Lin to have surgery, out six weeks

How many weeks until the playoffs?  What a broken down team we have.  Good thing we have depth, but not too sure it is enough to do real damage.

We showed grit in a loss to atlanta, but melo, depsite his scoring prowess, needs to get the teammates involved, not just smith and shumpert, but novak, davis and chandler.

Very disappointed in our lack of health but with ssol and the

lockout schedule after an extended period of lethargy, what do

you expect?

The team has to once again figure out the winning combination with a different group of guys.  This is musical chairs basketball, can’t think of a knick besides landry that has been durable.

By the way I think harrellson is going to make losing stat less painful. He is a player, nice passing the other night.


Pistons @ Knicks

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Did any of y’all buy Lin jerseys?  I know I did.

The honeymoon is over, Melo still sucks and maybe it wasn’t Dantoni’s fault after all.

So far, I like woodson.  He seems able to put up with any prima donna’s shit, and we have two big prima donnas on the Knicks in Amar’e and Melo.

The other players on the team I have no problem with.

Lin can play.  Period.  He’s a rookie.  Why don’t people cut him some slack?  He’s not great, yet.  But the signs are there that he could be if he continues to develop.

Why is it that Landry gets no burn in the second half, yet J.R. Smith gets the entire second half PT?

Our team is still the same.  When we are off, shooting wise, we can’t figure out a way to win.

Our defense has definitely tightened up under Woodson.

We just need to continue to play hard and try to figure out our identity.  I think we should score over 120 a night if we can just figure out how to distribute the shots in a way that everybody finds their rhythm.  Obviously Melo isn’t going to get 30 shots a night to start feeling good.

Amar’e seems to be feeling good now.  How funny that it coincides precisely with D’Antoni’s departure.  Obviously Amar’e and Melo’s representation were advising them on their playing intensity with respect to Phil Jackson’s availability this summer.

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Knicks @ Bulls

Well isn’t this season streakier than John Starks’ shooting in the 1994 playoffs?

The common fan assumes this is all on the coach because the talent level of the roster is high.

We may be deep, but chemistry is a fragile thing in this league of 240-lb athletes.

We have two large contract, large ego, large career shot attempt players in Amar’e and Carmelo, and those are the two that were sitting when we won seven in a row.

To top it all off, we picked up JR Smith, though we had Shumpert off the bench, we probably didn’t need to acquire another player who demands a certain number of touches, insists upon a certain number of shot attempts per game.

Lin has settled into a 15 and 10 type player, which should be enough, except of course for the chemistry with Amar’e and Melo.

And last but not least, our two biggest help defenders, Chandler and Jeffries, are both hurt.  Jeffries isn’t even attempting to play, Chandler is playing and is visibly in pain every time he catches a pass or goes in for dunk.  His wrist is busted like Patrick Ewing’s.

But despite all these issues, Dolan is simple-minded enough to blame it all on the coach.  He hired that puppet Spero Dedes to subliminally get the message out to the fans that D’Antoni is going down with the ship.  Shame on you Dolan, you think this newcomer Spero knows better than Knicks fans?

By the way, Spero Dedes was the guy who used “Chink in the Armor” to describe Lin’s first loss since the 7-game winning streak.  Fuck you, Spero Dedes, you racist fuck.

Here is J.R. Smith’s tweet that cost him some money in the form of a fine from the NBA.


No chandler or Jeffries tonight in San Antonio

STAT has lost 10 lbs in 10 days.

I suppose he will score more than the 26 he had against the mavs.

Lin needs to look for his own shot and get the two stars going early.

The role players Novak, shumpert and davis will all play well tonight.  Let’s see if landry can be a factor off the bench with the second unit.

If we keep losing, I am sure people will demand that davis start oven lin.  If we sink well below 500 I am sure people will demand that dantoni be fired.

People are stupid. This is on carmelo.