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Not all Knicks are made equal

Carmelo > Gallo

(or so everyone believes)


Felton+Gallo+Chandler+Mozgov > Six extra Million in Carmelo’s pocket that the average Knicks fan could care less about

He could have walked on in the summer and we would still have those guys instead of shit players like Renaldo Balkman.

There is much hype over the Knicks right […]

STAT’s new digs

He’s from Florida, which is where his new home is. Hard to imagine basketball could get you all of this, but this is the American dream made possible by the sports industry.  The NBA is a four billion dollar a year business.

…Would you trade STAT for Dwight so that he could be closer to […]

The lockout is over!

The new nba season will begin on Christmas day and will last 66 regular-season games.

Hopefully free agency will begin soon so that the knicks can address their many deficiencies created by the carmelo anthony trade, most notably at center and both guard positions.

Red Flag: Amar’e too hurt to play charity game seven months after the playoffs?

Amar’e’s back is still hurt?  From one game of the first round of playoffs in April?

I always thought of Steve Kerr as an over-rated GM but could he have predicted Amar’e was done more accurately than Nostradamus predicted Napoleon?

Billups talks lockout, Knicks Defense

Knicks starting point guard Chauncey Billups is willing to give up his $14 million contract this season, if it means the league is in better shape going forward.

ESPN: The Fox News of professional sports

The same people that brought you “The Decision” now give you this piece of propaganda:  “its all Stern’s fault there’s an NBA lockout.”

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m going to get my basketball fix watching college and high school.  I’ve never seen a Saint Anthony’s game so that is now on the […]