Melo poised to pass Amar’e in scoring

With Amar’e burnt out from having to play center the majority of this year, and Melo finally starting to hit his stride as a Knick, both players are tied for fourth in the league right now in scoring at 25.5.

The politically correct thing to do as a player is to say that it doesn’t matter as much as getting the win, but obviously when players are in the top 5 of a statistical category such as scoring, they tend to notice who is ahead of them and who is behind them.

Last night’s victory is encouraging because we had such a bad first half, we were able to right the ship in the second half.  As SaipanKnickster has said many times here this season, the effort should be there from jump.  Quite frankly we’ve had that problem since Isiah was the coach, trying to play from behind and get the win.  It’s not the most efficient way to play a basketball game, and will lead to more players reaching exhaustion levels besides Stoudemire.

In the playoffs, we should definitely not attempt to play this way, if possible.  The good thing is, we have two guys that should get the call.  The bad thing is, we don’t have the depth to compete in the post season.  It will take huge nights from players like Toney Douglas, Anthony Carter, Sheldon Williams and Shawne Williams, not to mention Ronny Turiaf staying healthy throughout, for us to do any damage in the playoffs.

I was very impressed with Billups last night, he stepped up and knocked down some big shots, made some big plays, and finally we’re beginning to see some pick and roll action with Amar’e.  If they can do that, I think we can beat the Miami Heat in a 7-game series.

Perhaps not Orlando though.  We just don’t have the size or rebounding to beat a team like that in a seven game series.

Shelden Williams

Age: 27

Height:  6-9

Weight:  250

Wingspan: 7-4

College:  Duke

Two time ACC and NCAA Defensive Player of the Year.

Fifth pick in 2006 NBA draft lottery.

Limited offensive skills, not much better at finishing than Jeffries.

Bottom line:  A modestly big body with 6 fouls to use on Dwight, KG (whom he played with last year), and/or Bosh.

Orlando (47-26) @ New York (7-12)

I remember that press conference like it was yesterday.  Dolan, hogging the mic, didn’t let the coach or the president of basketball operations speak (perhaps that was a prelude of things to come now that the rumors abound that both are on their way out).  Although the day was supposed be about Carmelo and Billups, Dolan went on to thank everyone in the room except Walsh, thanked LaLa at great length, for her help during the process.

Then DolanDR went off on a tangent that he Knicks PR people should have told him not to have.  Perhaps Knicks PR people are only good at saying “yes” to Dolan, and no one underneath Dolan is good as saying “no” to the dick rider.

The tangent Dolan went off on was all about the reports coming from Wojonowkski, that Isiah was the Defacto GM and that Walsh’s power had been swept aside.  It seems like only a few years prior that Dolan held a press conference announcing Donnie Walsh had “complete control of basketball related decisions,” however during this whole “negotiation process” it seemed like someone else, someone far less patient and far less rational was in control of this “blockbuster” trade.

It was as if someone were telling Dolan that you have to get Melo at all costs, that the roster Walsh had built up was total shit and that it could all be thrown away for Melo.  That it was Walsh’s fault that we didn’t get LeBron and this was the last chance we were going to have to rectify what was in Dolan’s eyes the “lost summer of 2010.”

The last sane offer the Knicks made on that trade was: Gallinari and Chandler, plus the expiring contract of Curry and the unproven Anthony Randolph.

The very moment Felton’s name was brought up I was dreading this deal.  Tommy D over at “The Knicks Blog” was celebrating the arrival of Billups and likening him to Derek Harper, and most of the Knicks blogosphere was in full support of the trade.

Are you crazy?  How can you run and gun with a 45 year old veteran point guard with half a million miles on his tires?

With Felton, Knicks fans took so much for granted.  He’s not Chris Paul, or even Rondo.  But his quickness was the engine that allowed New York to get up and down the basketball court with the requisite speed and skill of SSoL.  Billups can’t do it.  He’ll dribble the ball off his foot and out of bounds.

Felton figured out the pick and roll with Amar’e.  Billups doesn’t even seem interested in running it at all.

Now we have a house divided.  In one corner, we have D’Antoni and Stoudemire, and in the other, Carmelo Anthony, his colossal ego, and Chauncey Billups and his 2003 NBA Championship.  Guess which has more pull with the dick rider Dolan?

My entire life, I have always been a Knick fan, but this could get uglier.  We could drop out of the playoff race when all season it was a lock that we were headed there.

We gave up too much in that trade, Dolan forced that trade.  Chandler and Gallinari are horribly under-appreciated defenders, now we don’t have their offense or defense, a slow ass point guard, and no 7’1” 23-year-old Russian with a 35 in vert to put Andrew Bogut in his place.

No wonder Dolan hogged the mic the day of the press conference.  It wasn’t even about Melo that day, it was about Dolan making sure everyone knew it was Dolan that made this trade.

We gave up our youth, athleticism, defense, height and speed in that trade, we gave up our depth, and we gave up our heart in that trade, and I despise James Dolan for it.  I can’t stand the sight of his face.

Melo could have walked on in the summer.  Don’t let anyone tell you differently.  Melo saw the team that we had here when Denver came to play New York in one of the most exciting games at the Garden this season.  We had a real team.  Now I don’t know what we have except a collection of opinions from a collection of players from a range of age groups.

And people are talking about “Fire Mike D’Antoni.”  Fire that bastard Dolan!  He’s a piece of garbage!

Preview article for tonight’s game against Orlando.

Milwaukee Bucks (28-42) @ New York Knicks (7-10)

A fast PG in Jennings and a functional, legit center in Bogut, you say?

I say whoever wants it more will win the game.

Particularly since the Bucks are 9th trying to get into that last spot.

We had a guy that was bigger and potentially better than Bogus, his name was Timofey Mozgov.

We are trying to stop the bleeding.

The bleeding ensued once James Dolan shot the Knicks in the proverbial foot, walking around all-star weekend like he was Iceberg Slim.

Melo should have walked on in the summer, would have been better for the KNICK TEAM.

Orlando Magic (45-26) @ New York Knicks (7-9)

This is now.

Training camp is not over, though it should be.

Training camp for the Knicks will probably last until the end of the regular season.

The knicks have the smartest fans in the world. If the knicks are experimenting with chemistry, lineups, defensive and offensive schemes, Knicks fans will be patient.

If Melo is dragging his feet trying to get Walsh/and/or/Dantoni fired, then he’s worse than Starbury.

This all dates back to the smack on the back of the head of Landry by Melo when he first arrived. That was not just a smack on the back of a head of a rookie from the second round. No, that was Melo coming into a new system thinking he was going to change the system to suit himself.

Landry was a functioning cog in the d’antoni system that has been askew since melo’s arrival. Melo may be the seasoned vet, but Landry is the vet in this instance because he has played well under SSoL, whereas Melo’s best games are still in a Denver jersey.

Chauncey is a playoff caliber point guard, but to me he looks either too old, too slow or too out of shape to get up and down the floor the way we need it. That may change with time. It needs to change before the end of the regular season.

I watched the phoenix-la double overtime game last night (well, I just found out it went to three overtimes, I went to bed during the second overtime), watch how 36 year old nash still gets up and down the floor with agility and skill, we need Chauncey to do that for us. I don’t care if he gets 20 points on any given night, get the teammates the ball in the spots they’d like to have it, get them involved, we have the premier scorers, so if everyone is clicking, we should cause problems for the other team’s defense, because it shouldn’t be so easy to double off of melo or stat.