Jason Kidd in recent memory

I think Knicks GM Glen Grunwald’s philosophy with this offseason rebuild is this:

The lockout and resultant shortened NBA season will have a fountain of youth effect on quality NBA players otherwise pushing 40.

Jason Kidd obviously has great chemistry with Tyson Chandler having won a ring with Tyson in Dallas. If you substitute Carmelo in for Dirk’s place, (some would argue Carmelo is a better player than Dirk but I’m not going there) we have Shumpert and Amar’e rounding out the starting 5.

The problem is, Felton wants to start and perhaps should start since he is younger and less of a defensive liability.

It is up to Knicks head coach Mike Woodson to figure out the chemistry and lineup changes.

I for one think Camby will play a big role and possibly steal some of Stoudemire’s minutes-if Amar’e is unable to return to the golden form he displayed during his first year in New York.

When it comes to Amar’e, there are people betting against him, just listen to one nationally televised Knicks game with Steve Kerr as an announcer and he’ll probably mention Amar’e’s insurance issues 10 times.

It was a crapshoot to build the roster this way by sending away the youth (Lin and Landry) but the CAA have Dolan’s ear and are promising CP3 will be delivered next year. Dolan is definitely a CAA controlled entity so time will tell.

If you check out the links in the last post the Knicks are currently predicted 7th by ESPN.


This just in: the Nets owner called James Dolan “that little man.”



Congrats to Team USA on the Gold Medals they fought hard to earn.

Melo and Tyson were big parts of that team. Tyson was a starter and Melo was a leading scorer for that team.

WKCR, 89.9 has been playing the works of Hasaan.

Who will win a title first, the Grunwald-led Knicks, or the Walsh-led Pacers?

I’m hoping the Knicks win their first title since 1972-73, but I’m not so certain about this year.

Then again, Marcus Camby was a Knick when we went the finals against the Spurs in 1999.

Once again, Camby is here.

Kidd is here.

Felton is back.

If Shumpert can return with time to gel with the team, the Knicks could be dangerous.

The key will be to avoid injury.

With the Knicks bench possibly consisting of Kidd, J.R. Smith, Camby, Kurt Thomas and Novak, we have players that can produce as long as they’re healthy to play.

I am curious to see Felton play with Amar’e. Is it a stretch to envision Felton and Amar’e coming off the bench together?

that would enable a starting lineup of

PG Kidd
SG Shumpert
C Tyson Chandler
SF Carmelo
PF Novak or KT depending on the match ups.

Just bloggin’

Who will start at point guard for the 2012-2013 New York Knicks?

Will it be the return of Raymond Felton sans Mike D’Anotoni?

Or will Jason Kidd, who has never come off the bench his entire career (except a handfull of games) start?

Who would you want to build an early lead with?

Either point guard that starts will have Corey Brewer, Carmelo Antony, a “New,” Hakeem-schooled Amar’e Stoudemire, and Tyson Chandler as the primary targets to set up.

Well, Kidd has more history with the starting five, more credentials.

Think about it, Kidd has played with Amar’e and Melo on all-star teams. Kidd played with Chandler when they won the championship in Dallas.

Maybe Kidd will be the starter.

Felton off the bench with Jr. Smith, Camby, KT and Novak would be high-energy and KT would get those open midrange shots if he can still hit them (I bet he can). Felton throwning lobs to Camby, finding Novak in the corner the way he used to find Danilo Gallinari when they were once both promising young Knicks.

Stoudemire trains with Hakeem the Dream

Check the video below for footage of Amar’e.

Nice choice of music: ¬†A Tribe Called Quest’s “Can I kick it?” from the first Tribe album.

At the end of the video STAT says he’s in Houston, “trying to find Jeremy Lin and he’s no where to be found.”

With a big smile on Amar’e’s face. Well played Stoudemire. Coy.

Damn what a summer.

How did we lose Lin?

Anyway, kudos for STAT for posting this, sharing it with Knicks fans that still believe in him.

We were a more fun team the first year STAT was here as the focal piece.  Last year was a hot mess.

For next year, we’re loading up on veterans pushing 40 years old, expecting that we can compete with the Heat with said veterans.

Perhaps Glen Grunwald is thinking since there was a lockout, all these old players will have benefitted from shortened seasons.

Particularly, he’s betting on Kidd. ¬† Just look how last year’s old point guards fared for us down the stretch. ¬†Going into the playoffs, Bibby’s main credit was that he was only slightly better than Toney Douglas and Baron Davis blew out his knee in the PLAYOFFS.

Well, the lockout can be attributed to that too.  It was also elite player Derrick Rose who blew out his knee down the stretch.

We have an old team. ¬†But we have Melo coming off moderate success in the Olympics beating Marbury’s record, Tyson should be even better than last year, and hopefully Shumpert will return.

No one has put it to you like this, but let me remind you of something in case ESPN made you forget:

The New York Knicks let their starting back court walk away with zero in return.

That should tell you something about management and the desire to keep young, inexpensive talent for the future.

This is New York, and we’re back to max cap and max spending on old washed up talent.

Kurt Thomas, welcome home.

Timofey Mozgov, get out of here.

Marcus Camby, welcome home.

Danilo Gallinari, the management hated you.

Jason Kidd, how are you knees?

Wilson Chandler?  we sold you for something we could have got for free.

Prigioni, welcome to the NBA at age 35.  You are currently sitting out of the Olympics due to injury.

Landry Fields?  better find that jump shot elsewhere, Dolan hates you though Spike wore your jersey every game for two straight years.



LeBron scores a triple double against Australia sans Bogut

LeBron finished with 11 Points, 14 Rebounds and 12 Assists

Kobe was off in the first half, finished with 20.

I believe Deron Williams scored his 18 off the bench.

Team USA, featuring current Knicks Carmelo Anthony and Tyson Chandler, will next face up against Argentina this Friday, August 10th.

The winner of that game will advance to the Gold Medal round, while the loser will have the opportunity to compete for the Gold medal.

There is a video floating around about Lin doing a face time chat with a 5 year old and pseudo Knick fan father, discussing the Knicks.