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Pipen: LeBron > Jordan

Don’t know where he gets off saying such a thing, considering Pipen would never have a ring were it not for Jordan, but you can’t deny LeBron’s greatness.

He hasn’t won a ring, but look at how good the Cavs have been the past x amount of years, and now look at the Cavs. LeBron […]

Good times…

Don’t know why I thought about this just now.

I think Miami has figured out Chicago. I don’t expect it will be close from here out. Miami versus Dallas. Wake me up when it’s draft time.

The lockout is coming. Now that the Knicks have two all-stars and are playoff bound? That hurts.

Glad […]

Bulls said no to Melo Offer

Obviously we knew there were such offers this year, but now we know exact details.  The nuggets were asking for players such as noah and deng, and the bulls obviously made the right decision, leading 1-0 in the eastern conference finals.


It is an honor Amar’e Stoudemire deserves, congrats to our 2011 Knicks MVP.

…What about Melo?

Think Melo wants to play Rucker this summer?

I know it would not be wise for Melo to play at Rucker Park this summer (only because of his health, we want to keep him healthy), but how tempted do you think he is?

This guy did it once at the height of his game:

NBA’s Most Unstoppable Scorer

According to former defensive specialist Quentin Richardson, and according to this article, published a while ago by Dime.

Didn’t like when Melo smacked Landry Fields in the back of the head, now he sucks

but did like this:

Reminds me of Marbury

A little CAA propaganda for you today:

Kenneth Faried > Renaldo Balkman

Isiah Thomas not coming back to Knicks in any capacity

Apparently a new deal is close to being worked out between Walsh and Dolan, one which will allow Walsh to pick his successor when the rebuild is complete, and one which will restrict CAA appearances made  by Melo and STAT during the NBA season.

You go Donnie Walsh!

Now I can renew my season tickets.