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12 25 2011 Boston Celtics at New York Knicks

So our DVR didn’t record the last 6 minutes of Melo going off in the 4th.

This is what you should have seen:

Annoying to hear Kerr still bitter and hateful toward Amar’e and the Knicks. Get a life.

I think Charles Barkley is right about the Knicks needing a real point guard. Toney […]

Thoughts from after the Garden

They booed the shit out of humphries, then spent the rest of the time chanting for him.

The garden was filled with bandwagon jumping white chocolate scubs posing as the die hards.

Jorts played well at time reminded me of laimbeer….   I won’t go there…

Shump needs to stop trying to be crawford and […]

12 21 11 Nets at knicks

Jorts just checked in.

The crowd is asleep.

Shumpert had a nice move under the basket but didn’t convert.

Nice to see melo playing defense.

B-diddy signs with the Knicks

$2.5 Million for one year seals the deal for Baron Davis to join the Knicks. He’s got a bulging disc back problem, so that makes two important Knicks with back problems (the other one being Amar’e who is telling people in new interviews he’s now an outside-shooting power forward) but I digress.

Amar’e’s first preseason […]

Knicks acquire point guard Mike Bibby is reporting Mike Bibby has just signed a one year deal with the New York Knicks.

What do you think about that, CP3?

Tyson Chandler is a Knick

The Knicks have a new starting center:  defensively talented Tyson Chandler.

Chandler isn’t much of a scorer but with Melo and STAT that may be a good thing.  One basketball may not be enough for those two considering their talent for scoring.

This is good news for Amar’e’s back issues too, no more will […]

Knicks willing to overspend to land former Chicago Bull Tyson Chandler? Is Isiah still in charge?

I’m all for improving  New York’s defense, but, last time I checked, Chandler’s numbers were nothing special.

“Chandler was an important contributor during the Mavericks’ run to last season’s NBA championship, averaging 10.1 points, 9.4 rebounds and 1.1 blocks in 74 games”

Those are close to Eddy Curry numbers.  Are we going to reward him […]

Chris Paul requests trade to Knicks

Wojo has the scoop here.

I guess I shouldn’t get rid of my season tickets.

Still have a bad taste in my mouth after the Melo trade.

Do NBA fans have to endure another year of NBA “superstars” holding the league hostage?

If you recall last year’s trade deadline, or the “Melodrama” as it were, […]