Hornets @ Knicks

I expect this to be another blowout.  We sold these tickets a while ago, but we didn’t make Lin-type-money off of them.

People taking credit for lin, carmelo, ect thank the coach not melo.  Coach D’Antoni played Lin, not Melo.  Lin plays in coach D’Antoni’s system.

Leon Rose, thanks for J.R. Smith.  Leon Rose thinks he owns the Knicks being Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith’s agent.

Very please to see Balkman go.  Good riddance to the last Isiah player.  Happier to see Balkman go than J.R. Smith arrive, because of the very delicate team chemistry and camaraderie that has developed, if Carmelo tries to poison Lin’s leadership, J.R. smith would be the one insurrective in Melo’s corner.  Melo is “the captain” but he was the captain of a team that failed to compete.  Now we have Lin leading the way to victory, he should be the captain from now on, no matter how many points Carmelo can score on any given night.

The new rotation:  Fields should start!  Shump’s minutes should not be reduced, neither should Jared Jeffries for his invaluable defense.  Novak fills a great role off the bench as a shooter, where are j.r. smith’s minutes coming?

The other night you saw Toney Douglas come in for some garbage time at the very end of the game, the last six of the fourth of a blowout.  That’s where jr. smith fits in.   Or he can have walker’s minutes.

The depth chart is as follows in my eyes (I tend to see things the way d’antoni does)

PG Jeremy Lin

SG Landry Fields  (no way on God’s green earth Jr. Smith should take his spot)

C  Tyson Chandler

SF  Melo

PF Amar’e

First five off the bench

PG  Baron Davis (who cares when he returns, I stopped holding my breath a long time ago)

SG  J.R. Smith

C  Jared Jeffries

SF  Iman Shumpert

PF  Steve Novak

Garbage minutes or when someone gets hurt of fouls out

PG  Bibby

SG  Douglas

C  Jerome Jordan

SF  Bill Walker

PF  Josh Harrellson (he earned a spot in the rotation in my eyes, but where does he fit now?)


We have our lin jerseys but we have not been attending the games, we’ve been selling them, probably for too little, but we are trying to correct this issue.  I hear the shit seats are going for $200 now, is that an exaggeration?

Long live Linmania.  Check the egos at the door to 2 Penn Plaza.

Holler at Saipanknickster and Bilz.


Jeremy Lin… Who knew?

28 points last night.  25 points the other night.  He is running the D’Antoni offense the way it should be run.  To all the people calling for the firing of D’Antoni, I told you, you can’t judge him until there is a point guard in place.  Douglas is a reserve.  Shumpert is a project.

Suddenly, Landry is playing better.  Jeffries is playing better.  Chandler is getting lobs near the basket.

I haven’t experienced a roar that loud for a Knick since Amar’e came here last year.  Lin has won over the garden in two games.  I hope those other two guys don’t get jealous.

To be honest with you I was sick of waiting for Baron Davis anyway.  Don’t hold your breath.

Rest in peace to Amar’e’ s bro.  They had a moment of silence last night at MSG.

I hope Lin can keep it up and also deal with getting Stat and Melo their all-so-valuable stats.

This guy is on a very short contract, no?  He’s sleeping on Landry Fields’ couch.  His profile on NBA.com doesn’t even have him in a Knick jersey, although upon entering the garden we saw that the Lin Knick jerseys were already for sale at the vendors.