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Knicks trying to trade for Omri Casspi

The name being thrown around is Toney Douglas plus $3 million. Casspi is the only Israeli-born player in the NBA. Amar’e Stoudemire learned a few years ago he is part Jewish, and has embraced it getting a Star of David tattoo, visiting the holy land and starting a twitter account called Amareisreal. The only time I’ve ever seen the garden not root for the home team was during the few years the Knicks played Maccabi Tel Aviv in the preseason. The home team was Israel during those games.

I’m not too sure of Casspi’s game, maybe he could be a low-rent Gallinari for us. Obviously Casspi is a 3, the same position Melo plays for 40+ minutes a game.

Casspi is 6’9″, 225lbs with a 6’9″ wingspan.

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