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Same ol’ D’Antoni?

“On Sunday, as Boston was slapping aside the Knicks, some of the Celtics actually laughed out loud on court sometimes at the Knicks’ defensive lapses.”

“Walsh has a far different management style and stature than Kerr did. Walsh had already made his bones as an NBA general manager when Kerr was still hoisting 3-pointers on […]

Melo needs to put them on his back for this one

No other knick is shooting well today.

Boston just made a flagrant on fields on the break makes my bood boil.

Something wrong with this picture

On the eve of new york’s first playoff basketball game in 7 years, the people in charge chose to light up the empire state building in celtics green.

Why, you ask? Because of earth day.

Very inappropriate, considering the celtics just beat our ass, again…

Game 3: Celtics @ Knicks

The Garden asked us to wear orange tonight.  Why didn’t they give us orange t-shirts, too cheap, Mr. Dolan?

STAT did participate in the walk-through this morning.  I assume he’ll play, though not too sure about Turiaf and Billups.

Tonight absolutely is a must-win situation.  I would go so far as to say if they […]

Amar’e is day-to-day, Billups MRI reveals no tear

MSG has announced that the players have strained muscles, which is obviously better than torn ligaments or broken bones.

They have been non-committal about each players return, saying STAT is day-to-day and Billups is doubtful for game 3 on Friday.

I want Billups on the court for his shot making ability and veteran decision-making.

We […]

Game 2: Knicks @ Celtics

NBA refs, if your name isn’t Dick Bavetta, I despise you all.

It is up to Toney Douglas and Anthony Carter, if we are to steal home court advantage tonight.

Stat and Melo will both get theirs tonight.

It us up to Ronny Turiaf and Shawne Williams to man the middle.  Shaq may show up […]

The Aftermath of Giving Away Game 1 to the Celtics

We had our chances.

No one said it was going to be easy.

It hasn’t been.

The Celtics, as if David Stern has some sort of vested interest in their well being as a secret benefactor, have benefited from bad calls and no calls. I don’t know the names of the refs involved in Game […]

All eyes on us

We definitely have the most exciting first round match up this year.

The Celtics. Pure evil. Not a likable player on there. They play dirty, they fake fouls, pretend to be hurt. They get the call.

Can we steal one on the road today up in Boston?

The Lakers already lost, San Antonio already lost, […]

Here we go

Let the blood flow.

We have done it before, we can do it again!

Boston Versus New York.

Think Clyde is excited about that one?

Listen, we don’t have Patrick Ewing shooting baseline 3’s at the buzzer, but we can beat this old ass team.

Melo needs to show Paul Pierce what’s up. Who’s the new King of the Hill?

I much would have preferred seeing Carmelo beat […]