Same ol’ D’Antoni?

“On Sunday, as Boston was slapping aside the Knicks, some of the Celtics actually laughed out loud on court sometimes at the Knicks’ defensive lapses.”

“Walsh has a far different management style and stature than Kerr did. Walsh had already made his bones as an NBA general manager when Kerr was still hoisting 3-pointers on some of Michael Jordan’s title-winning teams decades ago. It’s hard to imagine D’Antoni yelling at Walsh as he did Kerr when Kerr suggested some tweaks to his sacred offense during D’Antoni’s final season in Phoenix.  “Don’t tell me how to coach offense,” D’Antoni shouted.”


Full ESPN article by Johnette Howard (whom I believe does a good job when she covers the Knicks) can be read here.

Game 3: Celtics @ Knicks

The Garden asked us to wear orange tonight.  Why didn’t they give us orange t-shirts, too cheap, Mr. Dolan?

STAT did participate in the walk-through this morning.  I assume he’ll play, though not too sure about Turiaf and Billups.

Tonight absolutely is a must-win situation.  I would go so far as to say if they lose, it’s over.  3-0 with gimpy Knicks is too much a disadvantage to overcome.

However, if they win, it gives them confidence that they can beat this old bastard team called the Celtics, even with the refs on their side (did you know Donnie put together a tape of the bad calls in game 1 and sent it to Stern to formally complain?  As well he should, crooked ass refs).

Melo has to put us on his back and carry us.  The reward is LeBron James in the second round.

Toney Douglas and Carter are key, they can’t let Rondo do whatever he wants.  He’s too good at creating opportunities for the other, scrubbier Celtics.

If Landry isn’t going to contribute, sit his ass and start Mason or Bill Walker.

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We have yet to see both Stat and Melo perform well in the same game during this series, maybe tonight is the night?

Win or Go home, this is the playoffs.  No excuses.

Speaking of jackasses, did you hear Charles Barkley apologized to Mike D’Antoni?  I want that fat alcoholic gambling decroded piece of Alabama shit to apologize on the air.  Would love to punch that MF in the face.

Enough malice.  Let’s go game 3.  Let the blood flow.  We owe you a few injuries, you dirty ass Celtics!

-PS If you want to hear real music, tune into today, Charles Mingus birthday bash!  Mingus would have been 89 years old today.  One of the greatest american musicians to have walked the Earth.

Amar’e is day-to-day, Billups MRI reveals no tear

MSG has announced that the players have strained muscles, which is obviously better than torn ligaments or broken bones.

They have been non-committal about each players return, saying STAT is day-to-day and Billups is doubtful for game 3 on Friday.

I want Billups on the court for his shot making ability and veteran decision-making.

We have had both game 1 and game 2 within reach down to the final seconds of the fourth quarter, with Billups in there I feel better about making a solid play rather than a questionable play.

Would love to really blow them out in games 3 and 4 but I doubt that will happen. Whoever said this would be down to the last possession of each game in the series was right. Boston has the psychological advantage of having beaten us in every single game this season, but our advantage is our Big Three is hungrier than their Big Three. They have Rondo, who we have no answer for but I really just want the Knicks to get past this series to see what they can do against Miami.

I know Melo would LOVE to play Miami in the second round, but we just can’t beat these evil Celtics…

Despite barely losing both games, we have yet to see a performance from BOTH Stat and Melo at the same time.

And Fields has yet to do anything significant in the playoffs. Makes me wonder if we should have kept Wilson Chandler or Danilo Gallinari instead of telling Denver Fields is “untouchable”.

He may improve in years to come, but right now he is not a factor, and needs to figure it out now, because we are now just two games away from elimination from the 2011 playoffs.

Do not assume we will be handed game 3 and game 4, they’re a good road team, and they get all the calls in the world.

I hope we start injuring their shady players and return the favor.

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The Aftermath of Giving Away Game 1 to the Celtics

We had our chances.

No one said it was going to be easy.

It hasn’t been.

The Celtics, as if David Stern has some sort of vested interest in their well being as a secret benefactor, have benefited from bad calls and no calls. I don’t know the names of the refs involved in Game 1 but it was a disgrace to see an off the ball offensive foul called on Carmelo Anthony. The Knicks had the lead with less than a minute remaining but that wasn’t kosher with the refs. Did anyone inform them that this is the playoffs, and that tic tac fouls typically called in the regular season are overlooked in the playoffs so that the best team will win?

The Knicks looked like the better team through the first two quarters, until the Celtics roared back in the third.

Those acquainted with this Celtics team know you can’t give them an inch because they will (and did) take a mile.

It is just a shame we both lost Chauncey (Billups is now doubtful for game two) and were on the wrong end of some bad calls in our first playoff game in 7 years. Knicks fans deserve better.

