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The Preseason is usually ending right now

I understand most of America could care less about professional basketball considering football is still at its apex.

Regardless, the showdown between David Stern and Billy Hunter hurts the diehards just as much as it hurts the players.  Okay, maybe not as much.

Usually we’d be talking about players like Knick rookie Iman Shumpert.  By […]

If OakTree said it, it must be true

Pure Knick Charles Oakley recently called out Amar’e and Isiah.

He is truly the voice of reason.

I wish Dolan would get hit by a bus running over Isiah.  Both are not true Knicks, neither will ever be.

True Knick fans know the difference between real Knicks and rich imposters who only know how to […]

seen on another blog

Curry was MIA for the Isiah Thomas classic yesterday after originally being hyped as having lost 50 pounds and scheduled to compete in said charity game. Perhaps this why.

Instead of Vegas Summer League, this will have to do

shumpert summer mix tape