.

The ball movement hasn’t been as generous and we also hit 13 turnovers last night and as a result, the players will run, not the coaches.

We’re not a perfect team, not now, nor were we a perfect team at the beginning of the season.

Just as the players get fined for flopping, if a ref still makes a bad “flagrant foul 1” call even after reviewing the tape, they should get fined as well.  Bastards.

That call and several others were what pushed the Knicks to lose their control in the third.

Bottom line:  we fouled too much, maybe we were tired after the game in San Antonio.  We also can’t rebound the ball, so 6-1 is not bad for a team that can’t block shots or rebound the basketball.

Prigioni should have got PT in the third, maybe he could have changed the complexion of the game and settled the team down.

Where did Chandler’s leaping ability go?  He seems to be below the rim on these lobs Felton and Kidd are throwing to him the past two or three games.

I wonder if corrupt NBA refs think about how a box score will look as they “officiate” the game.


Knicks after seven

The Mike Woodson Show Live and Direct from San Antonio

The Knicks are 5-0.

Woodson deserves some major credit.

Glen Grunwald too.

The rotation is this :  Kidd, Felton, Brewer, Melo and Tyson.  Off the bench we have Prigioni, J.R. Smith, Rasheed Wallace and Steve Novak.

Kurt Thomas’ minutes have been stolen by Sheed.

Will it be enough against the Spurs?

This Knicks team will know tonight what it has against one of the best.

Steven A. Smith made an interesting analogy on ESPN radio about a week ago.

He said he was married and didn’t want to have his heart broken by believing in a team this early.

He said he’ll leave it to single people to let their heart broken by this team.

I wonder if this shred of doubt is more attributed to the owner than anything else.

Found this strange image online. I know not where it came from.

Riley in reverse?



Will the Knicks make it 6-0? Will they split the next two?

We’ll know in a few…

Today is a great day

It started with D’Antoni getting the Lakers job, which I have been wishing for since Nash went there. That’s a reality now.

But, get this, the Knicks are now #1 ranked!

No 1
We hit ya and we give you some
No gun
And still Never on the run
You wanna be a S-one
Griff will tell you when
and then you come again
you what time it is
impeach the president
pulling out my ray gun
zap the next one
i could be a showgun

The Knicks’ starting lineup evolves against Dallas with KT benched in favor of Brewer

It must have hurt on some level for Kurt Thomas, who is from Texas, to have lost his starting job to the more lively Ronnie Brewer. Mike Woodson said after the game that Kurt Thomas is a professional who will not complain about such a demotion.

Of course, KT was only filling in for the injured Amar’e Stoudemire, who is improving after having surgery to clean out his knee two weeks ago.

It is Carmelo, however who has been the power forward in Amar’e’s absence. Brewer is playing the three or the two when he’s out there.

We were at the game Friday night against Dallas and witnessed a few things that were confirmed upon further DVR inspection.

1. There were words between Vince Carter and J.R. Smith, words between Vince Carter and Tyson Chandler, and words between Vince Carter and Carmelo Anthony. With Dirk and Marion still injured, I supposed Vince has the role of vocal leader of the team. OJ Mayo was a huge factor for the Mavs, but he was not “getting into it” with the Knicks like Vince was.

2. Did you notice how much of a force Elton Brand was in the first quarter? Why was it that we didn’t see him again until the game had already been decided in the second half? Is he nursing an injury because he only had 3 personal fouls in the box score.

J.R. Smith really showed up big time to help us secure this win. Melo had 31, yes, but no one else was producing, and we needed a lift from another player, that player was Smith. 22 points and 4 steals.

Tyson was very lively. His put back dunk plus the foul was a huge play.

The coach believes Carmelo’s three was the biggest play of the game.

We are not that good at rebounding the ball, but a win is a win and our undefeated record lives to fight another day.

The next game is on Tuesday in Orlando, then in San Antonio, then in Memphis. We’ll reconvene at the Garden on Sunday against the pacers for another nooner. From there, another 3-game road trip begins with a game against New Orleans and the other two Texas teams.

It seems the Knicks will celebrate thanksgiving on the road this year. Thus far, they have much to be thankful for. The Knicks are beating teams on average by 17 points a game.

Dallas (4-1) @ New York (3-0)

We will be in attendance tonight at the Garden. Our seats seem slightly higher than they were, but much closer to the court and much closer to the half court line.

Big game tonight for Jason Kidd and Tyson Chandler going up against their former team.

I didn’t watch inside the NBA last night, were they talking about the only undefeated team in the league? I bet if they did, Charles Barkley had his doubts about the Knicks. I can envision Kenny Smith drinking the cool aid but Shaq and Barkley probably had their hateraid ready.

This should be good.

No Dirk. However OJ Mayo plays today, remember we are playing him without Shumpert. Smith’s D has been good, as has Prigioni’s, expect to see them on OJ Mayo tonight.

Not to mention Brewer!

I’m surprised with how many steals Prigioni gets. For a rookie, anticipates very well what the players are going to do. He has a high basketball IQ combined with very specific skill set.

I will say that the New York Knicks’ two biggest weaknesses are rebounding and no post play besides Carmelo.

I’m not sure what to expect tonight with Dallas, I don’t watch them, but here is a writeup from another source.

Let’s go New York!


The New York Knicks will try to remain the NBA’s only undefeated team Friday when the Dallas Mavericks invade Madison Square Garden.

When the San Antonio Spurs and Milwaukee Bucks both lost on Wednesday, that left the Knicks as the only team without a blemish on their record.

At this moment, the Knicks look like a team without many flaws. They average 104.6 ppg, third-best in the league, and hold the opposition to 85.3 ppg, which leads the NBA. Their 19.4 point differential ranks first.

Basically, the Knicks have been dominant and their opponents haven’t been lepers. They handled the defending champion Miami Heat and swept a home-and- home against the Philadelphia 76ers.

“We’ve run into a team the last couple games who probably is playing as well as anybody in the NBA,” Sixers coach Doug Collins said of the Knicks. “They right now do not have a weakness.”

Carmelo Anthony is playing spectacular basketball. He averages 26.0 ppg. and leads the team in rebounding at 7.3 per contest. J.R. Smith is doing his part off the bench with 16 ppg. and the Knicks may even get some help on Friday.

Marcus Camby is expected to return to the lineup after he missed the first three games with a strained left calf. He practiced Wednesday and head coach Mike Woodson will make the call on Camby’s availability.

“Of course I want to play. I wanted to play in the Miami game,” said Camby. “I don’t make those decisions. The guys have been out there playing exceptionally well.”

The Mavericks ride a three-game winning streak into the Garden. They swept a mini homestand and the key was offseason acquisition, O.J. Mayo.

The shooting guard averaged 28 ppg. over the three contests, while Chris Kaman averaged 18 ppg. during the homestand and was inserted into the starting lineup Wednesday night in a 109-104 victory over the Toronto Raptors.

The Mavericks are trying to find a consistent group to go with, but missed games are piling up. Dirk Nowitzki is out indefinitely with a knee issue and Shawn Marion will be out Friday with a sprained medial collateral ligament in his left knee.

Even Elton Brand missed the Raptors game to be with his wife for the birth of their child. He is expected to be back against the Knicks, hopefully.

“Without him we aren’t a very physical team,” head coach Rick Carlisle said of Brand. “That is my concern and hopefully we will get him back for Friday.”

Dallas has won 18 of the last 21 meetings with the Knicks and five of the last six in New York.