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The Knicks and their consultants hire Mike Woodson

Much like those that came before him, the writing is on the wall for Knicks head coach Mike D’Antoni. Lenny Wilkins, Don Chaney and Larry Brown know exactly how Mike D’Antoni must feel right now. It’s big daddy Dolan and Isiah against a great coach with a great record, and odds are, said coach will […]

Turiaf broke his hand overseas

This offseason has been terrible.

Mr. T hurt again?  Well, what else is new?

Mullin was recently interviewed as saying Donnie Walsh will end up working again in the NBA.  He stopped the bleeding in New York, what a disgrace Mr. Dolan didn’t do all he could to keep him in New York.  I assume […]

Carmelo Anthony as a Knick

My choice of music goes better to the mix than whoever put this together. Click play on the first video but turn the volume down on it in favor of the Root’s Mello My Man.

Kevin Durant in NYC

Happy Birthday to Benny Carter

He would have been 104 today.

Marc Stein in CAA’s pocket?

Today’s spin doctoring/posturing article is from ESPN, who apparently are in the CAA’s pocket (as if “Le Decision” wasn’t evidence enough).

Releasing to the public that Stern makes $15 million combined annually obviously paints a picture of him as some kind of Montgomery Burns character.

WHY DON’T WE PUBLISH HOW MUCH worldwide wes AND maverick […]

Just ran into Al Harrington

We were playing ball at our usual spot in Jersey City, the sun beating up on us.  We drove to a bodega to pick up gatorade and #7 was in there with his daughter.

Al was a good player for the Knicks. #7 was nice and signed the ball we had been using today […]