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NBA Lockout Backfires on Players

Greed.  Such a huge issue surrounding such a team sport.

The owners wanted more.  The players wanted more.  The fans suffered as a result.

Now the players are suffering.  The NBA tried to fit in 62 games in a shortened amount of time.  Key players to their team such as Derrick Rose of the Chicago […]

First Round, Game 1: Knicks at Heat

Rumor is, Tyson Chandler has the flu and will not play today.  What that does with the starting five, I assume Amar’e will slide to the five and fields will be re-inserted into the starting five, but that would just be a guess.

Read Alan Hahn’s great article here on how Mike D’Anotoni used […]

Here is how it looks

I know Carmelo and Tyson are happy about it.

I have my doubts about playing Miami in the first round, we didn’t beat them this year.

Doesn’t mean we can’t.  Depends on how Amar’e and Melo can share the ball over seven games and still figure out how to dominate.

Shumpert will do well […]

Our Glen is Here to Stay

Or should I say Isiah’s Glen is here to stay?

I can’t deny Grunwald has done a fantastic job here.  Novak, Jeremy Lin, Tyson Chandler, cutting Chauncey, getting J.R. Smith.  The NY Times article I posted here a few days ago under the comments intimates Grunwald could win executive of the year and I […]

The Knicks have clinched a 2012 playoff spot, can finish anywhere from 5-8

Thanks to Alan Hahn for the info.

Which team would you prefer to play in the first round at this point?

Heat @ Knicks

Had to sell our tickets to this game.  I have work to do.

Should be a good one though.  New York is starting to figure out its identity.  Shumpert’s effectiveness will be a question mark due to the injury to his ankle last game.  Without out a doubt, Shumpert was selected by Donnie Walsh to […]

Remaining Schedule

The roller coaster season continues.  To think the last three were nationally televised, and now, look at how many of the regular season games remaining are also nationally televised.

Walsh turned the tide.  Glunwald is doing a good job.  Woodson is doing a good job.  Shumpert is doing a phenomenal job.  Melo is finally […]

Knicks @ Bucks


Didn’t get to see too much of last night’s loss to the Bulls, we are in Austin, Texas for our 1-year wedding anniversary.  We actually watched the overtime victory from a bar in JFK…  That was a great ending.

So tonight is a “must-win.”  I suppose they all are at this point.  Melo’s […]

No matter how he is viewed right now, the city of New York will love this man if he brings a championship to the Knicks

With the injuries, it may not happen this year, but if it ever does happen, that entire team will be loved for life in New York.  It has been since 1973.

God, I know there are more pressing issues in the world but a championship in New York will lift up this city that […]