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Balkman survives, Azubuike and Brewer cut

Both guys were bought out today, I am certain both players will soon find another gig in the NBA.

Not sure why we’d keep Balkman since Jeffries is a better version of the same player, but, if Donnie is still in control I have faith it is the right decision.

Supposedly Earl Barron signed a […]

Corey Brewer bought out

Freeing up roster space to sign Jared Jeffries, I suppose.

How much would Jared Jeffries cost these days?

What did Isiah give him, $35 million?

Game 3: New York Knicks @ Miami Heat

NBA leading scorers numbers two through five will be featuring in tonight’s match up in Miami.  Each somewhere between 26.2 to 25.2, LeBron, Amar’e, Wade and Carmelo are all scoring at a higher clip than Kobe this season, and are only bested by Kevin Durant, who is averaging 28.6 points per game for the Thunder.


Goodbye to some of the best Knicks in the past 10 years

I am still having a hard time letting go of some great Knicks that were unfotunately used in the trade to get Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups.

Raymond Felton had tremendous heart and energy and reminded me at times of John Starks the way he was determined to help his Knicks team with the […]

Game 2: New York Knicks at Cleveland Cavs

Game has already started.

So far, Billups took it to the hole and got his stuff swatted.

Landry hit a three.

Now Melo got the bail out call.

Knicks 5-0 and we’re live…

Here we go!

Jeffries and balkman, or jeffries for balkman

We are short some big men, the offensively challanged Balkman should be cut so that we can pick up defensive big man Jared Jeffries.  I thought Jeffries played much better in Dantoni’s system than in Isiah’s.  He’s no Mozgov in terms of power, skill, athleticism, shot blocking, or scoring on the block, but he will […]

How far can they go as currently constructed?

The Knicks are 29-26. How many wins will you predict for this group?online survey

Game 1: Milwaukee Bucks @ New New York Knicks

Legends night tonight.

Dolan did not let Mike D’Antoni or Donnie Walsh speak during the press conference.

He also did not indicate if he intends to extend Donnie Walsh, although Walsh has arguably given the Knicks a better 1-2 punch than LeBron/Wade.

Dolan thanked everyone in the room except for the coach and the GM, […]

Live footage: plane delivers new NBA players Carmelo and Deron to Tri-state area

Knicks President of Basketball Operations Donnie Walsh Speaks

This made me feel much better.

Ten minutes of the interview Mike Francesca had today with Donnie Walsh on the radio.

Mike asks Donnie all the questions you’d want to ask yourself.

donnie walsh speaks

also, an edited video