The Preseason is usually ending right now

I understand most of America could care less about professional basketball considering football is still at its apex.

Regardless, the showdown between David Stern and Billy Hunter hurts the diehards just as much as it hurts the players.  Okay, maybe not as much.

Usually we’d be talking about players like Knick rookie Iman Shumpert.  By now we’d have had a good look at his game through the vegas summer pro league and the preseason, which would be coming to a close were it not for this lockout.

The owners believe they are right and will try to hold out a full year, that hurts the players because this is a young man’s sport and players like Amar’e Stoudemire aren’t getting any younger.

There should be another league.

The longer this showdown continues, the more basketball fans will jump ship never to return.

Some will find their kick watching college basketball.

Some will find another sport.

I think both the NBA players and the owners should humble themselves.  If things can’t be the way they’ve been due to the poor economy, well then ticket prices should go down.  They won’t as SaipanKnickster has rightfully said.

I am not a fan of Bryant Gumbel.  Calling Stern a slave owner is no good.

Stern may be pompass and arrogant, but I guess that comes with the territory.

The show must go on.  If it doesn’t, the NBA will lose fans it will never get back.

Look at the league right now.  LeBron is the best player, and people don’t like him.   He’s no Jordan in terms of being an icon.  Neither is Wade, CP3, Dwight, none of them.  Not Melo or Amar’e either.

It was going to be a little interesting to see Melo and Stat play together with a healthy Billups, but now this is looking like at least half the season will be lost.  I hope I’m wrong.

If OakTree said it, it must be true

Pure Knick Charles Oakley recently called out Amar’e and Isiah.

He is truly the voice of reason.

I wish Dolan would get hit by a bus running over Isiah.  Both are not true Knicks, neither will ever be.

True Knick fans know the difference between real Knicks and rich imposters who only know how to lose and cause fans to jump ship to the Nets.

If CP3 only comes here due to “Isiah helping” then I don’t want him to come to New York.

I’ll take Dwight to shore up the defense with only Amar’e down there.

Dwight, Nash, Stoudemire and Melo would be enough for a dynasty without the help from Isiah Lord Thomas and butt buddy Dolan, the Knicks posers.