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The “Jeremy Lin” at Shake Shack

I have yet to try it.

Hornets @ Knicks

I expect this to be another blowout.  We sold these tickets a while ago, but we didn’t make Lin-type-money off of them.

People taking credit for lin, carmelo, ect thank the coach not melo.  Coach D’Antoni played Lin, not Melo.  Lin plays in coach D’Antoni’s system.

Leon Rose, thanks for J.R. Smith.  Leon Rose thinks […]

Don’t wake me up from this dream come true


Thank you God for making the Knicks good again.  Tyson, Shumpert, Jared, Landry, Lin and the other two guys.

I hope we can make the finals this year.

Jeremy Lin… Who knew?

28 points last night.  25 points the other night.  He is running the D’Antoni offense the way it should be run.  To all the people calling for the firing of D’Antoni, I told you, you can’t judge him until there is a point guard in place.  Douglas is a reserve.  Shumpert is a project.

Suddenly, […]