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Team USA Basketball Schedule

Knicks are getting Ronnie Brewer…. Is that a good thing?

Not familiar with Mr. Brewer but Melo just dropped 23 in the first half and USA is starting to put Spain away.

USA vs Spain

Coming to you from the Orlando ale house, about to watch Spain take on our USA team in an exhibition game.

The people at the bar are saying this will likely be the two teams competing for the gold medal.

Can Melo’s team make it two golds in a row?


Guess my Felton T-Shirt is good again

I don’t know if Felton will wear the same number he did during his first stop with the Knicks but I did wear this to the gym the next day after we got him back.

Felton was once great for us in Mike D’Antoni’s system, but James Dolan and Carmelo wanted Mike D’Antoni out […]

this just in: the people in this photo should have nothing to do with the Knicks franchise I have loved since 1987

Doesn’t Glen look super happy? Big Daddy Dolan perched over his shoulder monitoring, disagreeing, vetoing, forcing and pretending to understand all basketball related decisions just like a good owner should.

Hey, where’s Isiah, shouldn’t he be in the picture too?

I mean, I understand why team players like Jared Jeffries, Jeremy Lin and Landry […]



You don’t need these two on the same damn team, that’s the problem.

Amar’e’s contract is uninsured, that’s the damn problem.

Carmelo Anthony’s huge ego is the damn problem.

Lin is the best young, team-first player on the roster.

Remember when Phil Jackson called the roster clumsy? That was a shot at James […]

Jason Kidd Arrested for Drunk Driving

The basketball Gods have been swift to react to the news that Jeremy Lin will not be back with the New York Knicks in this recent turn of cruel fate for the Knicks.

The guy they think will erase the memory of Lin, Jason Kidd, is locked up for drunken driving.

Melo was quoted […]

Kidd: “A Great Challenge” to get Melo and STAT to play well together.

Kidd was just on the Michael Kay show on ESPN Radio New York.

Jason Kidd will be 40 years old this upcoming NBA season.

He said he enjoys playing in the building called Madison Square Garden.

I will be the first to tell you he really kicked our butts while he was a Net.  It […]

Nash gets revenge on Dolan for D’Antoni. Good news or bad news for Knicks fans?

On the bright side, we has Shumpert still in a Knicks jersey.

Alan Hahn was blindsided yesterday with the Nash stuff.  He had me convinced.

So did Glen Grunwald hold the line in a Donnie Walsh fashion?  Is is possible to have a spine when your boss is Dolan?

Do you buy the Steve Nash […]

Nash on the verge of being a Knick

The sign and trade would further diminish this depleted roster.  Shumpert, Douglas, Jordan, and Harrellson are the pieces.

Thanks to Bilz for the heads up, also on dunk man James White signing with the Knicks coming back from overseas.


I hope there are no more magic tricks and the Knicks get to keep […]