Game 3: Heat @ Knicks

Good luck to us tonight.

Robin and I will be there at the Garden, we will upload some pictures, any requests?

People don’t think we have a chance without Shumpert and and Stat.  I think it may help to lose Stat, and J.R. Smith can fill in for Shumpert.

The bottom line is this team has perservered through a lot this year.  We have always figured out a way to turn our bad luck around, and we have at least two more games to do that now.

Chandler just won defensive player of the year.  He deserves it.  He needs to play big tonight.

We have to get Novak, Smith, and Fields involved with shots.  I’m sure Melo believes he can win all by himself, but those guys are key. 

Miami gets all the calls, I don’t expect it to be different tonight.  Thanks Mr. Stern, for making a tough job nearly impossible.

We didn’t tank to play Chicago, now we have to man up and play the best the Eastern Conference has to offer. 

We win tonight and we are back in the series.  We lose and it will take a miracle called Lin to save us from a sweep.