Balkman survives, Azubuike and Brewer cut

Both guys were bought out today, I am certain both players will soon find another gig in the NBA.

Not sure why we’d keep Balkman since Jeffries is a better version of the same player, but, if Donnie is still in control I have faith it is the right decision.

Supposedly Earl Barron signed a 10 day with another team.

Might they try to steal Mike Bibby from the Heat?

I know we need front court help.  Who else is out there, Jackie Butler?

In other news, the first 10,000 nyets fans got deron williams t shirts at the door.  Think they have any extras?

Game 3: New York Knicks @ Miami Heat

NBA leading scorers numbers two through five will be featuring in tonight’s match up in Miami.  Each somewhere between 26.2 to 25.2, LeBron, Amar’e, Wade and Carmelo are all scoring at a higher clip than Kobe this season, and are only bested by Kevin Durant, who is averaging 28.6 points per game for the Thunder.

Carmelo got his wish, to come home and team up with Amar’e for a possibility to show-up LeBron and the other two, but will New York get its greatest wish: to have a winning basketball team play in the Garden?

Miami has had all season to develop chemistry and define roles and everything thing else.  The Knicks appear to be thrown together now after the trade and are hoping some of the pure freelance scoring talent of Stoudemire and Carmelo will be enough to carry them to victory against the Heat.

Toney Douglas has been stepping it up after Felton’s departure, hopefully he will continue to provide leadership with that second unit that includes Shawne Williams, Bill Walker and Renaldo Balkman.

It is unclear if Balkman has added to his game, because when he was a Knick the first time around, he couldn’t even shoot a free throw with any kind of accuracy, let alone have a jumpshot or post moves.  Renaldo is supposedly a hustle-energy type player that is looked at as a sparkplug.  If he can rebound, that’s much welcomed on this roster, but look no further than David Lee, D’Antoni didn’t like him initially because he couldn’t shoot, Lee developed the jumper and that’s what Renaldo needs to do ASAP if he wants to stick around this time.

No daylight yet for Corey Brewer, Kelenna Azubuike, Roger Mason, Shelden Williams or Andy Rautins, but just as Mozgov’s number was eventually called, so too will some of these question mark Knicks who’ve yet to get burn.  They’re in the NBA for a reason, they maybe just need the opportunity to prove their worth.

One thing is for sure, this game will have highlights, freelance, isolation style, clear outs.  One-on-one flashy basketball.  Forget the team play that excited Knicks fans for the first half of the season.  There are superstars on both teams.  The NBA landscape has changed.  This is a mini all-star game.

And yet, the better team at this point will prevail.

We have to keep our two big guns on the floor.  In the first game, Amar’e fouled out, and last outing, it was Melo who fouled out.

Goodbye to some of the best Knicks in the past 10 years

I am still having a hard time letting go of some great Knicks that were unfotunately used in the trade to get Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups.

Raymond Felton had tremendous heart and energy and reminded me at times of John Starks the way he was determined to help his Knicks team with the basketball game.  Felton has enjoyed the best season of his young career, averaging 17.1 points per game, 9 assists per game, and 1.8 steals per game.  Coach Mike D’Antoni, much like coach Larry Brown, loved Felton as a point guard and believed Felton at the one was going to get the Knicks back to the playoffs for the first time in 8 years.  Felton is now impressing another North Carolina alumn, George Carl.  He got major burn in last night’s one-point over-time loss to Portland, and will  probably steal that starting point guard position from the other point guard from North Carolina, Ty Lawson.

Wilson Chandler continues to improve his game every year, averaging 16.4 points per game 5.9 rebounds per game and 1.4 blocks per game, all career highs for the young man.  I see he is still hitting that baseline three pointer with the greatest of accuracy and he was basically the most complete player the Knicks had for the past three years.  Defensively, Chandler was under-rated, and offensively, he could take over the game on any given night.  If we won the game, usually it was because Chandler had a big night.

Danilo Gallinari has not wasted any time and is continuing to evolve his game.  He scored 30 points and pulled down 9 boards last night, but most importantly, he got to the line 17 times and cashed in 15 points off of free throws.  That’s the indicator of a highly efficient scorer in this league, when you can get to the line when you want to, and make them count.  Gallo has improved his game this year, incorporating the pump fake from three point land, putting the ball on the floor and getting into the paint with ease.  What makes Danilo such a valuable player is he is the definition of a team player, a great defender, and he will be greatly missed.  Once he puts the outside shot together with all of his moves in the paint, Gallo will be one of the best scorers in the league, while still being a great player on the other end of the floor.

It was heartbreaking to lose Timofey Mozgov in this trade, I see nothing but upside with this player.  Just to give you an example of Mozgov’s promise, look no further than the games against the Clippers.  He basically got nutsacked by Blake in the game out west, but when he faced Blake and the Clippers the next time around, he was all dunks and scored 18 and 6.  The 23 points and 14 rebounds he had during Detroit surprised a lot of people, but it did not surprise me.  Those will not be his season highs if George Karl gives him any minutes this season.  In three years, Mozgov will lead the league in blocks, I have no doubt.  My fiancee says she still pictures Mozgov with his hands straight down on D, trying like mad not to pick up up a foul.  Wish we had kept you on the Knicks.

So, like I said, I loved this team that we started the year with, and we did turn it around with this group.  We used to win 23 games a season, but this group showed they never gave up and kept fighting back and had good chemistry and report.  They were a young, fun team, and I loved to watch them at the Garden.  Thank you for turning the Knicks around guys.  Means a lot to me.  WE LOVED WHAT YOU BROUGHT TO THE GARDEN EVERY NIGHT.

For the first time in my die-hard Knick fan life, I now have a second team to cheer for.

Jeffries and balkman, or jeffries for balkman

We are short some big men, the offensively challanged Balkman should be cut so that we can pick up defensive big man Jared Jeffries.  I thought Jeffries played much better in Dantoni’s system than in Isiah’s.  He’s no Mozgov in terms of power, skill, athleticism, shot blocking, or scoring on the block, but he will help our very thin front court until we reload in the summer.

Lose two isiah guys in curry and chandler, gain hopefully only one back in Jeffries. We don’t need two forwards who can’t shoot. One will suffice.

Jerome Jordan, how are things in glocca morra?

Game 1: Milwaukee Bucks @ New New York Knicks

Legends night tonight.

Dolan did not let Mike D’Antoni or Donnie Walsh speak during the press conference.

He also did not indicate if he intends to extend Donnie Walsh, although Walsh has arguably given the Knicks a better 1-2 punch than LeBron/Wade.

Dolan thanked everyone in the room except for the coach and the GM, even thanked Lala.

Said everyone was just imagining that Isiah pulled the strings for this deal.

Let’s go Knicks, I guess.