Not all Knicks are made equal

Carmelo > Gallo

(or so everyone believes)


Felton+Gallo+Chandler+Mozgov > Six extra Million in Carmelo’s pocket that the average Knicks fan could care less about

He could have walked on in the summer and we would still have those guys instead of shit players like Renaldo Balkman.

There is much hype over the Knicks right now.  They used to trash us for years.  Now everybody wants a piece of our team.  I see Knicks hats everywhere where for the past 10 years they were sparse.  You know, chances are you understand the bandwagon annoyance because you are a die-hard.

But Melo was being selfish as hell by forcing that trade.  I am questioning his team-first ability because of this.

We had a good team already built up.  Now we have stopgaps and a wish for CP3, an yet-to-be 100% healthy Amar’e, and Carmelo and his six extra million.

He should have walked on as a free agent.  He enjoyed making the whole league talk about Melodrama and the forced trade.

Does he want to win a title, or just have a similar legacy as LeBron, one of the top 3 players in the league but no real desire to win a title.

If he wants a title, he should have walked on in the summer and not forced that trade.  Our team would have had a better shot.

Next Knick:  Mike Miller?

I hope not.  I’d rather have Baron Davis.

ESPN: The Fox News of professional sports

The same people that brought you “The Decision” now give you this piece of propaganda:  “its all Stern’s fault there’s an NBA lockout.”

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m going to get my basketball fix watching college and high school.  I’ve never seen a Saint Anthony’s game so that is now on the agenda.  I am minutes from many college venues, I will expect the worst and hope for the best when it comes to this New York Knicks lockout.  I used to have the same philosophy about THE Knicks, now that Donnie Walsh righted Isiah and Dumbass Dolan’s sinking ship, the universe (or Ewing Curse depending on who you ask) would rather see a lockout than another relatively successful Knicks season.

Oh well.

I hear the Garden modifications are ugly.

Oh well.

Way to fuck up yet again, Jimmy boy.

Should have build a new Garden like we told you to the first time.

Oh well.

The Ewing curse lives into 2011, at least for this November.