How will the Knicks fare in 2012-2013?

Check the previous blog entry comments for links to Shaq talking about what Melo and Amar’e need to do to play well together. He also agrees with Patrick Ewing’s decision to decline the D-league coaching position.

So we’re older. Jason Kidd, Marcus Camby, Kurt Thomas, Prigioni.

How old were those Celtics guys when they won the title?

The difference being of course, they had a rookie named Rondo, and we now have Raymond Felton back.

I loved felton as a Knick. I hope he can rekindle that spark. We were running up the court back then. Run and gun.

Will Woodson let us run and gun? Well, we can still run if we play good defense, but on offense we have to have a more methodical, point guard at the top, isolate the ball method.

Olajawon is working on the chemistry between STAT and Melo, I hope it can work out. STAT’s contract is not insured so we could probably never trade him until the final year of his deal. That was Walsh’s contract. No blame goes to Isiah there.

I don’t understand the owner of this basketball team

Instead of exciting fans about the upcoming season, the owner of this team has instead chosen to:

1. Let the most intriguing, most popular in terms of jersey sales basketball player walk away with nothing in return.

2. Seems to be constantly trying to figure out how to bring back the most unlikable entity in the history of the franchise.

Other than himself, of course.

No, I don’t see any rational. Alcoholism, perhaps, but not any semblance of logic or intelligence in terms of ownership.

I’m bewildered, estranged and basically disenfranchised about this upcoming season. We were forced to renew before Lin left, but this will be our last year until the current owner either sells the team or passes away.

Not just bloggin’

Oh yeah, the new guy they’re trying to replace Landry Fields with, Brewer is having surgery and is out six weeks. La di da.

Go Knicks.