Knicks beat writer Howard Beck to cover the Nets

I’m listening to Alan Hahn on 98.7 and Hahn just had Beck on.

I wonder if he was reassigned or did he request to cover the Nets instead of the Knicks (I would understand if the latter were true because of Dolan).

Howard Beck has be the best Knick beat writer of the past 10 years in my opinion.

His writing style was eloquent and unbiased and as a Knick fan I will miss his professional work.

Alahn hahn just played Gang Starr mass appeal on his radio show.

Knicks likely to keep Lin, Novak and J.R. Smith

The recent NBA players union victory will allow the Knicks to retain point guard Jeremy Lin and small forward Steve Novak without using the MLE.

If only Steve Nash would agree to play for the Knicks for the $3 million MLE.

When Phil Jackson recently said the Knicks needs someone to “blend” the talent of Amar’e and Melo, was he thinking it might be a player and not a coach?

If anyone in the league can get Amar’e and Carmelo to play well together it is Steve Nash. Nash also happens to be the one player that could severe as the best teacher for Jermey Lin.

Perhaps Lin needs no teacher at this point, but with his recent injury this could work because Lin will have to ease his way back rather than expecting him to be 100% on opening night.

Shumpert is out until at least January. The Knicks need another 2 guard no matter what happens with Nash.

Seems to me, it is easier in this league to find a good 2 than a good 1. The hardest is to get a good 5, but we have Tyson Chandler, so we are set at the five.

By the way, how did Tyson Chandler get 2012 defensive player of the year and still not make the 2012 all-NBA defensive first team? Someone please explain that mystery to me.