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Walsh sold his soul to the devil to save New York

He was doing a very good job of saving New York until the devil decided he knew more about basketball.

Now Walsh is gone and the devil is back.  So are the bad contracts and bad decisions, over-rated, over-paid centers from Chicago.

Keeping tabs on Knicks Bloggers

Steve Adamek, who used to write for the Bergen Record, now freelances for the Times.

Al Iannazzone (not a big fan of spelling that last name) who is familiar to me from some place I can’t recall, briefly took over Steve’s blog, Knicks Knacks, but has taken over Alan Hahn’s blog on Newsday.

Alan Hahn, of course, […]


Hot off the presses from

They were calling Amar’e a bum at the garden tonight

From the seats behind me I heard some harsh criticism from supposed Knick fans. “Fire D’Antoni” was popular, but never erupted in a chant such as “Fire Isiah.” I still think we should chant that at the Garden.

I couldn’t disagree more with the “Amar’e is a bum” people. Amar’e was great last year. Last […]

Phoenix @ New York


The Knicks are still trying to piece it together.

My only hope is that they continue to fight and don’t give up and just point fingers at the coach.

That is how your average Knicks fan thinks, that this is all on the coach.

I continue to believe the coach has been undermined […]

01 16 12 MLK Game: Orlando Magic @ New York Knicks

Not only was I unimpressed with the Carmelo trade and the overpaying of Tyson Chandler (the Isiah days are back apparently when you spend $60 million on a center from Chicago), I would venture to say right now that the team as constructed currently would get its ass kicked by last year’s team with Felton […]