Amar’e Stoudemire played inspired basketball, but as Charles Barkley mentioned, he never saw the ball down the stretch.

Toney Douglas came in and knocked down a big three point shot immediately after Billups went down with an injured knee, but he made one fatal mistake: he got the ball to the wrong superstar down the stretch.

Amar’e had the hot hand, Carmelo was something like 1-11 in the second half, Douglas, as the point, should be aware of this. Amar’e was playing on adrenaline, the shit-talking Big Baby having ignited spin moves and dunks that will make Donnie Walsh look like the genius that he is even after he is replaced by James Dolan’s latest man-crush.

If Billups is down for more than one game, it could be the death of New York this playoff season. Douglas has learned much from Billups and even Raymond Felton this year, but in the playoffs, against the Celtics who always seem to get the key calls, even when the refs are insulting our intelligence with pure bullshit calls, Douglas may not be enough.

Anthony Carter may need to step up big time if we are to stay competitive with this despicable Celtic team.

Good contributions from Jeffries, Turiaf. Hey, where was Landry Fields? Zero points, one rebound, no assists? Hope he and Melo bounce back bigtime in game two, otherwise this could get worse.

We had a great opportunity to steal game 1 in Boston, but the shit refs had to but in and effect the outcome of the game instead of letting two teams just play. Melo had two fouls before the first two minutes of the first quarter had been played. Surely Melo is no Eddy Curry.

This is the playoffs, learn from your mistakes and move on. As Saipanknickster mentioned, we did not rebound well in the second half. I though it would be Rondo’s penetration that would have caused our demise, but it was a few defensive slip-ups in the second half, combined with not having all three of our big guns clicking.

Right about now, only one of our big guns has responded to the challenge.

Hey, wouldn’t it have been nice to have a time out in our pocket once Ray Allen hit the go-ahead three after the bullshit call on Melo? D’Antoni needs to better-manage his timeouts, this is the playoffs and he’s more well known for his regular season success than anything else.

Tough pill to swallow with the shitty officiating, but this is the NBA. David Stern, despite living in New York, does not bleed orange and blue, but rather Celtic green. Shame on that ref, whoever he is. I believe in Karma so one day you’ll get yours, corrupt bastard.

All eyes on us

We definitely have the most exciting first round match up this year.

The Celtics. Pure evil. Not a likable player on there. They play dirty, they fake fouls, pretend to be hurt. They get the call.

Can we steal one on the road today up in Boston?

The Lakers already lost, San Antonio already lost, the Magic already lost. Can we be the next team to steal home court?

No one believes in us, but we have Chauncey, Amar’e, Melo and Landry. Melo has been off the chain the past month.

It will be difficult, but we have a shot… They don’t have Perkins anymore. That helps.

From New Mexico, let me just say one thing: Let’s go Knicks!

We have done it before, we can do it again!

Boston Versus New York.

Think Clyde is excited about that one?

Listen, we don’t have Patrick Ewing shooting baseline 3’s at the buzzer, but we can beat this old ass team.

Melo needs to show Paul Pierce what’s up. Who’s the new King of the Hill?

I much would have preferred seeing Carmelo beat up on LeBron, but the Heat seriously dodged a bullet not playing the Knicks.

The Celtics are a dirty team. They’re very evil. They’re also very old. We have the momentum, they’re slipping. They’re going to try and play dirty and hope we lose our composure. We need to be at our best and not let their BS games get to us.

All the D’Antoni haters will use this series to argue that he needs to be fired. D’Antoni haters want the Knicks to play like the celtics do. I despise the Celtics, their tactics, and the old way of playing basketball.

We will need to execute half court offense more than usual, but we have to play to our strength too. We need our three point shots to be at a high clip, we need to stay out of foul trouble, and we need everybody to rebound, all five on the floor.

Toney Douglas, are you ready for this?

They lost a lot of their toughness inside with the departure of Perkins. Green is talented, but he hasn’t meshed well yet having just arrived. Melo looks better in our system than Green looks in theirs.

Should be a real barn burner.

Can’t say we’re the favorites, obviously, but we have the momentum, age is on our side, and hopefully Mr. T can step up in the playoffs and nullify the Big Baby effect.

Last two games of the season shouldn’t mean anything, except of course their against two of the top seeds in the east: Chicago and Boston.

Rest STAT, don’t rust STAT.

We can do this because I don’t know if either of the O’Neals have anything left in the tank. Considering our size issues, glad we are not playing Orlando, but obviously Boston is a tough, tough team to face in the playoffs, because they’re pure evil. If I had a dollar for every time Paul Pierce layed on the ground too long, pretending to be hurt…