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Time to hit the panic button? Ask Melo what the goal is.

If you’ve watch the last two games the signs are all there this team is clearly regressing to individual stat stuffing status.

Play like this the rest of the year and they’ll be in the lottery.

Carmelo and J.R. are the culprits.  They will argue they are putting this team on their back with the […]

New York @ Houston

New York @ Dallas

Amar’e would HURT this non-rebounding team?

Amar’e will HELP because Amar’e, just like Melo, can sacrifice his touches for the betterment of the team.  People don’t realize how badly Amar’e wants to win.

Amar’e can also pull down 10 rebounds on any given night.

This team only has one major weakness as far as I can tell:  REBOUNDING.

Well, age too.


Knicks @ Grizzlies

The Mike Woodson Show Live and Direct from San Antonio

The Knicks are 5-0.

Woodson deserves some major credit.

Glen Grunwald too.

The rotation is this :  Kidd, Felton, Brewer, Melo and Tyson.  Off the bench we have Prigioni, J.R. Smith, Rasheed Wallace and Steve Novak.

Kurt Thomas’ minutes have been stolen by Sheed.

Will it be enough against the Spurs?

This Knicks team […]

Today is a great day

It started with D’Antoni getting the Lakers job, which I have been wishing for since Nash went there. That’s a reality now.

But, get this, the Knicks are now #1 ranked!

No 1 We hit ya and we give you some No gun And still Never on the run You wanna be a S-one Griff […]

Knicks fans are… Worldwide!

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The Knicks’ starting lineup evolves against Dallas with KT benched in favor of Brewer

It must have hurt on some level for Kurt Thomas, who is from Texas, to have lost his starting job to the more lively Ronnie Brewer. Mike Woodson said after the game that Kurt Thomas is a professional who will not complain about such a demotion.

Of course, KT was only filling in […]

Dallas (4-1) @ New York (3-0)

We will be in attendance tonight at the Garden. Our seats seem slightly higher than they were, but much closer to the court and much closer to the half court line.

Big game tonight for Jason Kidd and Tyson Chandler going up against their former team.

I didn’t watch inside the NBA last night, were […]