The Knicks and their consultants hire Mike Woodson

Much like those that came before him, the writing is on the wall for Knicks head coach Mike D’Antoni. Lenny Wilkins, Don Chaney and Larry Brown know exactly how Mike D’Antoni must feel right now. It’s big daddy Dolan and Isiah against a great coach with a great record, and odds are, said coach will not survive the season.

Today, the Knicks have announced the hiring of coach Mike Woodson, as an assistant coach. Woodson had coached the Hawks from 2004 to 2010, and has around a .400 winning percentage as a coach. Woodson actually played one season as a Knick during the 1980-1981 season. Woodson once recruited Isiah Thomas to play for Indiana University. Now that Donnie Walsh is out, having the Knicks bringing in another Indiana guy is only further evidence Isiah Thomas is still pulling the strings for Knicks owner James Dolan. They are very close, sadly.

The Knicks’ redshirted rookie center, Jerome Jordan, will begin training camp overseas in Europe with an opt out clause should the NBA lockout break.

Any predictions for how long this lockout will last? I’m betting around 41+ games will be missed. Not a great thing for the players of the league, because, let’s face it, this is a young man’s sport, and they will age without getting the prime time PT they are looking for. The owners will lose money during the lockout, but chances are they’ll stay rich.

The best thing for both the players union and the owners is obviously to work things out now, but neither side is willing to budge on negotiations. So be it. There’s always college basketball. Now, should I root for Villanova, Rutgers, UNC?

Turiaf broke his hand overseas

This offseason has been terrible.

Mr. T hurt again?  Well, what else is new?

Mullin was recently interviewed as saying Donnie Walsh will end up working again in the NBA.  He stopped the bleeding in New York, what a disgrace Mr. Dolan didn’t do all he could to keep him in New York.  I assume Dolan poorly handled the Carmelo trade and didn’t allow Donnie the full autonomy he had promised during the trade deadline. 

Melo has a tattoo that alludes to the snakes being shown when the grass is cut.  I here there are big snakes on Long Island.

Give two guys each four years to not make the playoffs and rack up bad contracts, yet walsh gets us back in three and he is sent packing.  I’m sure I’m not getting this, seems illogical if not idiotic.

Marc Stein in CAA’s pocket?

Today’s spin doctoring/posturing article is from ESPN, who apparently are in the CAA’s pocket (as if “Le Decision” wasn’t evidence enough).

Releasing to the public that Stern makes $15 million combined annually obviously paints a picture of him as some kind of Montgomery Burns character.

WHY DON’T WE PUBLISH HOW MUCH worldwide wes AND maverick carter EACH MAKE SIPHONING OFF THE PLAYERS? I know what stern does to earn his keep, I know what the players do to earn their keep. I’ll be damned if I know what these two do to earn their undisclosed amounts. I’m sure their paychecks would make Stern blush, yet what do they do? Leak bullshit stories to the realgm website as “sources”?

These people are ruining the game.  There is scant integrity left, that’s why people chose to watch something more pure like NCAA basketball. The money, the greed, the parasites. Basketball is left for last.