Iman Shumpert: the rook, the young blood, the writer

Shumpert and Dwight Howard Summer of 2011

Iman Shumpert recently reported to the New York Post his experience playing basketball with some NBA vets.

Some say Shumpert was a gamble, but one thing is for sure: Shumpert himself does not gamble.

Thanks to Isiah Thomas for hosting this year’s NBA all star game at FIU. ┬áMelo (banged up knee and elbow recently repaired) and Amar’e (questionable back still a question mark) will be there as will Miami’s big three.

Speaking of big three, Wade thinks New York is on the cusp of greatness.

Check out this pic of Melo looking like thelonious with the hat and beard.  Melo was on one of those criminal justice shows I care not to watch.