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Melo poised to pass Amar’e in scoring

With Amar’e burnt out from having to play center the majority of this year, and Melo finally starting to hit his stride as a Knick, both players are tied for fourth in the league right now in scoring at 25.5.

The politically correct thing to do as a player is to say that it […]

Nets are having their way in the first half

We have no interior d.

Are we satisfied with barely beating a jameerless magic team that also had no jj redick?

Man up, new york!

Shelden Williams

Age: 27

Height:  6-9

Weight:  250

Wingspan: 7-4

College:  Duke

Two time ACC and NCAA Defensive Player of the Year.

Fifth pick in 2006 NBA draft lottery.

Limited offensive skills, not much better at finishing than Jeffries.

Bottom line:  A modestly big body with 6 fouls to use on Dwight, KG (whom he played with […]

Part 2

The remains of the season

Wed 30vs New Jersey 7:30pm

April 03vs Cleveland 6:00pm

April 05vs Toronto 7:30pm

April 06@ Philadelphia 7:00pm

April 08@ New Jersey 7:00pm

April 10@ Indiana 7:00pm

April 12vs Chicago 8:00pm

April 13@ Boston 8:00pm

Orlando (47-26) @ New York (7-12)

I remember that press conference like it was yesterday.  Dolan, hogging the mic, didn’t let the coach or the president of basketball operations speak (perhaps that was a prelude of things to come now that the rumors abound that both are on their way out).  Although the day was supposed be about Carmelo and Billups, […]

Milwaukee Bucks (28-42) @ New York Knicks (7-10)

A fast PG in Jennings and a functional, legit center in Bogut, you say?

I say whoever wants it more will win the game.

Particularly since the Bucks are 9th trying to get into that last spot.

We had a guy that was bigger and potentially better than Bogus, his name was Timofey Mozgov.


Orlando Magic (45-26) @ New York Knicks (7-9)

This is now.

Training camp is not over, though it should be.

Training camp for the Knicks will probably last until the end of the regular season.

The knicks have the smartest fans in the world. If the knicks are experimenting with chemistry, lineups, defensive and offensive schemes, Knicks fans will be patient.


Andy and Landry Show

Knicks @ Bucks

We are stuck in the mud.

We have a dozen or so games to figure out how to play.

D’antoni should start Douglas.