Pipen: LeBron > Jordan

Don’t know where he gets off saying such a thing, considering Pipen would never have a ring were it not for Jordan, but you can’t deny LeBron’s greatness.

He hasn’t won a ring, but look at how good the Cavs have been the past x amount of years, and now look at the Cavs. LeBron may not have rings (yet) but he is used to going this far in the playoffs.

I suppose that is why Dolan holds a grudge against Donnie Walsh, because we couldn’t get the best player in the league.

Instead we have Amar’e and Melo, that’s a great duo, but we need a defensive coordinator, and we need a Kendrick Perkins type player, also an upgrade at point guard, be it Chris Paul, or Ricky Rubio. Landry Fields hasn’t fit in well with Melo, but I can’t say Stoudemire has either. Fields may still be the right two for the system, if he can rediscover his confidence and work on his offensive game this summer. What good is a two guard that can’t create for themselves? Right now he can shoot threes and get transition buckets, play good d. He needs to borrow some moves from the guy that smacked in the head in the first game, Carmelo.

Who knows how this team will look a year from today? Who will be the coach, the point guard, the center?

As for the finals, Dallas versus Miami, I’ll be rooting for Dallas, but I don’t expect Dallas to win the series. I hope I’m wrong.

Imagine if we had lost a few more regular season games to align with the Heat in the first round. It would have been better for New York. The Knicks did not ever beat the Celtics this past season, yet the Knicks beat the Heat both before and after the Carmelo trade. I’m not saying the Knicks would have won the series against the Heat, but they would have been more competitive. We were competitive with Boston for two games, then it was over once we came to the Garden. Go figure.

Good times…

Don’t know why I thought about this just now.

I think Miami has figured out Chicago. I don’t expect it will be close from here out. Miami versus Dallas. Wake me up when it’s draft time.

The lockout is coming. Now that the Knicks have two all-stars and are playoff bound? That hurts.

Glad Cleveland got hooked up the way they did. Picking at 1 and 4? Hope they don’t pull a Chicago Bulls and get themselves an Eddy Curry and Tyson Chandler.

If I were Donnie, I would use Landry to get either Rubio or move up into the lottery. If you’re telling me Melo is here to stay, Landry doesn’t play well with Melo. Kind of shocking since Landry doesn’t need the ball to be effective. He just sucked as soon at Melo arrived. Melo is supposed to make his team mates BETTER, not lose their confidence.

Mr. Dolan still has not signed Mr. Walsh. How can that be construed as anything other than disrespect for Walsh, who got us back to the playoffs after a 7 year drought?

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Isiah Thomas not coming back to Knicks in any capacity

Apparently a new deal is close to being worked out between Walsh and Dolan, one which will allow Walsh to pick his successor when the rebuild is complete, and one which will restrict CAA appearances made  by Melo and STAT during the NBA season.

You go Donnie Walsh!

Now I can renew my season tickets.

Full story by the New York Post.