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Lin to have surgery, out six weeks

How many weeks until the playoffs?  What a broken down team we have.  Good thing we have depth, but not too sure it is enough to do real damage.

We showed grit in a loss to atlanta, but melo, depsite his scoring prowess, needs to get the teammates involved, not just smith and shumpert, but […]

Amare’s got something else bulging according to Al Trautwig

Pistons @ Knicks

Peace, love and blessings to all who read this…

To SaipanKnickser, to Bilz, to Tman, to Edward.

To Statesman, to Peaceman, to Lives, to Steady, to BxinMD, to Cooleyhigh, the man known as African, all those who used to roll here that now roll elsewhere, you are diehards, just as I am a diehard.


Knicks @ Bulls

Well isn’t this season streakier than John Starks’ shooting in the 1994 playoffs?

The common fan assumes this is all on the coach because the talent level of the roster is high.

We may be deep, but chemistry is a fragile thing in this league of 240-lb athletes.

We have two large contract, large ego, […]

No chandler or Jeffries tonight in San Antonio

STAT has lost 10 lbs in 10 days.

I suppose he will score more than the 26 he had against the mavs.

Lin needs to look for his own shot and get the two stars going early.

The role players Novak, shumpert and davis will all play well tonight.  Let’s see if landry can be […]