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Amar’e and the lockout

To this day, Knicks superstar Amar’e Stoudemire is still feeling the effects of the injury he sustained during the first playoff series the Knicks have seen in almost a decade.

With the NBA lockout possibly cancelling a few dozen games (going on the 30 that were lost in ’99’s lockout), could this be a blessing […]

Juan from Uptown

I ran into a Knicks fan the other day down by the Brooklyn Bridge. Shout out to Juan.

We talked knicks for what seemed like an hour, everything from Carmelo, to Amar’e, to Zach Randolph, to Isiah Thomas. Very valued opinions, I shall try to recapture them here undistorted.

Isiah gets a bad rap in […]

Eric Dolphy

Lockout Post #4: Saxophone Player Sam Rivers

“What?” You ask?

“An interview with Sam Rivers posted on a Knicks blog?”

I know.  It doesn’t make sense.

With people heading overseas, everyone doing their own thing, might as well put up something of interest from another realm of the NYC experience.

The following is a LA Times interview with jazz master Sam Rivers.


Summer of 2011: NBA Locked Out

The Knicks…

The Lockout…

If this were any other year, we’d be talking about the draft, the Vegas Summer Pro League, possible free agent signings, possible trades involving Landry Fields (that they’ll now shop Fields is how I interpret both his fizzle out ending to the season and the selection of Iman Shumpert rather than […]

Welcome to the 2011 NBA Lockout

Pictures have been removed from the player profiles online.  On the website, all that remains are pictures from the past such as Stockton, Oscar Robertson, and Michael Jordan.

The NBA needs this lockout to set the record straight.  I hope the new CBA is one that everyone can live with:  players, owners, and […]