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Prigioni could help me forget about the Lin disaster

Prigioni has looked more poised in the preseason than when Toney Parker first came to America to play in the NBA.

I guess Glen Grunwald’s thoughts on building around Carmelo this year are this:

Surround Carmelo with as many guys that have accomplished more than he has at this point.

KT wouldn’t take Marbury’s BS. […]

Stoudemire out 2-3 weeks with ruptured cyst in knee

He looked good two games ago. STAT was dunking and spinning and scored around 18 an 5.

Then all of a sudden, all the veterans were sat last night against the Celtics. Melo, Stat, Kidd, none of them played.

Why did Grunwald decide to build old, and will that decision end up hurting the […]

JR Smith is out 2-3 preseason games, who does that leave at the shooting guard position?

James White and Mychel Thompson, according to this.

It will be nice to finally see Amar’e’s new post up moves tonight against the raptors.

The positives from last game that I look to see more of tonight:

Prigioni – A true clepto in Clyde’s book. He has veteran savvy for being a rookie at 35. […]

An exciting Celtics-Knicks game and we won?

Alas, it is only the preseason, but I saw some positives in the preseason game last night.

Prigioni looks like he will be a factor.

Chris Copeland looks like he could be useful if our veteran bigs are getting out maneuvered by younger opponents. He worked the pick and roll with Jason Kidd very well.