12 25 2011 Boston Celtics at New York Knicks

So our DVR didn’t record the last 6 minutes of Melo going off in the 4th.

This is what you should have seen:

Annoying to hear Kerr still bitter and hateful toward Amar’e and the Knicks. Get a life.

I think Charles Barkley is right about the Knicks needing a real point guard. Toney isn’t a playmaker yet, though he is a good scoring guard.

Shumpert has talent and I think is best utilized off the bench this year. He’s out 2-6 weeks now with a knee injury.

How long before Baron Davis laces them up for New York? He is a difference maker if healthy when the playoffs come around.

Until then: Does Amar’e still have his explosiveness after the back injury last year and gaining 20 pounds of muscle in the off-season? I saw him catch a pass he would have slammed any other year but tonight it was a lay-up.

‘Just Bloggin’

Good win today. Not having Paul P. obviously hurt the C’s.

Thoughts from after the Garden


They booed the shit out of humphries, then spent the rest of the time chanting for him.

The garden was filled with bandwagon jumping white chocolate scubs posing as the die hards.

Jorts played well at time reminded me of laimbeer….   I won’t go there…

Shump needs to stop trying to be crawford and play fundamentally sound first and foremost.

This was definitely not ssol, but the corner three was still wide open, we just could not hit them.

Bibby and landry, are either going to be a real factor this year? Will toney?

When do we get jerome jordan in a uni, thought that was in motion.

Good d by the knicks tonight.  Dantoni is still my guy.

B-diddy signs with the Knicks

$2.5 Million for one year seals the deal for Baron Davis to join the Knicks. He’s got a bulging disc back problem, so that makes two important Knicks with back problems (the other one being Amar’e who is telling people in new interviews he’s now an outside-shooting power forward) but I digress.

Amar’e’s first preseason game was forgettable, but Iman Shumpert’s wasn’t. He cut to the basket, showed good shooting ability and displayed a sort of confidence Clyde Frazier described as “almost cocky.” It makes losing Billups easier to cope with. With Douglas and Fields question marks in terms of being able to step up and take their game to the next level, it is good to have Shumpert, Bibby and now Davis (assuming he can get healthy and keep the weight in control) in the back court to go with our “most over-rated front court in the NBA.”

I don’t read too much into Balkman’s 2nd first game with the Knicks, preseason doesn’t mean anything and Balkman still can’t shoot and plays out of control when on offense. The image of Balkman barrelling into the paint to end up on the floor is all-too familiar to me during his first stint in New York. But with us losing out on Shawne Williams (What a damn shame, Shawne was a good Knick and showed grit in the playoffs; I wonder if it was easier for him to say goodbye to New York knowing that they did Donnie dirty and he knew Donnie was the guy who re-kindled his career) Balkman is a last resort and will probably get his number called at some point during this season if not for Amar’e’s back issues then for Isiah’s continued influence of Jim Dolan.

Yes the Mike Woodson hiring was an Isiah Thomas hiring.

I have not seen any explosion in Amar’e’s step and I heard he gained 20 pounds of muscle in the offseason, that’s not going to be good for his hops, but with Melo here I doubt he needs to play like he did in Phoenix on a nightly anymore.

Just curious: Did Chandler look like a $60 million man to you?

The Knicks are looking like a second round team, if Baron Davis can get 100% healthy, maybe deeper than that, but right now, a second-round playoff team.

Tyson Chandler is a Knick

The Knicks have a new starting center:  defensively talented Tyson Chandler.

Chandler isn’t much of a scorer but with Melo and STAT that may be a good thing.  One basketball may not be enough for those two considering their talent for scoring.

This is good news for Amar’e’s back issues too, no more will Stoudemire play center, hopefully.

Gone are Turiaf, Billups and Rautins, all casualties of this acquisition.  Gone also is close to $60 million in cap space, maybe the Knicks should try to get Nash for cheap next season.

Just bloggin’

The depth chart now finds its weakest link at point guard, where Shumpert and Toney Douglas are still waiting to prove their relative worth.

Can Toney Douglas play a full season without injuries so he can prove his abilities at the NBA level?  How good is Shumpert?  Is he a real point guard or merely another OJ Mayo type of NBA player?

Knicks willing to overspend to land former Chicago Bull Tyson Chandler? Is Isiah still in charge?

I’m all for improving  New York’s defense, but, last time I checked, Chandler’s numbers were nothing special.

“Chandler was an important contributor during the Mavericks’ run to last season’s NBA championship, averaging 10.1 points, 9.4 rebounds and 1.1 blocks in 74 games”

Those are close to Eddy Curry numbers.  Are we going to reward him with an Eddy Curry contract drafted by Isiah and signed by fanboy Dolan?

We are talking about almost $60 million and no more cap room for CP3 or Dwight, for a guy that can’t average a double-double on a championship caliber team?

Isiah must still be in charge.

Donnie would be more patient, find the perfect fit for the right amount.

Chandler might be a defensive upgrade, but at the cost of not having any more cap space to sign the other free agents of 2012?

By the way, who the hell is in charge of New York right now, Grunwald?  That’s like saying Isiah is in charge as far as I am concerned.

Walsh got new York under the cap and back in the playoffs, two thing Isiah Thomas could never do in his life.

If the philosophy is to go out and spend on anyone without patience or rational though, then I say welcome back, Zeke.

Chris Paul requests trade to Knicks

Wojo has the scoop here.

I guess I shouldn’t get rid of my season tickets.

Still have a bad taste in my mouth after the Melo trade.

Do NBA fans have to endure another year of NBA “superstars” holding the league hostage?

If you recall last year’s trade deadline, or the “Melodrama” as it were, other NBA teams would not make deals until the Knicks-Nuggets deal was consummated.

I hope the new CBA can address all of this selfishness.  The NBA fans are dropping off like flies.

Then again, a good Knicks team is good for the league.

But then again, a Dolan-led Knicks team, can’t be good for the Knicks.

Donnie Walsh, you are already missed.