Lookout–it’s the lockout!

You can thank the union for the lockout is seven times more frequent than Halley’s Comet, which is every 75 or so years.

Ken Berger has the full scoop on the link to the right of this page.  Reading about the lockout is more confusing than an Escher print.  I would prefer not to.

The lockout is almost here.

Just when the Knicks were on the verge of getting good.

We finally made the playoffs.

We have two all-stars in Carmelo and Amar’e, a proven, veteran point guard in Chauncey Billups.  We have young interesting pieces such as Landry Fields and Shawne Williams.  We have relative unknowns such as Jerome Jordan, Iman Shumpert and Josh Harrellson.

We are well aware of our weaknesses, no defense, not enough rebounding, not enough size, not enough perimeter shooting.

How much can this team improve going forward, now that the team’s great architect has been laid off by the great tyrant?  This team as it is currently constructed is entirely Donnie Walsh.  Walsh will not be able to see the fruits of his labor from the same seat he occupied in section 52, about six rows behind the team bench.  Instead he returns to Indiana, confident he built up a good team, but ever so doubtful James Dolan will keep his hands off of it long enough to see the promise land.

In a way the impending lockout is a blessing, the longer it lasts, the less damage Dolan and his yet-to-be appointed yes-man will be able to inflict on the now improved yet admittedly imperfect roster.  Dolan is still trying to prove how down he is, so Maverick Carter, World Wide Wes, these people from CAA will waltz into the Garden and request trades, court side champagne to pour onto the garden’s floor, M&M’s of a certain color, whatever they want.  It’s on Jimmy.

Dolan held it against Walsh that he didn’t land LeBron, even though LeBron’s stock has plummeted, both in terms of marketability (remember that one financial company that suggested the only team LeBron could make a billion with was the Knicks, that he had 0% chance of making that much if he chose to go to the Heat?  Same kind of psychic powers Starks4ThreeYes seems to possess) and in terms of validating himself as the “King” on the court.  He might be the top talent in the game, but he has yet to show up in any of the Finals games he’s played in, and right now, I’d rather have Carmelo Anthony than LeBron James because at least Carmelo wants to be in New York, wants to make New York a winner again.  He’s a real man.

So the casual Knick fans are just waiting for CP3 to arrive to dust off their Knicks uniforms and wear them in public.  The die-hards continue to go to the games, pray Isiah stays in Florida and away from 2 Penn Plaza.

The last time there was a lockout, the Knicks made it to the finals in 1999.

At that time,we had Sprewell in his prime, Marcus Camby in his prime (I’d take him now, thank you), Houston, an injured Ewing that thought he’d have another shot at it (he didn’t).  I don’t remember the shortened season sucking, I just remember how well my Hail Mary’s seemed to be working once the playoffs hit.

The season was over the moment the Melo trade was completed.  Kenny Smith said as much on TNT when he said the trade was not made for this season, but for the future.  We have two of the top five scorers in the league, but no defense, and a coach that doesn’t emphasis much defense, despite being a defensive player when he won all those championships in Italy.

We need to look at Przybilla, or Dalembert, or any shot-blocking big man that will agree to come aboard for a one-year contract.  We probably will be a better team next year, if for any other reason because we will have some sort of training camp together.  Honestly I’m not sure how training camp will work if there is a lockout.

I hope Jerome Jordan is better than Jordan Hill.  I hope Jerome Jordan is better than Jerome James, for that matter.

This year’s Nostradamus Award goes to…

Starks4ThreeYes, for calling the pick that had all draft experts scratching their head like it was Renaldo Balkman back in 2006.

What seemed like days before the draft (actually it was about 9 hours), Mr. Starks4ThreeYes had this to say “iman shumpert could be a great combination of offense and defense, with great size for a combo guard.

Wow. You called it, dude. If you have an address, email knicksdefense at gmail dot com and we will send you some Orange and Blue gear for the foresight.

Iman Shumpert, 2011 New York Knick

A 6’5″ defensive specialist, with tremendous lateral quickness, 6’10” wingspan and a 42″ vert. He brings the ball up for Georgia Tech, and on the other side of the floor he can guard the 1, 2 or 3 position.

Is this Landry Field’s replacement as the starting 2?

Someone called him a 6’5″ version of Kyle Lowry. He describes his game as Russell Westbrook, which probably excites Mike D’Antoni, for obvious reasons. Here is how he tested athletically against other rookies at a combine.

I would have guess Chris Singleton or Kenneth Faried would have been taken by the Knicks. Iman was not predicted to be a first round pick, why didn’t the Knicks just take Faried and buy a second rounder if they wanted to get Shumpert?

Shumpert is not a great shooter, nor is he a pure point guard.

Knick Beat Writer Steve Adamek Parts Ways with The Bergen Record

I believe he covered the knicks for over 10 years.  He was was always worlds better than tabloid Knicks writers Frank Isola or Marc Berman.

Mr. Adamek’s Knick insights will be missed. He is now a freelance writer, so we’ll be reading him again.

It is now up to Howard Beck and Alan Hahn to provide decent coverage of our much beloved team.

KD will be here but KD doesn’t have the access these chaps are paid to utilize.

Draft Update

I can’t keep up with all the names I didn’t watch last year in the NCAA, thankfully hoopsworld has a nice article on who they think will be around by the time the Knicks pick at 17. I’ve read so much hype today on the Knicks I even read one piece that predicted the Knicks will trade themselves out of the draft for a 2012 pick, which could be more valuable to teams with expiring superstars.

In the meantime, here is the aforementioned article on who is who for the 2011 draft. I have no preference because i don’t know these kids. I do know the knicks need size, since they traded away Mozgov and Anthony Randolph in the Melo deal.

Knicks trying to trade for Omri Casspi

The name being thrown around is Toney Douglas plus $3 million. Casspi is the only Israeli-born player in the NBA. Amar’e Stoudemire learned a few years ago he is part Jewish, and has embraced it getting a Star of David tattoo, visiting the holy land and starting a twitter account called Amareisreal. The only time I’ve ever seen the garden not root for the home team was during the few years the Knicks played Maccabi Tel Aviv in the preseason. The home team was Israel during those games.

I’m not too sure of Casspi’s game, maybe he could be a low-rent Gallinari for us. Obviously Casspi is a 3, the same position Melo plays for 40+ minutes a game.

Casspi is 6’9″, 225lbs with a 6’9″ wingspan.

Toney Douglas for Jonny Flynn?

There are discussions of such a trade, according to Frank the Tank Isola.

I think I’d rather have Rubio, but I would welcome Flynn, assuming he is healthy.  Then again Douglas may have a breakout year now that he is supposedly healthy.

If Douglas and Fields are both traded, assume that Isiah Thomas is back to make Renaldo Balkman the third best Knick on the roster.  You know, he is a good talent evaluator.  Knew that the moment he traded Van Horn, who was kicking ass as a knick, for the crappy Tim Thomas.  He only did it to make the roster all his.  Too bad Walsh could never fully clear the Isiah players, having to take back Balkman in the over-priced Carmelo trade.  Walsh only got three years whereas Isiah got four and Layden got four.  That Dolan, he sure is loyal.   Sometimes.